Hannelore: It is Always About Love

It’s always about love

It goes on …

Dear Jahn,

your journey goes on, just as my journey goes on. At different levels of creation we continue what we started. And we continue to do so successfully and in perfect accord with the will of God.

Everything is granted to us, everything is given and everything is granted to us, the only thing we have to bring out of ourselves is: devotion and love. Then all “mistakes” are allowed and forgiven, then mistakes are a trifle and even ignoring one’s own topics has no weight on the creator’s scales in the end.

What human life is about is: loving devotion to one’s assignments, loving devotion to one’s work, loving devotion to your God-given talents.

So now I see how valuable diligence, perseverance and perseverance are.

The willingness to always stand up, to overcome all obstacles and overcome hurdles is what ultimately defines a person and at the same time makes them rich – rich in that this behavior draws the grace of God upon a person and he can experience the direct and immediate support of God .

Those who go their own way will always arrive, those who love work and master adverse circumstances by remaining in God’s trust are truly blessed.

That’s the choice

It is clear to me that a person must “qualify” for the direct care of God and the direct company of angels, archangels and high master beings.

God is in all living things, but it is up to all living things to perceive this. Humans are in the unique position of being able to choose: they can stay away from God or they can seek closeness to God. That’s the choice.

Because of this choice, man receives guidance and guidance from the Light. This free choice determines life and shapes a person’s destiny.

There are no coincidences, because what happens to a human being happens because of a choice that the human has made consciously or unconsciously.

This may be a hard fate for some and almost impossible to accept, however, it is the only truth: You are the sovereign of your destiny – on earth as on all planes of being.

After my arrival in the light, I finally became aware of my actual strength and true power, my creative power of love, which causes everything and makes everything possible – and love is what it’s all about.


At the core, in the essence, in the substance of all being, it is always about love. Because all life came into being out of the love of God, out of a single act of love. Therefore, in the end, every state returns to love. In the end, everything has to conform to this universal law. Even the biggest distortions are discarded in the end, are harmoniously rearranged and are absorbed in the spirit of love.

It is imperative that in the end only light can triumph and only love triumphs, therefore, beloved ones:

When the situation on earth seems hopeless, when your strength is dwindling and you have to cope with setbacks: look up, never give up! Keep going and going until success comes.

Do not work towards a goal, but leave that to God. Success will come naturally as you master the challenges that a single day throws at you.

Now it’s not about saving the whole world – and it never was – it’s about fully connecting with your mission and living it: day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, breath by breath.

This is why, my beloved ones, dystopian futures are so harmful! They can discourage you, paralyze you, and freeze you to hydrochloric acid long before they arrive.

True creativity

Never delve too deeply into the prophecies handed down, but read them as information. Please always assume that the true creative power and creative power lie in your consciousness. You can change everything, change everything, shift everything in your favor.

Even though the dark side is doing everything it can to weaken, deceive and mislead humanity now, there are more than enough people on this wonderful earth who have stayed with themselves, who think their own thoughts and who , despite the extensive interference signals, can still feel for themselves.

The earth is not doomed, nor is the earth doomed to inevitable extinction. The future is a flowing, constantly redesigning process. Everything is and will remain in motion as long as you move.

I see the earth moving out and disengaging from the old matrix, the energy web of delusion. Certainly, there must and will be major upheavals, however: Remain in deep trust in God that even the smallest matters will work out for your benefit and that the CREATOR himself extends HIS protective hand over you.

so much grace

As much grace flows, so much light pours onto the earth. This is irreversible and so are the days of the dark rulers, the rulers and builders of this matrix. How many times do we have to tell and announce this to you?

And I know it, because time seemed to be getting too long and passing too slowly for me too. I could not grasp my ascension on earth, I was too distracted by earthly affairs. You, too, will be distracted and led away from the real thing.

What is the solution?

The solution is to enter the process of divine guidance, to be guided by God directly, and surrender your entire existence to God. Behold, at the end of my life, in order to return to the high realms of light, I had to shed everything earthly.

I refused and waited until the end. However, you can go another way. You don’t have to wait for an illness or a fateful event before you turn to real life, to the living itself. Do this throughout your life and you will live on earth as in heaven.

Your consciousness opens to the extent that you are ready to dissolve attachments to earthly things. You don’t need to distance yourself from the beautiful things in life, no, enjoy them and enjoy them. However, you should free yourself from the inner dependency, because one day you will be freed from it. Matter has the value of a perishable medium on a perishable world. The way is to deal with it in a playful way and enjoy it without wanting or having to keep everything.

It is important to loosen the fixations, to develop lightness and to let God shape your life as a human being with joy – with the help of matter and with the inner knowledge of its transience.

All is well …

dearest family,

on the earth plane, things are now taking care of themselves in a flash. Everything comes into order and everything goes into its intended place.

Whether someone wanted and has enriched themselves with deceptive intentions is irrelevant. You are being given the means that are needed now. In the troubled days, remain at peace within, for this is the strength that people need most now. What you radiate is received by people with joy and gratitude.

JJK: Yesterday I dreamed how people would come to the farewell ceremony on October 1, 2022 in Gföhl. I could read everyone – their thoughts and feelings lay before me like an open book, and at the same time I hovered over their heads like an eagle. I saw you in the distance. You were rejuvenated and beautiful to look at. In an incredible presence you kept telling me: “Everything is fine, everything is fine, everything is fine.”

Is that the multidimensional perception you always have now?

H: That’s how it feels, yes!

JJK: Some people tell us now that they dream about you. Why?

H: I am there, living consciousness. People see me and understand that it goes on. Saying goodbye loses its leaden heaviness and becomes easy. Because in my case, too, death is an illusion. (with a smile)

JJK: A month before your transformation, I received the first messages from ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL about your upcoming “great journey”. This was followed by further messages and finally you reported yourself when you arrived. For me and everyone who has read a little, these are incredibly touching and empowering messages. Now we want to publish your “big journey” as a book?!

H: The days of my transition are an open book for people to derive their own soul path from. You live on after me and I live on after you. It just shifts attention. Wherever we are, our connection remains. We are imperishable consciousness. Experiencing that up close is the gift of this book.

I withdraw my attention now.

God’s love is omnipresent and His grace is immeasurable – in heaven as on earth.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation into English by EraofLight.com


2 Replies to “Hannelore: It is Always About Love”

  1. harrrrrie

    Interesting article but I definitely do not agree with this statement by Hannelore: “It is clear to me that a person must “qualify” for the direct care of God and the direct company of angels, archangels and high master beings.”
    Anyone on the planet, whether they are the nicest person you’ll ever meet or the most evil, will “qualify” for direct care from God. God does not hold back love and care from anyone. Anyone who needs love, help, support or “direct care” from God is going to get it. All they need to do is ask for it.
    As “for the direct company of angels, archangels and high master beings”, that’s the same. If you need help, love, support or direct care from angels, etc you are going to get it. You only need to ask for it. They and God Creator would love for you to ask for their help.
    Not everything of this world is a result of our manifestation. Twice I have been saved from very destructive vehicle accidents by my guardian angel. Either I would have been killed or severely injured. I am incredibly grateful and know that guides, angels, masters and other beings are helping us all the time. All we need to do is ask. We don’t have to “qualify” in any way.
    Bless you all.

  2. Jared

    The solution is GESARA now amen!

    The solution personally is 7 steps by arnoux and divine affirmations by peter and me.