Ashian: Noticing the Divine Plan Within

Jennifer: Hello?

Ashian: Greetings dear heart, blessings to you and all who resonate with these words. We are overjoyed to hear from you again.

J: ehm… yes. Tricky times for me. Sorry.

A: There is no need to apologise. Why regret? Why feel bad that energies and events in your life are moving swiftly and – all evidence to the contrary, perhaps – are finding their resolution? These are the end times. Karma is being squared off. Resolution is being found. People are moving towards their vibe and tribe, they are resolving their inner conflicts, pain, wounding.

Each one of you is a golden thread in the divine tapestry that is human ascension on Gaia.

There are unprecedented energies of clarity and purification purging your plane. The light has never been greater, so it stands to reason that there has never been so much darkness. If you never opened the curtains, you would not see the dust and dirt: open the curtains, roll up the blinds and discover the dirt, mess and darkness that was previously invisible. And so it is for humanity…

You are coming through a clearing and rebirth phase that has been tens of thousands of years in the making, naturally it will be challenging. Have courage in the darkest hours, this too will pass.

Nothing is by accident. There is only Divine design and timing. Nothing is by accident.

J: So, what do you say to everyone who is struggling with the effects and affects of this … purge?

A: Release. Allow the energy of the situation to flow. Trust that the river of energy flowing through your life will find its path and a resolution will emerge. What limits humans is the desire to limit outcomes, to manage processes in order to keep a lid on pain, fear and uncomfortable feelings.

You are holding back, holding in, holding on. So much energy wasted.

What would it be like to let go?

What would it be like to trust that out of the mess, new clarity will emerge?

J: Terrifying. Freeing. Uncomfortable. Liberating. Scary.

A: All these emotions are coming up to be seen, to be acknowledged.

Despite the confusion and apprehension, when you surrender what is to the highest good for all, Divine Order is birthed through you.

J: That’s big. At least for me personally. I’m busy trying to hold a lot of plates from falling. Maybe I should let them fall.

A: Maybe you should trust your intuition. You know where you want to focus your energy. That is your path, your calling, your part of your Divine Plan.

Energy, interest, spark … they reveal the next step in your journey; even if you can’t see the path – they show you the next step. Take that action, the one that calls to you, no matter how illogical it may seem, then surrender, trust in a greater Divine Plan.

J: Yes. I understand. Slightly embarrassing to have to go back to basics here. Follow the energy. Trust the Divine Plan.

A: Not at all. You are all learning at a new and advanced level; it’s easy to think the tools may be different. Or that the course work has changed. Or to forget the path altogether as you get to grips with the massive, rapid changes in your lives.

Even if you can’t see these changes, all of you feel the energy of change flowing through you.

The thoughts you have about changing relationships, moving locations, having certain conversations, leaving a job, learning a skill… this is the Divine nudging you towards your role in the Divine Plan. Your Higher Self, your soul knows what you need to do, and its reminding you. The energy is ramping up.

Following the thoughts, ideas and energies that pull you is crucial to align with your highest timeline. It allows you to maximise your growth, clear karma, and set great foundations for the easiest and most graceful transition for you, your family and your soul family.

J: Soul family? I feel you are including Galactics in that phrase.

A: We, the Galactics, are here because we are a part of your soul family. The reason Gaia’s ascension matters for this universe is because everyone in this universe is linked to humanity through our involvement with your species. Your ascension creates our ascension – it’s quantum entanglement.

J: Rather a significant bombshell to drop in the middle of ‘Energy 102: refresher course’!

A: But relevant nonetheless!

J: I grant you that!

A: Thank you!

J: So are you saying that theories that we were seeded by different galactic tribes or races are correct, and that you therefore have an obligation to protect and save humanity from itself?

A: It may be a little more complex than that!

J: Naturally! Would you care to say more? I can literally feel people’s brains exploding with questions that I will never be able to answer.

A: Nor should you. You are learning like everyone else. What we will say for now is that all life forms in each universe are connected. Imagine that each universe is a cast of actors who agreed to perform in a play where the storyline was sketched out and there were no lines, so each actor is free to explore their character as fully and deeply as they would like.

J: Wow! That all makes sense.

A: We try!

J: But to sum up, before tipping head first down this shiny new wormhole…! You are suggesting that each one of us has a Divine Plan within, and this is now being activated more strongly, causing us to consider bigger, bolder moves than before, so that we can align with our highest timelines personally.

You are also saying that you are assisting us with this process because all Galactics are quantumly – is that even a word?! – entangled with humanity and our ascension creates your ascension. Is that because we are the slowest moving part of the Ascension convoy?!

A: Yes, that’s more or less what we wish to convey. But it’s not because you are the slowest moving part of the convoy, it’s because you are the most cohesive moving part – you contain more of each Galactic family than any other race, therefore you are more deeply encoded by the Galatics and we are all linked to you through our encoding with you.

J: I’m sure there are millions of questions that flow from that. So rather than fall through another wormhole, I think I’d better stop there.

A: To all of you, the answers are within you and around you. You are living in an intelligent universe, it responds to your thoughts, your beliefs, your questions. If you have questions, ask for answers – then pay attention to what shows up. Every question is answered.

As you navigate these white water rapids, we are with you, we love you and we beam divine light and love to each heart, so you may express the highest potential you hold within.

J: Thank you so much.

A: It is always our pleasure. We are here for all of you.

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2 Replies to “Ashian: Noticing the Divine Plan Within”

  1. aquavist

    This discussion omits the dichotomy between the avatar vessel’s karmic and genetic history and programming vs the light body’s spirit and cognizance which is observing and experiencing the incarnation. All of this galactic history and karma are embedded in the form. Your spirit is free of all this if you choose to unwind the binding of enslavement within the avatar BY the lighted spirit. Transform your vessel’s programming and galactic history by overriding it with the cognitive resonant coherent intention of inner spirit.