Tunia: Some Relationships Are Meant To Last Briefly

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

Many people on Earth have the perception that all romantic relationships are meant to last for life. They have the perception that if two people stay together for life, then the relationship is successful, whereas if the two people split up, then something went wrong.

People will also acknowledge that sometimes people should not have started a relationship at all; or that sometimes people had a good relationship but then one of the partners made a mistake or did something bad and now the relationship should end because of that.

However, there is another option that is frequently overlooked on Earth. That is: two people should start a relationship so that they can learn a few important lessons from each other, or help each other out for a period of time. And then the relationship should end. And in this possibility, it is actually good that the relationship starts, and it is also good that the relationship ends.

After all, to be blunt, a number of people are either not yet ready for their life-long relationship yet, or their soul does not want them to be in a life-long relationship (either at this moment or in this life entirely). In those situations, your soul may want you to be in a relationship for a while and learn a number of important lessons, but then also get out of that relationship at the proper time because that relationship was never meant to last for life. After all, you can very quickly learn certain lessons and grow in a good relationship.

So let’s say you are tormented by the thoughts of: “I had the one, I was with my true love, and then I said something wrong, and now we’re separated and my life is ruined.” To those people I say: it is entirely possible that you two were never meant to be in a life-long relationship. It is entirely possible that yes your soul wanted you two to come together, but then your soul also wanted you to split up when you did.

In fact, if you two split up over something relatively inconsequential — one person said some words that the other person didn’t quite like, or one person just isn’t really feeling the relationship anymore, or something like that — then it is likely you two were not meant to be together for life. If both of your souls wanted you two to be together, you very likely would not be splitting up over something relatively minor.

That said, of course it is still possible that a relationship ends while the souls of both people involved would have preferred that the relationship did not end. I am not saying that if a relationship ends, then that was automatically for the best. I am also not saying that you should aim to have brief relationships.

Some people are currently in a relationship that their soul wishes would end already, because it was meant to be a temporary relationship, but then the partners clung together anyway. This can lead to stagnation. If you know a couple who seemed to have not really changed over the course of say ten years, then that might be what is going on (although this is not always the case).

Again we see here that souls are usually much more concerned with soul growth and much less concerned with comfort or avoiding pain. People would usually be happy to sign up for a relationship in which two people just exist for their entire life in an acceptably content way. Meanwhile your soul usually wants change and growth every so often, and isn’t shy about having temporary relationships in order to learn certain lessons.

Also don’t underestimate that if you follow your soul’s path, then initially that may very well be uncomfortable, but in the end you will almost certainly be happy that you did. For example, once you have spent your time learning lessons and doing your own self-development work and you are ready, it is very easy for your soul to line you up with an amazing relationship. And at that time, you may find that you indeed prefer being with this partner rather than with those earlier people who you either had crushes on or not-entirely-fulfilling relationships with.

I hope this was helpful. I love you so very much.


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**Channel: A.S.


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5 Replies to “Tunia: Some Relationships Are Meant To Last Briefly”

  1. Todd Wiseman

    Very hopeful that all the good souls will be on way more compatible frequencies in the astral dimensions, I know I won’t ever be wasting my time and energy on girls who drink, smoke, tattoo freaks, etc.

  2. Jared

    I love you very much:)

    I love when Tunia says she loves me:)

    I am willing to have a short term relationship with Tunia or any other nice gals if they wish:)

  3. Jared

    I believe that if you create one loving moment it’s a success:)
    Anything more is bonus material! Ha

  4. harrrrrie

    Thank you for this article.

    This is very helpful. If we can understand this and apply this reasoning to our relationships, then breaking up doesn’t have to be traumatic or devastating. We can part as friends. We can realize this is one of those relationships where we learn about ourselves and others, and what we need in relationships and our lives.

    Eventually we will meet up with the one person who we know is the one we are meant to be with. And we will know this because of our experiences with others in the shorter relationships. Who are still our friends, we hope.

  5. Veronica

    Your words are always helpful Tunia! 😍 my soul has absolutely got plenty of opportunities for growth this life so far 🙏 and I have been outside of relationships for many years, from time to time. Years where I’ve been going through many hardships on my own. I really feel I have become so strong! I don’t feel I NEED a partner. But I really long for that special one to someday come in to my life and spend the rest of my days with him on my side. But for now, I feel I’m rather by my self than with someone that is not for the highest good. I feel I want to put my small amount of energy (recovering from cancer) on my kids and on restoring my body and strength. Not on searching for a man. I hope that when the time is right he will just appear 😅 can’t a girl (well I’m 54) wish for it to be easy some day…? 😅 lot of hugs to you on this sunny morning ☀️