KaRa of the Pleiades: We Have Been Preparing You

I am KaRa. I am here with you at this time, in these grand times that you are approaching. And though it does not appear so to the physical eyes, and in some cases the ears as well, it is so. The changes that are coming are going to be fraculant [21.06/53.41].

What I am about to tell you now, I as KaRa, how I as a Pleiadian Emissary to the planet Earth, is not for your ego to hear. It is for your Higher Guidance within you, for you to feel that higher guidance within you. As I relay this now to you, this message that you, this group, those of you within this group, as you have been acclimating to these energies for some time, we have been preparing you, preparing this group for a grand mission moving forward from the time on when the vibration reaches the crescendo that it needs to, this group is about to be the one, ones of many across the planet, that we will be appearing to. We will be showing ourselves. We are preparing you for this. As a group, and as individuals within this group, to those of you that are ready for this, and that want this.

You have heard about disclosure for some time now. You have heard that it has been a soft disclosure for some time. But full disclosure is coming. But before that can be, there is to be those who are ready to receive our physical presence. I am telling you this now in preparation. And know that as a mission that you all came here for, that many of you are to be the emissaries, just as I am to the Earth. You are potentially to be the emissary to those of us coming down.

Again, this is not for your egos. It is not to make you as something special, although it is a special mission. The times are coming where we will be able to show ourselves more and more. We, the Pleiadians at first, then others to follow after. You have entered a grand time. It would only behoove you now to continue to find the light within you, to reach for that light, to reach for that truth within you. That you recognize the vibrational changes as they come upon you. For indeed many of you will begin to see more and more with your physical eyes, prompted by your third eye vision, your third eye that is opening up more and more, opening to the glimpses that are beyond the physical, that you would call the metaphysical glimpses into interdimentional realities.

The time is now. The time is now for you to prepare more and more. We are coming. We are here.

Peace and love be with all of you, my friends, my brothers, and my sisters.

I am KaRa.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

18 Replies to “KaRa of the Pleiades: We Have Been Preparing You”

  1. tigersnack1114

    If we Lightworkers cant handle them….then no one else is even close to being ready, right? =)
    We’re the WARM UPs…get the kinks out…make adjustments to the process.
    Looking forward to it as most are as well. Granted, with a little trepidation but no fear…more like a roller coaster ride as you are going up the first hill and the tracks and such are clitter-clacking. We KNOW its gonna be awesome but the ride up to the top is the worst of the ride. We’re about to reach the top.

    I’m looking forward to meeting my Blue friend!

  2. Kim Seacord


    Hello, KaRa, I would be so very honored to be of any service that I may be. It has been on my heart these last few days that I want to help this transition and meeting to both sides for contact. Please, I would love to help in any way I can. We are ONE. There is no separation. I am ready. We are brothers and sisters. I LOVE YOU so very much!

    Thank you.

  3. WK

    Dearest Beloved Pleiadian Sister KaRa, my heart warms with your message. Evoking the entire Earthling human subconscious, I welcome you and our dearest family from the sky. From my own free will, I declare that if deemed suited my services are available to form a link between us Earthling humans and our Pleiadian human family. Despite recognizing my deep will to meet you in person, I must be true to myself and also declare that I do not know what my reaction will be. I am confident that you, our beloved enlightened Sisters and Brothers are in a more capable position to make that assessment. I do know that my Love for you is more powerful than the eventual shock of meeting you in person. I also know that my heart is sufficiently open to see the energy of others, and my response to beings with positive vibrations has always been guided by the Love I feel. Being a potential emissary for the Earthling human race, my first affirmation to you is to be alert, as evil is still present (it is a subtle energy that hides in the dark corners of a beings potential, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Do no give that opportunity). I know that you are immensely powerful and wise, and that you take all the necessary precautions, nonetheless my heart goes out to you as I care for you, for you are my Brothers, you are my Sisters, and I will never stop defending you, and I will never stop Loving. Your Earthling Brother, WK

  4. Scroogle McDuck

    Sorry, folks. This is more hopeium. Anything that sounds too good to be true….

