Hakann: 2023 Spring Equinox and Gray Hats

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I greet you in peace and love.

I would like to give you a big-picture overview of what is going on in the world right now.

For millennia, those people who were service-to-self or who were closer to separation consciousness, benefitted from energetics that worked as a tailwind. They generally became rich and successful and famous. Meanwhile service-to-other people or those who were closer to unity consciousness, were often hindered by energetics that worked as a headwind. They generally struggled and didn’t get a lot of help or recognition. Sometimes they were even murdered, particularly if they pointed out what was really going on, or if they tried to bring technologies to the people that would free them from their dependence on the system.

The people that have been held up as great philanthropists by the mainstream media are generally at best morally grey, and are often downright evil. The mainstream media often presents inverted information, or in plain English, what they say is often the opposite of actual truth.

We had the 2023 spring equinox last week. You could think of that as the turning point when service-to-self people are now facing an energetic headwind, and where service-to-self people are now facing an energetic tailwind.

I know many of you have tried demonstrating or starting projects or initiatives in the past and from your perspective, that has had little to no effect. In the future, you will find that you will experience more success and ease and grace if you stand up and do something that benefits your brothers and sisters. I am not saying that you will always succeed, but I am saying that you will experience energetic tailwinds, as opposed to the energetic headwinds that you might have been used to.

The dark controllers still have some degree of power, and there is still a little bit of time until they are removed from power and arrested. But the energetics of your world have irrevocably turned against them, or to keep using the wind metaphor, they will now experience headwinds instead of tailwinds.

Very broadly speaking, there’s still a group of dark controllers, who still have some amount of power left but the energetics are turning against them. There are a group of grey hats (who are sometimes called white hats or the alliance), mostly consisting of good-hearted or mostly-good-hearted people in the military and special services and in some governments. The grey hats have taken some, but less tangible and visible action against the dark controllers than we had hoped. Again we would like to again invite them to take more open and visible and tangible actions, because the energetics right now absolutely support that. Not to mention that there will be a time when all is revealed, and at that point the grey hats will have to explain why they didn’t just arrest the dark controllers much sooner, and that will become more difficult to explain every day that passes. Because every day that passes, more people die and get tortured and otherwise suffer. Including children.

We are already supporting the grey hats in the actions against the dark controllers that they are taking, and in their efforts to introduce new technologies that help average people. Grey hats, if you want to step up these efforts, you know how to contact us.

The grey hats would love to live in a brighter and better world, but they are in practice resistant to actually taking certain steps that would bring that about — such as visibly arresting the dark controllers. Unfortunately, the same is true for a huge part of humanity. Most people aren’t inherently evil, but most people are scared and overworked and exhausted and traumatized, and are therefore in survival mode. And people in survival mode want comfort and want things to remain the same. These people generally keep their heads down and try to create stability for themselves and aren’t going to take on the additional burden of protesting against the government, or trying to create a new kind of society.

There is also a huge group of beings who simply have no soul. In general these beings are not evil. To an average observer, they just look like average people who just go along with whatever the crowd says or does. I am not saying that literally everyone who goes along with the crowds has no soul, but this is true in a lot of cases.

In the plan we had years ago, average people would have already been benefiting from healing and free energy and matter printing technologies in 2023, which would have hopefully gotten them out of survival mode, so that by now a huge part of the population would be actively working on constructing a new kind of society. The grey hats have not introduced these technologies as quickly as we had hoped. So now the angelic realms and ascended masters and several galactic races have stepped up and have been sending a LOT of love and light and healing to earth. If you felt happier or lighter or less burdened or like things bothered you less, then probably that was caused in part by these efforts.

Fortunately, there is a group of light workers and otherwise activated people who are working towards a new and better future. And their light and courage will likely prove to be contagious over the coming months.

Moreover, the energetic tailwinds for the service-to-others side and the energetic headwinds for the service-to-self side will continue to strengthen. The situation will become more and more untenable for the dark controllers, and easier and easier for light workers. Common people will be nudged more and more to heal and integrate their old pain and to awaken. Awakening is easier than ever since the last spring equinox and we expect lots more people to awaken this year and the following years. However there will be people who simply refuse to awaken or who are simply not ready on a soul level to awaken. Life will gradually become harder and harder for these people, until they either become so uncomfortable that awakening becomes the easier path. Or they could transition to the afterlife (what you call dying).

