The End of Suffering

Dearest Holy Beloveds,

At this time on the Earth, it may seem as though there is an endless stream of challenge and difficulty that is manifesting around and perhaps within you.

Because of the acceleration, this can appear to be all that there is, or also it can appear to be an endless stream.

These perceptions are part of the energy itself that is being transformed on the Earth. The force of separation and negativity presents itself as strong and eternal, however, that is not the case and it is not the divine intention.

It is important to understand dearest holy ones, that there is an end to suffering, that it is a temporary state allowing for a greater rebalancing.

This has been a necessary part of the learning process on the holy Earth. For those that entered the realm of separation and duality, there is and will be the possibility that learning can take place on the holy Earth without the need for suffering.

That is part of the future of the holy Earth, however, at the present time, because of how far life has departed from the natural order of love and unity, the process of rebalance involves, the process at times of suffering.

And so dearest holy ones, what is needed is the trust and the faith in the divine goodness, and in the nature of your own being, which is love.

The force of your soul and of your love is eternal and has a strength that is much more than what you may consciously believe about yourself.

See if you can find this part of yourself that carries the strength of your eternal love, and that has the capacity to shine even within the processes of suffering and difficulty.

Beloved holy ones, there are helpers that have incarnated on the holy Earth. Some are incarnated in human form and others have incarnated within the animal kingdom, holding at the very center of their beings, the innocence and goodness of life.

These divine helpers have come to bring comfort, support, and love in the times when there is great suffering.

See if you can avail yourself of these comforts at this time, dearest Beloveds, so that you may pass through the challenges into the greater reality of who you are, that is beyond the temporary process of purification.   With all love and blessings and deepest gratitude, Amen.

**By Mashubi Shekiniah