Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Time Waits For No Man

“Time waits for no man“ is a popular saying and applicable to the conditions you are experiencing at present. The changes are necessary and progressing well and it is regrettable that they are causing so much grief and trouble.

Many times we have tried to get you to understand the importance to get matters in hand that acknowledge the urgency involved. Even your own people have recognised the need for immediate action. Failure to do so will only exacerbate the situation as if it is not already calling for urgent action. We for our part will help you all we can but it is for you to take the initiative.

Instead of individual countries following their own path it would seem to make more sense if a combined effort was made. However, it seems that your politics are getting in the way of a worldwide effort that is called for.

Can you really ignore the needs of the poorer countries who are ill equipped to handle the size of the problems that face them. Yes, financial help has been given but real action is necessary that actually gets to the heart of the matter. Can we hope that there is a wake-up call that gets things moving in the right direction.

You are at the crossroads and decisions made now will determine how the future works out. Your main concern should be relative to the rise in temperature that is having an enormous effect. It is already resulting in food shortages and migration from those areas affected. Livestock are dying because of it and many people losing their living that is adding to the predicament.

If only you could see the wider picture you would soon appreciate the urgency of the situation. We do not wish to frighten people but the truth must come out as otherwise appropriate action will not be taken. Take heed of what we say and get behind those who have the foresight to understand the reality of the present time.

The ecosystem is under threat and it also needs immediate attention. There is so much to do and priorities must be given to the most urgent needs. Temperatures are still rising and crops [remain] under [a] threat that is affecting the food supply lines and increasing the costs.

We need hardly mention that you are in critical times that are being acknowledged but is the appropriate action being taken? In some countries the people are starving because of the changes, and clearly a massive campaign is necessary if lives are to be saved. How sad that in the middle of such a crisis there seems to be a lack of leadership so that progress can be made.

Do not let the inconvenience and problems connected with the changes get you down, as you are actually entering a period when they will clear the way for a greater and more satisfying way of life. Be assured that nothing can prevent it coming and, as we see it, you do not have too long to wait and see the potential the changes will make. The old ways are finishing and already you are beginning to see the possibilities even though it has only just started. Make no mistake; what is talked about now is not a pipe dream but a sign of the true reality that beckons.

The forces of evil and negativity have lost the battle for supremacy, and their supporters are gradually being removed from the planet. For certain you shall see things happening that will show beyond doubt that the Light has won the battle. It just remains for the “clearing up” to be carried out so that eventually peace will come to the Earth. You will have earned it and even if you have already returned to the higher dimensions, you will be fully aware of it. It will be a great occasion for all concerned and celebrations have already been planned.

When you commenced your journey many, many years ago you were told of the ultimate success, and all along it was planned for the Light to be victorious. What else would you have expected especially when it was always in a superior position even if at times the dark Ones seemed in control.

For thousands of years you have fought against them and their plan to take over the Earth, but greater forces of Light have prevailed. All souls involved at any given time have grown spiritually, and gained strength to face the negative forces without fear. It has been a truly harrowing experience, yet you have still enabled the Light to overcome whatever tactics have been used to prevent you learning the truth and preparing for Ascension.

We paint the larger picture to help you find the determination and strength to keep good faith in the outcome of the battle between the Light and the dark. All concerned will have learned a lot about themselves and revelled in the freedom given to make their own decisions, albeit there has always been a greater plan for your spiritual advancement.

Until you ascend it will be difficult to comprehend the full picture, but of late you have learned so much from your experiences. It will be some relief for you to know that there is no reason why you should have to experience the battle between the Light and dark again.

However, there is still much work to be done and we hope that by giving you the greater picture you will have no doubts about what the future holds for you. By keeping your vibrations high you help others to lift up who come into contact with you. Certainly there is a lot of despair amongst you and it is not surprising at such a volatile time. Simply do your best to impart messages of hope as you have by no means reached the end of the world, it is simply changing for the better.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

3 Replies to “Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Time Waits For No Man”

  1. Paladin

    And here once again is EOL’s Globalist mouthpiece, shilling the phony climate change agenda. You can always count on Mother WEF’r Mike Quincy to do the Globalist propaganda shilling.

    Mike never disappoints.

  2. Lilas

    I know the names of many self-proclaimed gods ,
    manipulaters,destroyers of nature.Makers of
    nuclear weapens,chemtrails ,all kinds of deadly
    IIness.This is the time that they MUST leave this planet.
    What is the name of your God?

    1. Paladin

      New World Order Mike promotes Globalist lies and talking points all the time. Here he s promoting the fake climate change scam.