May 2023 Ascension Energies; Navigating Change

Blessed Beings, you are at a powerful Connection point of Life. It is at this continuum that your Being is connected to a Oneness that potentiates All.

It is the way of these points, they are not linear moments they are lines of momentums that direct and flow into nothing and All.

Powerful Change

Why would this node of time be more powerful than any other?

It is because of your Beingness within the season of Time.

The nurturing of the seed within the season of growth. The Light is ripening, whether change is visible yet or not.

Like a dance, it is swirling and spiraling with a compelling of transformation that has motivated your heart/mind to a new season of growth.

This point of points is a new depth and movement.

It calls and compels to a new direction. It is the greater movement that is not visible at first, yet for those with eyes to see there is something beneath the surface.

As you move through this corridor of change, you are navigating more heart resonance and teaching the mind new skill of perceiving the foundation of Love beneath the stillness.

The stillness and the movement is within you. You direct its flow with your heart/mind first and foremost. Actions follow.

Being Change

Your awareness is merging the deeper understanding of your innate value and power to lead the path of humanity.

You do not control it. It is not on your shoulders to fix it.

It is your birthright to participate in the constant change of it.

Navigating Change more comprehensively is what you’ve been practicing with your loving focus.

Using your Creative Harmonic offers deeper change rather than just a new façade on old experiences.

Navigating Love

Being in the Oneness is your acknowledgment of your value within the flow of potentials. Instead of being lead, you are the alchemizing gold. You are the leaders of light, illuminating potentials within your sacred inner realm.

You are nurturing these unknowns into greater resonance, building new potentials to birth into future moments.

You are the light of momentum, connecting and connecting. Hold that connection within the self, your Creative Harmonic.

The lead becomes gold in your light. Change becomes new potential. A moment is momentous in your love.

It’s profound change, invisible beneath the surface of your skin. [369] It builds momentum within you and around you. Others respond.

Navigate the change with Love.

you are love.