The Group: Re-minders from Home

Greetings from Home.

I am the Keeper of Time. Greetings from Home, we have missed you since you left. You have been playing a game on a planet pretending to be separate, pretending to be finite, pretending to be imperfect. You’re pretending well. Isn’t that what humans do? Many think it is way too serious to be a game, yet it’s such a beautiful game. The interesting part about it is that you’re the ones that designed it. We tell you the game is now changing, and we hope you know that you are in control. How do you work with it? Well, as we’ve mentioned many times, the first part is about taking responsibility. And it’s about knowing that you are creator beings of the greatest magnitude, pretending to be imperfect.

We See You

It’s beautiful from our view, for we see you as the perfect beings that you are. We see all 11 dimensions of you. We know that you’re over here in this dimension trying to do something and having difficulty, yet over there you have probably already mastered that. It’s how you divide your perfection into a multidimensional experience. You are magical beings, indeed. We are so honored to be here reflecting your magnificence, that is our greatest joy. We’re not here to tell you which way to turn or to make decisions for you. We are simply here to share with you our vision of planet Earth and your great journey on this planet. Welcome Home, dear ones, welcome Home.

Healing Circle

So, it is with the greatest of honor that we’re going to do a healing circle. Any of you who wish to may bring something forward that you are ready to release, to change or perfect in your own experience. You’ll receive the help of all these masters of the light, all these creator beings, focused and standing on the outside of the circle. Take your place if you wish to have healing during this process, step forward, move into the circle.

For those of you in the circle, smile, close your eyes and simply receive. And for those of you who wish to be part of the healing, step on the outside, hold your hands up with your palms forward. Send the energy straight through the palms of your hands and allow yourself to give as much love as you can. Yes, you’re humans. Sometimes those of you on the outside of the circle will even have judgment about the things that a person is healing. You may look at them and say, “Oh, there’s nothing wrong here. It’s all part of being a human.” Although you may have all these natural judgments, please let that go for this time we are together. We’re going to use complete unconditional love and unconditional support in this energy. You will find that you are the ones being healed, along with those that have stepped in this center. So, take a breath and let your eyes close. Find the very center of your energy. Let the smile on your face grow as you feel your spirit sending energy through your physical body, and through the body suit itself.

Those of you on the outside of the circle, take a breath. Feel those connections as you hold your hands high, sending the energy from your hearts through the palms of your hands. Feel those standing right next to you and interweave your energy with theirs, almost as if you are holding hands. The interwoven energy goes toward the center of the circle. For those of you in this circle, if you are not feeling anything, move around a bit within that circle. You do not need to move your physical body to do this, but move your body suit. Move the avatar that you use to play the game of pretending to be a human and allow it to receive the light. Receive it unconditionally and without expectation. Simultaneously, everyone take a deep breath in and release it very slowly, aligning the Vagus nerve. You can feel the light growing within you. Share that in the circle around you, for both those outside and inside the circle. Allow the light to encircle and encase your heart.

Know that you are in the right place at the right time, for you have been called by your own connections. Now take another deep breath and as you release it slowly, blink and open your eyes slowly, letting the light in.

Feel the new energy you are carrying. You have been stamped by light workers globally. You may carry it for as long as you wish, for it is entirely up to you. We have the biggest smiles here, for it’s a grand time for you to be on Earth. Welcome Home, dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with the highest respect. Look into each other’s eyes and see one another’s spirit, then reflect that beauty. Nurture one another and open those doors whenever you can, willingly and unconditionally. You’re creating a new game to play and so is the Earth. And all we ask is that you play well together, Espavo, dear ones. You are dearly loved. I am the Keeper of Time, and time is changing.
Greetings, dear ones, I am Observer.

Times of Change

I am so honored to be in your presence. You see, there are master healers everywhere watching this. Many of you have suffered greatly to be here, to carry your energy, to allow that energy to vibrate into the world around you, and to ground your light. We tell you, there are many ways of doing that, but sometimes dealing with the physicality can be one of the most challenging of all. We honor you for your work. Know that there are many aspects of healing that you have not yet looked at. One of them is the sexual energy that we’ll be working with later. One thing that is absolutely critical for you know right now is that these are times of change.

Stepping into Change

It is time to become part of the change. You can see what happens when one goes through some of these shifts, it is felt in different areas. Sometimes it’s around your surroundings or your physical body. Other times it’s the energy you have set up in order to do your work. But there is change at hand right now on many different levels and this is an opportunity to be part of that. What we ask all of you to do, and we know it’s not easy, is to step out of the victimhood of it. Step out of the fact that you’re constantly looking for ways to heal yourself, because you can actually bring through that healing to offer to others. When you bring healing energy through your own physicality, even if it’s healing with words, music or in any other way, you set your own energy into health alignment. Find new ways to ground the energy of healing light that all of you must carry here on planet Earth.

