Pleiadian Collective: The Hopi Tribe

Beloved Friends Of Light!

We Come To You With The Communication Of The Highest Love!

This Love Is Sacred And Cannot Be Divided!

As Souls In The Pleiades, There Is An Understanding That All Pleiadians Are Family! (TIKEE).

Throughout The Elohim Races, We Are Infinitely Connected As The Same Light Of Creation!

Sharing Love In These Moments, We Speak To You About A Group Of Starseeds That Chose To Incarnate To Earth Together In Many Waking Dreams. The Uniqueness Of Their Soul’s Choice Was To Be Part Of A Tribe That You Know As The Hopi.

This Loving Group Of Souls Desired To Understand And Follow The Experience Of Being A Tribe, Understanding Spirit And Learning As The Identity In Ancient Earth Teaching And The Progression To This Current Waking Dream.

The Souls That Chose This Adventure In Form Are From Merope And Electra. Feeling That The Experience Would Also Enhance Their Sharing And Closeness In The Pleiades, It Became A Tradition That Starseeds Enjoyed. Whether Difficult Lives Or Creative And Enjoyable Lives, Each Starseed Returned To Their Home When Leaving The Body Form.

Many Of You Have Noted That Many Soul Reveals Have Names That Resemble The Names Of Indigenous Indian Tribes, Whether Choctaw, Cherokee Or Hopi. In Truth, The Names On Earth Were Derived From Those In The Pleiades.


In This Communication, We Speak Of The Great Hopi Tribe. All Are Beautiful Pleiadian Souls From Merope And Electra!

In This Waking Dream, The Culture Is Rich With Art, Music, Dancing And Food With Magnificent Recipes. The Hopi Tribe Is Close And They Understand Reincarnation And Star Families. Like You, They Chose To Arrive And Forget. In Each Waking Dream, They Play A Different Role, But They Have Remained In The Same Tribe.

They Connect With Spirit And They Call Source, ‘The Great Spirit’. They Have Rituals Of Fire And Chanting With Drums And Dancing As They Celebrate Life. They Have Always Had Wolves And Many Animals For Pets As They Are Fearless In The Connection Of Life.

Hopis Call Earlier Tribes, ‘Ancient People’. They Understand Their Culture Has Been On Earth For Thousands Of Years. They Honor Their Ancestors But Do Not Understand They Are Their Ancestors! They Believe All Life Is Sacred And They Prefer Being Alone Than Joining Political Parties Or Areas Of Occupation Which Destroys Land.

In These Groups There Is Free Will To Leave The Tribe And Work And Live In Any Manner. But To The True Hopi Tribe, There Is Unity As Family.

The Current Area Of The Great Hopi Tribe Is Arizona. This Group Has Slowly Migrated From The South For Thousands Of Years. Knowing How Your Area Of The Planet Has Progressed In Thinking, Expanded Consciousness And Abilities, Know Also This Is The Manner Of The Hopi Tribe. They Have Everything Available Now For Every Area Of Life. But The True Culture Chooses To Commune Together With The Great Spirit.

As Starseeds, Many Have Awakened In Many Dreams And Given Prophecies Of Great Change Coming To The Earth. Many Spoke About Cycles And Frequencies And Darkness Upon The Earth With A Change That Would Begin A New Life!

You Are Living These Words Now! The Great Light Is Upon You As Darkness Is Covering The Hearts Of Many!

In Every Dream, There Are Seekers, Seers, Prophets And Mystics. There Are Those With Gifts To Share With Others As Catalysts For Remembering Who They Really Are In Spirit!

This Is The Dream. This Is The Time Spoken By Many In Ancient Dreams And Modern Times.

You Are The Light!

In The Moment Of Now, You Rise As One!

We Love You So!

**Received by Judith


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