Standing Powerfully in the Face of Fear

In the state of global humanity, there is much fear for survival and great attempts to resist the diminishment of our lives. The governments of every nation have become lethal forces for their citizens. People fear this intensifying development. As long as any of us is in alignment with this negative energy, we continue to experience it. But if we change our energetic alignment to gratitude and love, we are in a different energetic dimension, and fear is no longer part of our awareness. Instead, the more powerfully we are grateful for our awareness, we can turn our attention and alignment to what we love in every situation that we’re involved in.

We experience our energetic creations in every moment, and we also create our continuum of experiences by our current mental and emotional states. By enjoying, accepting, resisting or identifying with any energetic patterns or scenarios, we draw our awareness into alignment with them. This is the quality that we are creating in the moment for our experience.

Scientifically, everything consists of patterns of electromagnetic waves that we perceive as physical in our awareness. The empirical world that we are all aware of, is a kind of hologram held in our consciousness by our telepathic alignment, and is interpreted by our recognition as our reality. All of this exists within our own expanded consciousness. Consciousness is our essence, and it exists and constantly creates everything everywhere. Consciousness is our prime source of being, and it is universal. We are aware of as much of it as we allow ourselves.

When we open our awareness to greater consciousness, focusing on feelings that arise by being clear and present, we can identify energetic patterns that are life-enhancing situations that feel wonderful. This is an energetic alignment with our intuition. When we are able to resonate consistently with gratitude, compassion and joy, we can resolve and release our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We become aware of our eternal presence of awareness, always filled with the guidance of our heart-consciousness in conjunction with infinite awareness.

Before the creation of humanity, our presence of awareness always existed, and we will continue to be our presence of awareness beyond the time of humanity on this planet. We can interpret our experiences as humans in any way that we want. Everything can be a blessing or a curse, depending upon our perspective and beliefs. We experience the results of the qualities of our thoughts and emotions, regardless of anything that appears to be outside of us.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


2 Replies to “Standing Powerfully in the Face of Fear”

  1. harrrrrie

    Sometimes I think Kenneth is the only one I need to read. He is always spot on. He can say it all in the fewest words and it couldn’t be more true. Incredible.
    Thank you for posting Kenneth here and thank you for everything you do.

  2. harrrrrie

    This is still the one thing that rings true and always will. We create our reality every second with either fear or love.

    Our love, compassion, gratitude and joy is what will make our future world go round. We will create this reality and will continue to think it and feel it for eons to come as it will be our vibration.

    So will the word get out to all the masses to start loving for change?