  5. todd wiseman

    I refuse to give up my divine EGO, I still want to indulge in all things physical and therefore will create my own pristine AstraL Universe where only I exist with no other beings to keep trying to force me of my free will choice to keep my EGO as it is and as it will be for my eternal paradise.

  6. Mike

    Right underneath is reassuring message is a post from 4 years prior saying almost the same exact thing. HOW MUCH LONGER are we going to be fucked with here?

    1. A.S.

      I’m not the channeler of this message. I’m the Tunia / Hakann channeler.

      Yes, there have been delays. Yes, that sucks. I agree and I empathize.

      Still, from my perspective this is not really the fault of the ETs. They’re waiting for us humans to do certain things, and most people are choosing to be corrupt or willfully blind, or to not arrest certain criminals even though they’re obviously guilty. Hence things take longer. Although this delay won’t be indefinite, because energies on Earth keep rising.

      Still, we genuinely are much closer to open contact now than we were four years ago. Many, many, many more people are awake now, for example. You may also be able to feel that the energies on Earth are much higher now than they used to be.

      To answer your question, what I’m getting from Hakann is that very likely (though not certain) our lives will be substantially improved before the end of 2026. And it could be well before the end of 2026. Hakann tends to be more conservative with his predictions than some other galactics.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if Pleiadians started meeting one-on-one with lightworkers this year, although this is merely my personal hope and absolutely not a prediction. Pleiadians are absolutely in an advanced, “physical contact with lightworkers could happen very soon now, we’re ready for it” stage. One of my Pleiadian contacts was excited how close that is (although centuries-old beings do see time a bit differently than we do, so I’m not expecting contact next week).

      Also note that even before then, you can help out your fellow man and you can work on yourself. The more that you grow as a person, the easier and more pleasant that contact will be for both yourself and for your galactic brothers and sisters.

      1. Mike

        Thank you for your reply. I remain hopeful overall but also feel often the victim of energy or other attacks which expands my frustration at times. The fog of war (not knowing what is true and what is disinfo) is wearing on me as well. I find the Tunia and Hakann missives among the best and most comforting on this page so again, thank you.

    2. Scroogle McDuck

      This kind of ET-hopeium chatter — which suckered the Unarians back in the ’70s, et al — is part of someone’s plan to keep people pacified with that dangling carrot on a stick. This has been going on a long time.

  7. David

    Many thanks KaRa and James, I am ready to be an emissary, and continue to prepare as always. I also make a great cup of tea, which of course is essential in these times…. 😊 but seriously, I really hope I can be of help to you and all that follow. Love and light always. Adonai 🙏

  8. Mike Ohira

    Galactic disclosure is this year….I have prepared enough, I will be seeing
    you KaRa in couple of months.

    “The changes that are coming are going to be fraculant (1.06/53.41)”
    Anybody here know the meaning of “fraculant” and the figures?

    1. Matthew

      Fraculant is an autotranslation mistake. The right word is miraculous.

      21.06 / 53.41 is the beginning of KaRa’s message..

      Link for audio so you can check (remove spaces of course):
      (http:// media . 12of12 . com / mp3s/230326_EmissaryKara . mp3)

      Take care!

  9. harrrrrie

    Who do you believe? Another site says the Pleiadians are the ones who are delaying the disclosure and public introductions. They are supposedly hem-hawing that people here will do crazy stuff out of fear of ETs landing here, and lives will be lost. So they want to wait till there will be more acceptance of ET friends. But our government is not jumping at the chance to explain their ongoing friendships with ETs for decades now. That’s just another barrier in keeping their power over the people. I’ve been reading this viewpoint for years now, and the US government is not in any hurry at all in assuaging any fears or concerns we might have about “the alien monsters”.

    1. Light bearer

      I’m not this message’s channeler.

      From my perspective, it’s entirely possible that the Pleiadians will physically and privately meet with lightworkers before they reveal themselves to the general public.