Recommendations for Nurturing the Body During the Eclipse

Guides remark on the importance of nurturing and caring about our bodies, at this profound integration time, for all that we experience, impacts our bodies massively. We are about to face one of the most important eclipses of the year, although its energies can be already strongly felt, and will continue for the following months.

It is pivotal to align with its energies and begin to shift what is required, so we can properly integrate these new energies, for they are going to signify a powerful transformation for those who are in the process of ascension.

As the only ones with the authority to command and shift anything we need to, in our physical bodies, we need to create decrees, a nurturing diet, and conscious exercises that help our 12D template integrate the new changes that we are undergoing.

These are just some basic guidelines for those who are beginning or expanding into the process of conscious retrieval, whether through light body activation or DNA reconnection, as it is pivotal to understand what helps to conduct the energies in our bodies, and what does not.

  • Do not compromise your integrity (by doing things that are against your will, or through self-sacrificing, etc) Be authentic to release any anxiety for your body, as when we act against our nature, the body suffers from episodes of anxiety and desperation.
  • Choose a purification tool (seventh- ray, celestial fire, white flame, or any other of your choice to bring purification to your body).
  • Drink pure water or electrolytes drinks – they conduct the light in our bodies and keep them hydrated.
  • Initiate a period of at least nine days of cleansing (for some may be a longer period, as guided).
  • Add a protective technique, especially when you go to sleep, to keep you protected at all levels.
  • Scan your bodies, identify debris, toxins, false programs, energies, feelings of disconnection, and other forms of consciousness, and remove them.
  • Use clear quartz crystals, properly programmed to help you integrate, protect, and cleanse yourself at the same time. Amethyst is a great purifier as well as a protector too.
  • Avoid sugar, as it poisons the body, alcoholic drinks, and drugs.
  • Avoid lower thoughts.
  • Exercise, if your body allows it. It helps move the energy and raise our frequency.
  • To help you protect yourself from chemtrails and other chemicals, as they have a very negative impact on the body, creating stress and other similar sensations, apart from what you know works for you, Guides recommend some crystals, such as Malachite, or any other one that you receive for yourself.
  • Use the infinity symbol to seal yourself completely, creating around your body four infinity symbols, one in the first chakra, another one in the heart center, a third one in between the sixth and seventh chakras, and the last one in your eighth one, to keep the energy flowing, as energy revolves itself as in the form of the infinity symbol. Once anchored let it act, continually, as a protector and a magnifier of the light that is being embodied.
  • Remain in your heart center, in the love that you are, and in your Illumined Self.
  • Avoid dramas, gossip, and judgments as they take us back to a deep state of polarization.
  • Discern all the guidance you receive, and clear delusions, to know the authenticity of your guidance.
  • Love, respect, and be compassionate with yourself, completely, for the process of self-evolution is long, and we are just beginning to remember.

As you are your own healers, you may add more tools that help you to be energetically healthy and protected, on your journey. As always, you are the only ones knowing your body, what you need, and what is good or not for you.

I wish you all a loving integration during the eclipse, Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Aba