Currently I am still sticking to my prediction that before the end of 2026 your lives will be much better than they are now and likely we will have made physical contact with at least those people who are ready for that. These things can also certainly happen earlier than the end of 2026, but the fact remains that at this point in time, most people still do not want to awaken, because remaining asleep is easier in the very short term. And thus, this process is still going to take some time.

That said, you absolutely will be free. The outcome here is not in doubt, only how long it will take to get there. And that depends on the choices that Earth humans make.

I do very much look forward to the day that I will be able to offer my dear Earth lightworker friends a physical handshake or hug. I feel a kinship with many of you, and it is frankly hard to wait to actually meet up with you. I would love to show you around and be able to talk face to face with you and laugh and dance and share our foods and exchange songs and stories and experiences.

That said, likely there is still a bit of time before we will physically meet up, depending on the choices that Earth humans make.

Ultimately it’s still up to the gray hats to arrest the dark controllers. We still only plan to step in more directly if it’s absolutely necessary, because otherwise the upcoming love-based society may not last. Last time we galactics tried creating and handing Earth humans a love-based society was during Atlantis, and Atlantis fell. We don’t wish to repeat that.

If Earth humans wish to live in a love-based society, then Earth humans should arrest the dark controllers and actually construct this love-based society themselves.

That said, this is easier than it perhaps sounds, because we are supporting you in subtle ways, and the current Earth energetics are very much supporting those steps.

I would like to thank you very, very much that you have held onto the light, even though these times have been so slow and painful and lonely for many of you. If light workers hadn’t held on to the light, more than half of humanity probably would have been exterminated right now, and the rest of humanity would have been trapped in slavery — not in this current type of subtle slavery, but in blatant “work for us and shut up or we turn off your ability to buy food” slavery. Therefore, thank you so very much for holding onto the light, on behalf of me and on behalf of countless other beings in the galaxy who are benefitting from your efforts. Thanks to you, Earth is going to slowly transform into a paradise.

While the grey hats / white hats may be moving slower than we had hoped, the light workers have been exceeding our already very high expectations. If you had asked me thirty years ago what Earth would look like in 2023 under the scenario that the grey hats / white hats aren’t taking much visible action, then I would have predicted a far worse situation than you are in now — namely billions of deaths from either a third world war or an engineered famine or from certain intentionally administered toxins, followed by a complete enslavement of the remaining humans. I get that your current situation isn’t great, but it’s much better than it very easily could have been. And to a huge extent, this is thanks to the amazing efforts of light workers. You are doing great. We’re all very proud of you and grateful to you.

Some of you may feel that your efforts and your suffering have been in vain and unrecognized. Well, to a large extent they have been unrecognized by your fellow Earthlings. But to us galactics, and to the angels in the Lighted Realms, you lightworkers are superheroes, and you have succeeded in keeping the light alive during an intensely dark and hard period. The situation on Earth would be much, much worse if you had not been there. Thank you so much for this. Your future is unbelievably bright, and filled with more love and ease and grace and beautiful sights than you can probably imagine right now.

Your lives should in general slowly start to become easier from here on out. I am not saying that heaven on Earth will be here tomorrow, or that all hardships are over starting today. But your lives should in general start improving from here on out.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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13 Replies to “Hakann: 2023 Spring Equinox and Gray Hats”

  1. Dee

    I have noticed there are many soulless humans, definitely the majority! Most of my life here I felt like I live amongst zombies.

    I cannot live amongst humans because of these empty vessels and energy vampires that have no capacity to love or care. The only way I survive is to get as far away from them as possible. It is a huge shock when I meet someone kind and free thinking as it is so rare. Whereas, it should be the other way around. Prob. the kind person is a lightworker not a soul that has been recycled hundreds of times inevitably becoming their environment.

    I have no desire whatsoever to go into the new Earth with humans. Once my sacrifice is over here I intend to go back to my own dimension/soul family. This has been a very traumatic horrendous experience, one I will not repeat.

    I do not trust that humans can remain peaceful, e.g. Atlantis and Lemura, and here it happens again. They are too easily influenced and manipulated, and carry the history of waring and destruction in the ancestry/blood line.

