Maitreya: Our Shifts into the Fifth Dimension

Dear brothers of this beautiful blue planet called Earth! I AM MAITREYA!

My mission has been very arduous with Sananda, to establish all the balance on the planet for the ascension. A great majority of you don’t know me yet, but in time you will become aware and know that I will be the new conductor of this planet. At the moment we are still working together, but after all this process is over, Sananda will take other directions and I will take over completely the planetary control of this beautiful planet.

Sananda will never abandon you because he is in your hearts, so don’t understand this as abandonment or as separation; this is still a Third Dimensional mind. We are always, wherever you need us to be, and in this case, we are in your hearts.

I would like to make you understand today, how the cleansing process of everyone’s souls is happening. During the Sansara Wheel you incarnated, you made the mistakes, and when you disincarnated you were brought to have the knowledge, the understanding of all that you had done, either good or bad, to yourself or to others. So each soul was treated and had the knowledge of what it had done and what it needed to do to repair those faults. But upon reincarnating, much was forgotten, but deep down something stirred in the soul and many didn’t repeat the same faults, they evolved, but kept repeating new faults.So it was all this time, until today. Right now you are on a journey to the Fifth Dimension, where it is necessary for each soul to let go of all those judgments that were left along the way. It is as if you have been carrying so much on your back, and you need to let go of it little by little, so that your souls can arrive pure in the Fifth Dimension.

All the work that has been done by us, along with the channels on the planet, is precisely to bring this cleansing, to bring this knowledge, to bring this consciousness that it is necessary to leave everything behind. But it’s not just about getting it off your back and throwing it on the ground; if it were like that, you wouldn’t have accumulated anything. The wisdom in this case is to get it off your back and look at each thing that is there with Love and transmute it into Light, into consciousness, into learning. When this happens, that thing dissolves, it no longer exists. And many others that were attached to it also disappear from your back.

So realize that we are doing everything possible, so that you get rid as fast as possible of all the burdens your souls are carrying until today. And there is no difference whether you are star souls or earth souls, you are all going through the same process. The only difference between you is that each soul sees all this in its own way, in its own way. Some are aware that they need to evolve, and they easily adapt to all the cleansings presented to them so that they can go on changing, evolving, and moving more and more toward the Light.

Others refuse, don’t think it’s worth it, don’t believe it will work, don’t even want to try. For them, the Third Dimension will continue until one day they wake up and see the opportunity they missed, but all in good time. So many souls, mostly stellar, are on this journey of wisdom, of knowledge, of evolution. It has not been easy all these changes, it has not been easy to look straight in the face at all that needs to be looked at. But they are brave souls, and they are willing to effectively get rid of all that they carry.

And so it will be little by little, as the time of the Light on the planet passes, more and more wisdom will come to you and you will find the answers, the ways out more easily. And you will cleanse yourselves, you will erase all those memories of the soul, so that you will go practically clean into the Fifth Dimension. Why do I say practically? Because we are aware that nobody will get to the Fifth Dimension 100% clean. There will be a period of training, of transition, where you will be adapted to the new dimension. In other words, there are still many stages to go through.

To actually reach the Fifth Dimension will be a long road. Living in it is another road. Don’t think that just putting your foot in it, within your consciousness, is all right. No, it won’t be that way. Because you carry ideas, prejudices, ways of thinking, that are not compatible in the Fifth Dimension, and they need to be cleansed from your minds completely. No, there will be no brainwashing of anyone, that is not the role of the Light. There will be the understanding, the knowledge, the treatment so that your hearts no longer vibrate these ideas, respect a planet as it is, do not do to Gaia what you have done to her in the present world, do not do to your brothers what you do every day. Live in harmony and balance.

It won’t be easy for you, the changes will be many, that’s why each one of you is being required to change still here in the Third Dimension. So that you can go on adapting, so that you can go on forgetting a lot of things. Ephemeral pleasures in all senses, in the physical sense, in the mental sense, in the eating sense, will have to be changed, will have to take another path. Begin to move away from everything that is not compatible with the Fifth Dimension.Start the process little by little, don’t impose them in a hard and rigid way, because that doesn’t work. There needs to be understanding, there needs to be an understanding of what is being done. You have a great ally, your own bodies. So ask them to help you, ask your bodies that when something is not compatible with the Fifth Dimension, that they show you, so that you know that what is there, you need to start decreasing it until it doesn’t consume you anymore.

Make your bodies your allies, because they know exactly what is good and what is not, even for the change they are going through as well. And to clarify, it is not your physical body that will respond, it is your subtle bodies that are already transforming today, they will respond what is good and what is not, what you should start to let go of. Learn to let go of a lot of things, they are habits, customs of millennia that will have to be broken, will have to be eliminated. So start doing it. But do it little by little, it’s no use everything in a brutal way or too rigid, the mind doesn’t follow.

So start little by little, but don’t leave it for tomorrow, start today, now, this instant. Because tomorrow, it might be too late. Start your inner and outer changes, you want to go to the Fifth Dimension, we know you do. So it’s not just about wanting, you have to act, you have to make new choices, you have to take new paths, new ways of living.

Be closer to nature, walk on the sand, walk on the land, lots of swimming in the sea, lots of walking in the forest. These are the ideal environments to recharge your energies and at the same time, cleanse them. Because the environment is conducive to this; take the time to receive the rays of the sun, take the time to look at the stars, take the time to talk to the trees. Each time you do that, you connect with the elementals, and little by little, you begin to see them, you begin to feel their presence. For they are there just waiting for an attention, a caress from each one of you.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation by


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  1. Todd Wiseman

    All Trees r alive and glowing with Love full of chirping bluebirds, u must be from the planet Neptune

  2. Lilas

    Talking with trees?I was happy years ago when I read in
    Share(Benjamin Creme) that You was the the new PlanetairLogos
    Instead of Sanat Kumara.The trees are dead(5G).