Serapis Bey: 20 Minutes Daily

Connect yourselves daily with the light, with light-filled energies and with your brothers and sisters from the light – light, the source of nourishment of the present and the future.

You want to stabilize your emotional fluctuations? You want to eliminate your mental waste? You want to see clearly what needs to be done when and where? Then call the light, surrender to the light.

And it’s easy. Take care of silence! Go to a silent room! breathe! Bring your full attention to your breathing! Let it happen and breathe in and out!

Simply breathe in and out through your nose until you become calm and still, until you feel peace.

Then summon a being of light or the divine light. Listen to the silence? what do you want to know Is something transmitted to you telepathically? Don’t expect it, just be ready.

Indulge in this stillness for 20 minutes a day. Your BREATH and YOU to become who you are.

Nobody can do that for you – it’s up to you.

I love you endlessly

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


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