    When in a mess most sit back and expect to be saved rather than stand up to their oppressors. Then others souls have to come in and be tortured to get them out of the mess. They are still too junior and need constant babysitters.

    Good luck to all going over, I already see the signs of trouble.

  2. Kelly

    There are a few people which I know… that have made me wonder whether they have souls.

    I have also learned that the vaccines contained ingredients which helped the dark controllers to exercise mind control through EMF. Specifically graphene comes to mind. I have also learned that magnetic material has also been added to foods… for the same reason.

    Also, the category of clones comes to mind… lab grown ‘humans’. Or, should I say ‘humanoids’? Additionally, I am also reminded of Dolores Cannon’s reference to the ‘Backdrop People’. What some have referred to as NPCs or non-player-characters.

    Hakann, I would like further clarification and information on the soul-less beings who live among us. Specifically, I would like to learn whether or not the soul-less have always been soul-less. The expression ‘sell your soul to the devil’ also comes to mind. Does a category of humans exist which once had a soul but chose (of their own free will) to give up their soul in order to receive other ‘benefits’?

    I would also like more information on discernment of the soul-less. You stated that these were not evil. Which makes me think more of robotic humanoids which have limited programming. Like lab grown clones.

    Lab grown clones or robots with limited programming strike me as being very different from a human who seems to operate without a conscience. Meaning, someone who deliberately choses of their own free will to operate without a moral compass.

    Last but not least, thank you SO much for your beneficial update on the current events. It does help to put things in perspective.

  3. Phil

    I have been channeling ETs. They said that the Controllers already have 3D printers, and access to galactic imports. They could easily make food and goods free in stores yet they force us to borrow death money and work. What can I do in my personal reality to activate free food for everyone?

  4. Leanne

    Thank you Hakann. 3D Earth can be a confusing soup of opinions and emotions where we seldom get straight answers. I appreciate that you are willing to clearly describe things such as Earth’s actual history in terms we can understand. I also appreciate that you are willing to provide your best guess for our experiences over the next few years. Cheers and thanks again.

  5. Max

    Thank you Hakann for your messages.

    It helps us light workers to have regular updates from yourselves and the rest of the Galactic civilizations.

    We also wish that the “Grey/White hats” would get a move on and actually start taking more “visible” action. There are people who are asleep and may remain sleep come what may. It is a fact that has to be understood and accepted. We, as light workers, can help, but the people also need to help themselves.

    It would help enormously if the Galactic Federation can give a “kick” or “very strong nudges” to these “Grey/White hats” to take “visible” action. This would save so many lives and make what is happening in people’s lives more bearable. All those changes need to happen sooner rather than later.

    We need action now and most people are tired and have no desire for this to be dragged on any further. We need action now in 2023 and not when 2026 arrives!

  6. Jared

    Yes the comfortable people need to wake up and stand up and speak up now!

    Time for a better world everybody!

    Being miserable isn’t comfortable.

    We need a good world for all now amen!

  7. Silvia S.

    Dear Hakann and galactic friends, A HUGE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP. You are great friends indeed. My opinion, as written months ago, is that those who have super powers here on the Earth should DEMATERIALIZE each single penny of the dark controllers’ richness, Without money, gold, precious minerals, oil, castles, technologies and so on, the dark controllers cannot do anything and bye bye to their power in our planet, after that, white, grey hats can arrest them and the show is over forever. Hugs from Silvia S.

  8. Lilas

    The Atlantics still rules the West.
    We all know and have seen the Total destroying weapens
    from the americans.Their (war) lords will never surrender!

  9. unionylibertad

    Thank you so much Hakann for this message…I gives me hope knowing that things are not as bad as we perceive them sometimes…I appreciate these communications which I feel help me stay focused on what’s important…I hope that those that have been given the opportunity of serving humanity do it sooner rather than later…It takes humility, integrity, strength and courage and I will add compassion to make a move of such magnitude…
    I am very grateful to all of you our Galactic Brothers and Sisters for without you it would be even harder to cope at times…We definitely cannot do it alone…
    Much Love and Light to you Hakann, Tunia, R’Kok, A.S. and all Galatic Beings of Love and Light… We Are One, We Are Love…We Are The Way…M.A.A.C.