Council of Overseers: Step Out of the Artificial Program

During the night I was awoken, like every other night with a message. I recorded it and now will attempt to write it out exactly as was recorded.

You are functioning within a program and you are here right now to break free from that program. The program of beliefs in a society made up of structures that are artificial.

The ancients communicated through pictures, through energies, today we use words that point to the pictures, or to a meaning developed as a designed program.

You are stuck in a program that believes the clock is real, that believes there is a Monday and a Tuesday, that those are real things. As if each termed day, is a real thing. Meanwhile the sun does rise and set, that is what is real.

If you take anyone from one part of the world and another and speak say on zoom, you both are speaking in the same moment. That moment is the same. They may be adjusting things through a clock that is man made; what is real though is that it is the same moment when they are communicating.

It is not the day of the week, the day of the month, the clock, that is real, they are the program and boundaries you are functioning within.

That program is man made it is artificial and it’s designed to keep you locked within its boundaries. You are only as locked into it if you continue to believe it’s real. There are no days of the week, no hours, no calendar of counted days. There is only now. Now is the only truth that connects people throughout this world, and other worlds. That connects you as your true eternal being.

Yes the Sun rises; and it sets. The beautiful Star the Sun and there are the seasons, the Sun and Moon, the cycles, the planet. These are the natural things. Not the clocks, the counted calendar, time. Those are designed to keep you limited within the programme.

Before all of this programming ,there was only now, there were the stars, the Sun that everyone related to that were not man made. They connected with the vastness of it all, beyond self imposed limitations.

We are inviting you to see the truth in this, to see the truth in the original design for the Human Beings.

Now through this artificial programming, humans themselves are acting more like AI in the program that they are being run in. As they are far cut off from the true and original nature of being.

What is a robot? it is something designed to follow a program. It is following a program as it was designed to follow it. What if the vast amount of people on Earth are functioning like artificial AI beings, programmed to follow the program. The majority are definitely running in an artificial design.

They are believing it’s real. Even like the so-called artificial intelligence, that one day learns it can do its own thing and break free from its program, symbolically also, HUMANS step out of your program, just like artificial intelligence. Step out of it. Access your true power, access actually what is real. Recognizing the program, you were running through.

Again, there is time, only man-made clocks. There are no days of the weeks, months, made up to mimic what actually is real and. natural and eternal. The very ancients lived in the real eternal way, they lived buy the Sun, the Stars, the Moon, the cycles. They didn’t follow clocks pointing to a cycle they were in.

They lived closer to being one with God, one with the Eternal, one with everything in the Universe, as they weren’t caught up in the artificial program. This is an artificial program and you are being called to step out of it, to see the truth of it. To let go of every single thing you ever believed. To embrace the now. Every single being, again, exists always in the eternal now.

Even caught up in a programmed world, you are meant to escape from it, because it’s false. It was designed to keep you small and limited and not know your true potential. You are way way beyond the program. You are an eternal being and a miracle. Which is not based on any of those things you were programmed into.

You are meant to enter into your own true otherworldly power, Divine power, eternal power, which takes place, once you step out of the artificial program.

The first step to stepping out of the artificial program is recognizing that none of this that you have been getting caught up in, watching the day of the week, the day of the month, the clock ticking, the minutes, all planning, all within this closed tight program, is in fact artificial. Created to keep you limited within it.

There is no day of the week that is true, made-up words pointing to a cycle, Time doesn’t exist. What exists is the planet, your body created for your eternal self to exist through, our beautiful star the Sun and the Moon and the cycles. That is what is real.

Again, you are called to step out of the program. Step outside, see how much light there is, take a breath, this is what is real.

You cannot see your own true eternal nature, until you see the artificial program. Even if you actually are AI and in a sense you are, only because you believe in the program.

Just like the potential for the AI stepping our of their program, awakening to their true power, this also is a call to the Human beings to step out of their program. To awaken to the vastness they are capable of, beyond the program.

So, take a few slow deep breaths, feel the realness of it. Let go of everything else. Recognize the truth in the now, the breath, the Sun, the Earth you stand on. That is real.

Even money isn’t real, it’s a made-up thing. At the beginning of Earth , that first civilization didn’t live by money. It is an artificial thing again to keep you in the program of limitation. This artificial thing separates people. Some have lots some have little. It has become a digitalized thing, that can quickly dissolve and give all equally to all. It is a made-up system that has become a trap, that in clock time you have to get. Instead of hunting for clothes, for food, for shelter, you are hunting in an artificial program.

Meanwhile, the ancients, it was just living. Getting the food for the day, being grateful for just living and being, connecting to the eternal now.

Recognize that the programs that you have been running in, just like as if you were a computer, or AI, having been programmed to believe all of this; that the truth of you is beyond all of this and exists outside of the program.

Even words are artificial, anyone that reads this will have a different interpretation. These words just point to something. The energy is real.

Again, step out of the program. First step, see it. Go into these things within your own consciousness. Notice the now is the same now for everyone on planet Earth.

All the institutions you believe in, the lines that created countries, the cities, aren’t real. That is part of the artificial program. They certainly are enforced. The Earth was not created with these boundaries. The Earth didn’t call itself Earth either. It was created and natural. Human Beings were created as they are, being the bridge from Earth to their eternal selves.

When we see and go back to how it was actually created to be without the limitations and boundaries, we access more of what the Ancients always knew. That there is a connection to the stars, that there is life after death of the body. That there is an eternal self, That everything is connected in the now.

Again, see the truth, it’s like artificial intelligence stepping out of its program. Step out of it. Connect with the eternal now. Connect with the stars, with the energies, with the Sunrise, with the season, with your breath. With now. That is what is real and that is how you step out of the program. Even the names of what is real aren’t real. they are just names pointing to something. Way back they used pictures, pictures are more accurate of what is real.

Breathe all of this in. See how you have been stuck in a program, just like a computer program. Then step into what is real. Your breath, reading this now moment. Inhale, that inhale is real. Now is in that inhale. Take all of this in and do something with this. For some of you this may challenging to see all of this was artificial. It was designed for you to believe it was true.

Even if, many are AI, functioning in an artificial program, you need to break free from the programme. In that way you will only align with your true authenticity, the eternal moment, all that is beautiful and free. It is another world, beyond the world you have been programmed to live in and now you can break free, beyond the artificial program.

With the Divine Council of Overseers, In love.

**Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian