The One: A New Day, a New Way

There are moments when what is occurring on the planet is so extraordinary that all of creation takes notice. You are currently living through one of those moments.

You have a specific role in this spectacle, regardless of where you are or who you imagine yourself to be. It is vital that you hold yourself to the level of importance that the whole of creation holds you to. For indeed, you are a key component, a necessary part of life itself.

Regardless of what you have been through, what you have done, or what you have heard others say ~ you are a brilliant being of Pure Love, here to guarantee the well-being of not only yourself, but of every other.

For you are every other, and every other is you.

It is this one Truth that you will need to embrace and hold for the coming moment of now. For you will see and you will hear words and deeds that do not sound possible or even credible. Yet, they will eventually fill in the many nonsensical stories that you once were told.

Your reality will seem to be breaking up before your eyes.

Once the fabricated truth disintegrates, you’ll seek actual Truth. It will be a challenge, and you will not know who you can trust. You are heading into a moment of confusion, dear human. It will not last long.

What you will need to look for is the source of all information. This, you will come to discover, is how you will tell. For the suppliers of information will be new to you. The former suppliers will not be in power any longer. Either because they’ve been stopped or because they have been replaced. It is the replacements that you’ll want to both pay attention to (listen to) and observe. They will display their intentions by their actions.

You are coming to a new day, and discovering a new way. The new way will be one of discernment. For a bit of time, all that you will have to go on is an internal sense of Truth.

  • This will not be based on looks.
  • This will not be based on position.
  • This will not be based on power.
  • This will not be based on savvy.
  • This will not be based on age.
  • This will not be based on corporate/government ties.

This will be based on energetic imprint. What has been left behind before this moment now?

The frequency now and from now on, amplifies and supports Truth, Love and Light. There remain people and projects that do not operate in that frequency. From this moment on, you are watching them struggle. Some of them will dissolve completely and/or leave.

Others will re-adjust themselves and learn.

Realize that you are all here for this Ascension. What happens next looks different for each of you depending on where you were when you first began. You are all equal in Love. You are each equal in Light. In absolute Truth you are equal as well.

Yet, in the illusion of control, Love and Light and Truth have been obscured in some; wiped out to near extinction in others. Forgo judgment of those who you see as “lesser than” you.

In Absolute Truth, contrast was so very necessary for the Transformation, and you’ll discover that these “others” are the ones who volunteered to do the dirty work.

No one is un-redeemable.

You are up to the choosing.

Watch who and what remain standing in this storm of exposure and disclosure. These may not be the shiniest or most beautiful, but they will be evidenced by their strength to remain, despite all conditions thrown their way.

You head now into an intense actualization of Love.

It will be worth every step taken.

That is all.

**Channel: Sophia Love