Argorians Update: Quantum Flows

On 5 April 2023 at 08:40 AM CET came new updates of Argorians’ space fleet. They disclose details of the new scheme of their work with some transforming quantum flows on Earth’s Subtle Plane. The figure shows how this process takes place.

From the Galactic Center, high-frequency waves first enter the upper layers of the atmosphere, ionize and transform them. Then, Argorians direct quantum flows through Portals into a 4D maze leading to the inner worlds to the Earth’s Crystal.

Each stream carries its own unique software for faster driving specific impact. The wave crystal energy GREMO, pink-red with blue sparks, enhances the life support system of transitional 4D and constant 5D. Golden LOBE loads 5D Time programs, supports the planet’s signal mechanism and removes the spent 3D substances.

Using the blue FEARSCO (on scheme marked by two vertical cones) Argorians accelerate the formation of 5D matter, purify and stabilize four- and five-dimensional space. In parallel, they continue to use Portals and 144 thousand pyramids as a single operating console to saturate the Earth’s 5D Intelligence field with plasma and the red ERMA energy life (symbols above the diagram at the top left).

The channels of the labyrinth of four-dimensional space are filled and run on light brown BLEIK energy. It transforms particles of terrestrial vapors into 5D plasma. Passing through the maze, the black energy CHERGEN sorts and removes chirons (clumps of concentrated negativity) from the Earth’s body and the Subtle Plane. For it, the planet’s core constantly throws out prominences of this extremely toxic and destructive substance, which is then annihilated by the Argorians’ fleet (this is symbolized by cross above the diagram on the right).

These releases cause hundreds of earthquakes around the world every day. So, on April 4, in 24 hours, occurred one quake of magnitude (M) 6.4; seven – of M5+; 32 – of M4+; 106 – of M3+; 247 – of M2+; and 474 – below of M2.0.

Blue and gold ERMO energy ensures the stability of the 4D labirinth, supporting its construction with strong flows (on in the diagram, they are indicated in the form of a wavy line through the corners of tetragons). The same flows change the environment for 4D and 5D matter with the introduction of initial time programs for its development.

Two interconnected spheres are connected to the work of the maze (in the diagram below). The left accumulates dark green FARSI energy, which forms magnetic fields to remove the plasma of outdated information, and emits a dark red BAROUR, creating a 5D information field. The right sphere is filled with the blue energy BLIKGOR that removes the chirons, using the magnetic interaction of the air planes.

The spheres are united by the blue FIRSCO energy flow (horizontal penetrating vector), which cleanses and stabilizes the mental field of the planet. Three more quantum streams pass through both spheres. The left and center are dark cinnamon GLAMO, the transformed energy of Nature. The right vector is blue-azure GRISPO, cleanses and changes the dimensionality of the Earth’s space.

On the Subtle Plane, the work of the labyrinth is synchronized with the Quasitron, which combines the force fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea.

All the Earth’s energy planes converge in the Devil’s Sea. Here they merge into a single stream, pass into the zone of the South Pole, and from it they enter the Bermuda Triangle. A Portal of 4-dimensional space works there, connecting it with 3D. The 4-dimensional world is a buffer zone that absorbs the energy of three-dimensional space, then, gives it back, but only purified and recycled.

Cleansed energy enters the annular energy belt, which extends to the 30th parallel north and south of the equator, and vertically is extends above the ozone layer. In the belt, Intelligence plasma is formed and the necessary information and temporary programs are loaded into it.

Then, the following occurs. Through the Quasitron Intelligence plasma passes core, comes out as energy at the spheroid point of the planet – in the Mediterranean. After that, via the pyramids, it enters one of the atmosphere energy layers, and from it, through the Portal of the Bermuda Triangle, it exits at 6D. Here, the plasma is transformed so that in 5D it becomes, first, Nature, then, the animal world, and finally the human habitat.

This mechanism is one of the reasons why hurricanes and typhoons never cross the equator. Modern science explains the phenomenon by the Coriolis force – the inertial motion of an object caused by Earth’s rotation. In the Northern Hemisphere, it creates an air attraction counterclockwise, which leads to the formation of hurricanes, turning in the same direction. In the Southern Hemisphere, on the contrary, the movement goes clockwise. Near the equator, there is no Coriolis effect, that is why areas of stormy weather do not tend to “unwind” into a typhoon.

The interpretation of the phenomenon does not take into account the work of the annular energy belt in this region. In fact, these are giant power disks that intersect with each other at an angle of 310 degrees in the Earth’s core and together with the ultrasonic shell of the planet form a single mechanism. Argorians use it as a converter, changing the frequency and direction of ultrasonic waves on the surface of the planet, in its bowels and atmosphere.

By reducing the angle of convergence of the disks, or increasing it, but not by more than one degree, Argorians produce powerful energy impacts, which control air masses, temperature, precipitation, movement of lithospheric plates, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. This makes it possible to adhere to the set programs during the Earth’s transition to a new stage of cosmic development.

Now, with the help of this system, Argorians are removing the remnants of the 3D soft and codes from the Hologram. The annular belt is also being upgraded. At present, its updated version is enabled, but does not work in full mode. Adaptation of all systems of the planet and full synchronization of the Earth’s space with 5D is necessary. It will take some time.

**By Lev


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