New Generation of 5D Humans

It’s not easy being a human. The spirit has to tie into this dense physical body and step through the different levels. Now there’s a new generation coming in and you will see them step into adulthood in less than five years. You will find that many of the things that you have been teaching, which seem to have fallen on deaf ears, have actually been planted as seeds of light. Yes, things will be changing. Even the Earth herself has started to shift, slowing down that inner core and stopping it all together to reset her energy. The Earth is on a physical plane and exists in that dimension, which also allows you an opportunity to reset your energy. So, step into that and be part of that change. Anticipate it, research it and find out what works for you. Each and every one of you have new opportunities, so dare to be the change you seek.

Mother Earth is changing. Right now she’s shifting her energy to make space on the planet for the new 5D humans. They will be able to reach through the multidimensional levels, reuniting with parts of yourself that you long ago lost. Most of you aren’t even aware of the other dimensions of yourself. Yet when you combine them all together, you are the perfect spirit that you’ve always known yourself to be. When you leave the physical body behind and all 11 dimensions go Home, you reunite into the perfect spirit and become part of that. Actually, there are many doing that even now while still in the physical. That’s why we wanted to bring you the information in the Crossing the Veil book, so people could be aware of what is taking place and lose some of the fear around it.

When a person crosses the veil with fear, they end up having to recoup that time and energy on the other side. It doesn’t involve recouping time per se, but rather the energetics that allow you to step right across the veil and dance in the light. Yes, most of you are staying. You’ll reset your energy, even if you’re dealing with life-threatening issues right now. And there are many tools coming forward, some will even be carried in by this new generation of 5G humans. Yes, you have been holding this door open. Most of you have been healers time and time again, planting the seeds of the new Earth and the energetics. Some of you have even paid a physical or emotional price to do this. You had to go through difficulties energetically to reset your own energy multiple times.

New Voices

What we ask you to do now is to listen, for there are new voices on Earth. There are also new voices on the other side of the veil where we reside. They are trying to get through to you all the time, but you’re used to tuning in on only one level. Broaden your reach, look at the larger aspect and dare to speak about it when you find it. You will even hear your own channels and new information coming through in different ways. How can you be part of this change? It’s very simple, set your intent. Set your focus to be part of the change, part of the new Earth, and then watch what happens. Things start changing piece by piece. Yes, you’ll even find your own physical body rejuvenating to some degree.

Some of you have already worked with or even taught some of this information. But now it is time for you to reap the benefits from it as well. You now have new opportunities of light gathering on Earth with this new generation. It’s starting to take place all around you, and even though it’s fairly new you’ll find it. Enjoy the journey, dear ones, and know that you are in the right place at the right time. Breathe into your being and know that the light is all around you. You have left a trail of light on this planet already, and now it’s time for you to receive the results of that light. The new generation of beings are now coming to this planet and are about to take their places.

They’re here now stepping into early adulthood, but it’s only the beginning of this change. The Earth herself is setting up for massive change. Will it affect humanity? Absolutely. It will actually give you a new place to create a new game. What if you were starting over with the game of planet Earth? How would that work for you? Now is the time to have those dreams, to set those energies and your intention to be part of that. It’s a wonderful time to be here on planet Earth. Dear ones, you are magical creator beings pretending to be separate and finite. When in truth, you are infinite beings having an experience in a small dimension of time-space. Hold that energy in your heart. As we’ve mentioned many times, love as much as you can in any direction that you can. And if you’re having challenges with the physicality, love the physicality. Love your bodies and their challenges, for they have brought you to higher vibrations and taught you how to open up. Empaths will now have a new role to play. You are the magical beings that have decided to be here at this time of change. These are not the easiest contracts that you’ve made, but we’re not worried. You see, the greatest angels that have ever lived are here on the planet. We’re speaking to you right now.

Take Your Power

Hold your power and know that it’s yours, even over the physicality. Yes, you can work in harmony with much of the new energy. As these new beings open up and start to step forward into the seeds of light that you have planted, you’ll feel validated. You’ll feel understood in new ways, for healing is here on Earth. It is with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Make space for these new humans. Know that you are the precursors of the new Earth. Understand that you are never alone here. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together as you create this new game.

Espavo, dear ones. I am Observer… and I like to watch.

The group.

**Channel: Steve Rother


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  1. Douglas A James

    Without the galactics we wouldn’t be able to ascend that’s just a fact…the are removing the negative ETs. The toplet bombs the dark goo..the AI used against us . This wasn’t the experiment they intended .. children being raped killed eaten…no this isn’t a dimension this is hell.. end it now before 1 more innocent child is sacrificed. .pathetic the galactics actually call this a school..yah a school in killing each other…wars wars famine injections …tell me what you have learned? How cruel and demonic a divine being can become? This serves our soul growth how? It doesn’t it went off the rails just admit that truth .. we all became prisoners

    1. Paladin

      If these so called galactics were helping us then things would in some ways improve measurably, but that has not happened. Things get continuously worse. Klaus Schwab and the WEF may be a front for the evil entity pushing our extermination and total bondage, but no one stops their agenda. Every government on Earth follows their dictates, and this website tells us the light has won. What pure nonsense.

