Jeshua: Are There Clones?

Who can be Saved?

JJK: Can every soul be “saved”?

SANANDA: No, because saving a soul presupposes that it is willing to leave a chosen path and turn around. There are souls who are completely devoted to the destructive despot. These souls are being restructured, being breathed back into unity. In due course they will have a new opportunity to experience themselves as human beings. They begin a new cycle of incarnation by entering at a lower level of awareness.

JJK: As punishment?

SANANDA: As a new opportunity – because every soul that has failed develops an urgent desire one day to do better, to do it right and to rise up into the light at the end as a master of this plane. That way nobody gets lost, it’s a detour – a big detour!

Does every human have a soul?

JJK: What happens to those beings that don’t have a soul at all? Or does every human being have a soul?

SANANDA: This earth is populated by soulless human clones. Outwardly, they are in no way different from humans, which is why they are difficult to recognize. However, for those who can see into the subtle, this distinction can be clearly seen.

Clones have no aura. They emit a cold electromagnetic field that produces no colors. This cold white light is the signature of these entities. They were created artificially and serve only one purpose: to throw people off their divine track. How does this happen? You experience it everywhere. Politics, religion and economy are the planes on which these beings move.

Many of your “designers” and “leaders” carry nothing human in them and have nothing human about them.

It is easy for them to act inhumanely. Injustice and arbitrariness tempt inspired people to leave the path of light. They develop fears alien to a sane person, fears on which the princes of darkness feed. The human clones were the harvesters of fear energies.

The time has now come when these structures can no longer hold up either.

The forces that have so far controlled this process of infiltration are thinning out. The dark princes must leave the earth and die with them, including those who served them and gave them a hand.

JJK: It ends and that means a lot of beings will die…

SANANDA: Very many beings will leave this world, very many! The New Earth is populated by souled people.

Only those who are inhabited within will find a place here, because the New Earth is a place of liveliness, truthfulness and love.

The kingdom of peace on earth calls for another human being – for human beings who are willing to heal themselves in the divine light and who have a true longing for unity and knowledge.

Your ascension means the descent of those who used the wheel of time to their advantage, heedless of the souls of men. This game is truly over.

Live and love, expect the unexpected and be sure: LIFE will triumph and there will be LIGHT on this EARTH.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by


10 Replies to “Jeshua: Are There Clones?”

  1. Arthur

    This has long been known. And even the approximate percentage is known.
    See Milgram experiment. At least 65% are non-humans (soulless clones). The hallmark is the unconditional readiness to follow orders, even when you are not punished for non-compliance.

  2. Linda Rosa

    It is difficult to fathom, but I do believe the “people” at top of the pyramid aren’t human. They could not do what they do to us if they were. This is in keeping with the two references to God in Genesis 1 and Genesis 2. Genesis 1 god created man in the “image” of god, perhaps in a laboratory. Genesis 2 God, the Great Creator, created mankind from the “dust of the earth”. So yes, there are two species of humans on this earth. It is difficult to discern the children of the Genesis 1 god and those created by the God of Genesis 2. But, if one really studies the nature of people, it can be obvious.

    1. Mike Ohira

      “people at the top aren’t human”

      I have exactly the same view. Remember, reptilians can shape-shift into
      perfect human forms.

    2. Peter Jackson

      Linda,the bible has been manipulated by the Dark,but,yes ..there are many Alien races on Terra,now….

  3. Lilas

    Pharaonic bloodlines? Just a KA and BA(fysiek body and
    etheric dubble)without a “higher self.
    Clones are made in underground laboratoria from “famous”
    People,they have short lives..

  4. Mike Ohira

    The info I received said that 60% of the humans on earth are clones. When I saw this figure I thought it was over inflated. Maybe I was wrong.

    The EVENT will take place this year, I am told, which means the long-awaited Solar Flash will hit the earth also in this year. The vibrational
    frequency of minimum 40hz is required for successful entry into the
    5th dimension. In comparison, the vibrational frequency of the 3rd
    dimension has been 7.83hz and had remained so for tens of thousands
    of years.

    Those that do not meet the minimum required vibrational frequency will
    most likely ascend when the Solar Flash arrives. These people will have to restart their lives all over again, maybe as cave man.