New Moon/Solar Hybrid Eclipse in Aries, April 20th, 2023 – Cosmic Retrieval

At this stage of our ascension journey, when many are beginning to awaken their cosmic DNA, we are being assisted in this process by a rare hybrid Solar eclipse/New Moon at 29 degrees Aries, the so-called fate or anaretic degree, taking place seven times every century, and that square Pluto. A degree that represents the transformation that we are just beginning to experience, on both a global and a personal level.

This is just another human interpretation of the process that we are undergoing, the end of a cycle, and the need for us to liberate ourselves from half-truths, beginning to act within integrity, and hence, authenticity, as the only way to build a new harmonic world.

A hybrid eclipse that starts by being an annular eclipse and then as the shadow takes possession of the Moon, it shifts into a total eclipse, for a few minutes, returning later to an annular one. Therefore, as its hybrid nature indicates, we will see both a total and an annular eclipse in our Heavens.

In a more general perspective, for we are all in different phases, this Aries eclipse is going to assist ones who are ready to finally express their hearts, be brave to embrace their inner masters, become the leaders that they came to be, and assist others to become sovereign beings. It is a passage for us to create, rebirth from the shadows that we have already faced and integrated, and begin to align with the new earth’s energies to birth something new, something that will benefit the whole, for this is after all the purpose of hybrids, to create from two benevolent essences, a more illumined one.

It is also a time to end all karmic patterns, agreements, and soul contracts, as this is how we retrieve our cosmic heritage. This is the void between Pisces and Aries where we finally learn the lessons we experienced throughout the zodiac wheel and regain consciousness of who we are, and what we are here to offer to All. A time for illumination through the mastery of the self.

This eclipse will be a catalyst for us to expand in courage, strength, and above all, determination to leave aside an old reality and cross the doors to our new dimensional space. A space that we create with our inner frequency, as it will be the one determining where we go next. A space that we consciously choose with every thought, feeling, and action, for it is not about a physical location as many believe, but about our inner frequency that manifests the outer.

If we continue dwelling in our past through repetitive memories and feelings, we cannot step into a new timeline, as vibrationally, we are attached to the one we constantly recreate from within. Once we understand that we are sovereign beings choosing, at every single second, who we are, what we create next, and with whom, we finally regain the freedom required for us to begin this liberating process.

This eclipse will bring many the unique opportunity with its special essence, to heal hybridization memories and physical implants, as well as others who are awakening their cosmic hybrid nature. Hybrids are not just a mix between animals and humans, or for any other non-benevolent purpose. A hybrid is the mix of two different species, being these species from benevolent cosmic races, as for example Essassanis, the mix between humans and Zetas. As always, it is our intention that creates the result.

Guides share the importance of learning our cosmic lineage and heritage, at that stage of our ascension journey, for it is pivotal to clear and remove all physical and non-physical distortions before we can embody our true lineage. There are many awakening to their hybrids, benevolent lineage, through the conscious light body and DNA reconnection work. A cosmic awakening, and retrieval, that begins by first healing what is not us to carry, the many inherited genetic patterns and implanted ones, so we can free ourselves and our bodies, and begin the process of rehabilitation.

Guides share the importance during this eclipse, and onwards, as its energies will remain for months, for us to stabilize our heart center, calling upon the Emerald Ray to assist us in this purpose, as well as in anchoring more love on earth, together with an emerald crystal, or the personal crystal that you are guided, as this is a universal one given to All, for us to bring more harmony, love, and compassion.

A very important period as well for stabilizers, and the ones who are here on a mission to restore the Earth’s time fabrics, for the restoration of the distorted 3D time, is finally beginning, so we can, gradually, regain and move into a universal timeline, as it is meant to be within Creation.

On the same day of the eclipse, we too have the Sun moving into the earthly sign of Taurus, a complementary energy to the eclipse, as it will help us anchor all we have previously envisioned, healed, and manifested.  Taurus offers us the gift to be grounded, creating our Heaven on Earth, connecting with nature, honoring our physical realm, and enjoying who we are and our creations. This is a very uplifting frequency for us to ground all the wisdom we have received, as well as all the soul’s directions for our unique mission, as this is precisely the purpose of all the work we do, to anchor all in the physical.

Taurus will start opening the energetic gates for us to begin manifesting our desires in the physical. With Taurus comes our second initiation into a deeper knowledge of how to manifest our desires from an energetic Plane into our dense world, teaching us our next lesson within the wheel of life, which is to master ourselves in the endless art of bringing things from our inner world into our human one.

We are witnessing one of the most important events of all the year, together with the previous alignments in March, which triggered the current planetary, and personal, transformation that many are now experiencing. A transfiguration that involves the conscious choice of disengaging from old beliefs, and habits that impede us to be fully aligned with who we are, for the time for us to express our personal truth, expand our hearts and seed our love, is Now, not in a future earth, but Now, for there are many who need of our sharings and help to be able to continue in their evolutionary journey.

As ascending souls, when we remember, there are no more excuses, for know that we are not here to please the self but to help the whole evolve. When we awake to this truth, everything begins to shift within ourselves, and in our life experience, for our soul knows that we are ready to begin the mission.

At this time, many things, people, and situations that you considered vital in your life, may be removed. See all that happens as a miracle, as a gift for you and them, to help you all evolve, and step into a more illumined state of being, for even though we may not know the entire plan, all is heading always in the best direction for All involved.

Do not fight, do not resist. Surrender to what IS, allow, for all that will come to you will show you the magnificence of your being, and the important mission that you are here to fulfill.

Be strong to accept your unique and precious role within Creation, Beloveds.

Within Infinite  Love,

**By Natalia Alba