      The US government is the most evil, psychopathic entity on Earth. Its only concern is doing harm to the American people, especially those of European descent. It has murdered 10’s of millions of its own citizens with the so called CV19 vaccine. It is responsible for the destruction of Ukraine so that Jews (Khazars) can reclaim what they see as their true homeland.

      For the last 70 years the US has murdered millions of people around the globe. As the Jewish mafia completes its total destruction of America because of the racial hatred they bear Europeans, especially Russian people, this website tells us things are going great and all you have to do is “love” and before you know it you’ll be in some paradise dimension of existence. It all makes no sense. What does living in love mean anyhow? KR always dresses things up in very nebulous language about love and high vibration as your life, nation and means of survival are systematically destroyed. I have no problem with love. I love my woman. I love my son. I love my best friends. I don’t love those who seek my death. I don’t love savage hoards being brought to Mexico so they can invade my country and suck it dry, raping and pillaging as they go. I hate the government as it is murdering America. I hate politicians both Republicans and Democrats. The Demonrats implement the Satanic agenda of moral relativism and “do as thou wilt”, while the Republicans protect the Demonrats from the wrath of the people by giving them the illusion of opposition to the mad insane Jews and their woke brainwashed robots.

      I don’t think this website is about misleading people and creating hopium and pacifism (although it certainly does that) because it does not have a large enough viewership to affect anything.

      I think KR is perhaps well-intentioned but just mislead, wanting to believe in some illusory paradise that awaits him due to his special brand of love.

      I also think he won’t post this because he calls realistic assessments of our dire situation as “lowering the vibes of the website”….whatever that means. He also won’t offer any animadversion to what I have said because he has none.
      KR does not allow any expression of thoughts that don’t fit the fantasy.

      I wish all these love people all the best while they wait to get beamed up to their 5D paradise, much like the Christian Evangelical Rapture Bunnies, but what are you going to do when savage hoards of Orcs fanning out across America and Western Europe burn your house down, rape your women and children, and literally put you in the cannibals pot? Love them? Good luck. I have different ideas.

      1. human

        Good points.Anyone interested in enlightenment…..gene decode kim goguen thecrowhouse.c projectcamelotpirtal.c ascensionglossary.c theorionlunes.c dr. mercola dr.dorothy drown dolores cannon Magenta suzanne asheanna deane and Voyagers elena danaan and The Seeders RA channelings at l/ The Awareness channelings-strongly recommend as it purports to be Sourcemind and gives hidden information on many things as well as meditation tech Seth Speaks Tom Numbers morphogenetic mind or field richard lighthouse dan winters bill cooper Deems device ph diet Grounding Pyramid power Orgone energy .Mormons and Jehovas witnesses are masons.jehovah was an e.t. commander and seeder who clones himself and thus gave birth to a group of beings.Sooooooooo much is distorted wrong lies propaganda!! The word,jew was created by a mason centuries ago.There are Hyksos,Sephardics-Hibirus/Hebrews,Semites=Palestinians,and Khazarians which were called Khozars back in the day.Wise as Serpents book gives good info on this and masons.Put aside its wrong Biblespeak abd you are fine.Entity wasnt named Jesus and this word supposedly=something evil according to zpleiadians.Yeshua or Yeoshua would be more correct. Dont focus on the abhorrent depravity and lower vibration Gross as you give it power.Learn some,trust that Source is aware and present even in the midst of the nightmare and focus on doing your lightwork.Learn various prayer,meditation,and manifestation techniques.Grow your love and ability to forgive and letgo.Look for ways to be of service to people,animals,earth.Seek stronger ties with Source.Donate time,expertise,items,food,petfood,money,driving to various local-noncharitycorp. groups.Big ones are money laundering scams.Peace!!!

    2. Paladin

      In addition Doug, if these Galactics really did exist, you have to conclude they don’t give a damn about you, children being raped and consumed or any of the Satanic agenda which only gets stronger. The faithful here will contort logic to always tell us things are great, much the same as the cult of Q.

      These posts from supposed Pleiadeans and Arcturans, and Jesus, and angels etc, always tell us how much they love us while we continue to get massacred. If they exist it’s just words, nothing more. Death, suffering and misery increase exponentially by the day, and they love us?

      Love like this I don’t need.

      KR won’t post cause I be lowering the vibes man….it’s all about the vibes.🤣