Expanding our Awareness beyond the Ego

The greatest achievement we can accomplish in this lifetime is living in alignment with our heart-consciousness, transcending ego-consciousness and limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can do this by developing acute sensitivity to what we truly know within. When we fill our awareness with joy and confidence, we can always know how to be in every situation. We can read the energies of every moment and know how to align with them or transform them. We can be guided in every aspect of life in our awareness of Creator Consciousness constantly enlivening and inspiring us.

Only by releasing our attachments to beliefs based in fear can we be aware of the unconditional love in our heart-consciousness. Our limiting beliefs do not allow us to imagine that the essence of our consciousness is infinite and includes all conscious beings. As long as we fear being threatened in some way, we cannot be aware of and in alignment with our heart-consciousness. Its radiant guidance is always present within, but the ego has no awareness of it, because of the belief in limited personal consciousness.

In order to be aware and in alignment with universal consciousness, we must learn to be clear and free of limiting attachments and just be present in awareness. We can live beyond fear and stress by replacing our limiting beliefs with everything that is based in love, joy and compassion. This becomes easy, if we have an out-of-body experience, because we realize our infinite consciousness. Without the out-of-body experience, we need intentional training in imagining living in great love, joy and mastery of life. We can cast away doubt in our abilities and replace it with confidence in what we deeply know is true.

Opening our awareness to heart-consciousness allows us to activate our higher energy centers and increase our psychic and spiritual abilities. There is nothing threatening or unknown in heart-consciousness. It is completely life-enhancing. When we open our awareness to it, we can feel the qualities of its vibrations and know its inspiration. Our awareness includes the awareness of all conscious beings. We can feel them through our essence.

As we open ourselves more and more to the life-enhancing vibrations of our heart-consciousness, we are no longer the victims of circumstances. We can control our experience of the polarity and vibratory frequency of every situation that we participate in. We live in an electromagnetic plasma of quantum potentialities in which everything exists, and we can recognize whatever qualities of energetic patterns we choose. Once we can transcend ego-consciousness, our creative ability is infinite.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


4 Replies to “Expanding our Awareness beyond the Ego”

  1. marybogdan

    Kenneth Schmitt’s blog is always inspiring! I read him daily and have bought and read two of his books! More than once! He’s an amazing inspiration! I often leave a comment on this daily blog and he always very graciously responds in the same brilliant fashion as his writings! I never miss a day! Thank you Kenneth, you are truly an inspiration! ❤️ Thank you, EraOfLight for bringing him into the pages of WordPress! 🦋

  2. Free Advertising

    But I haven’t had an out of body experience. I will therefore need training in imagining living in great love, joy and mastery of life.

    It’s good I now know where to get that training, from Kenneth Schmitt via his website linked to the article.

  3. spiritual924

    Your words are always perfect because you have transcended this 3D hell hole. I Know and relate. Thank you, always, for being so right on. The thing is, others cannot hear or see you because they can’t relate. Like energy attracts like energy and when someone is ‘not there’ they think your words are hogwash because they don’t know what they don’t know. Very few have the discipline or dedication to soar beyond this low vibrating dimension so they stay stuck in this vibratory frequency only experiencing control domination manipulation. And so it is. 💜