Daily Message for 4/6/2023

Greetings! Humanity has been operating in the low Third Dimensional frequencies for thousands of years. This is why so many have trouble leaving that familiar and (ego)comfortable yet painful and limitting way of life. You approach the moments, where the illusory comfort is going to be dissolved. In a way the things which have brought you temporary joy are going to become obsolete. Do you go insane, because you lost what in truth only served your masters? Do you seek to create something new, and transcend the old reality? The choice is yours. ~Kejraj

4 Replies to “Daily Message for 4/6/2023”

  1. Nicolazur

    Merci encore pour ces belles lignes.
    Du fond du Coeur, j’envoie mes intentions en
    faveur du détachement nécessaire pour
    avancer, via l’Amour fraternel de la Source.

    Merci à ma belle famille qui rayonne partout,
    un peu ou beaucoup !


  2. Jared

    Most of humanity was in a state of insanity.
    Time to wake up and get sane everyone!
    GESARA now amen!