To Rise Above it All

Before we were born we were briefed about what life would be like on this planet. Add to this we all knew that the Old Earth would cease to be and that the New Earth would be born.

As souls, as we so excited, as this was unprecedented, and more importantly, if provided the golden opportunity for all the Old Souls, (those who are in their final incarnation), to finally complete mission, and at the same time, ascend, and gain in highest mastery!

So many of us Old Souls, often had the most challenging lifetimes on earth for we were often holding the Light steady, in the midst of supreme darkness, persecuted and killed. Of course, the soul lives on, and even though they killed out bodies, they never could stamp out the light, as much as they tried.

Whatever we sowed then in seed pockets of supreme light and unconditional love, it now gestating into the ultimate soul calling, to step even higher in selfless service with great love.

As Old Souls we have witnessed and experienced it all. We have been there, we have played out the actor’s role on the stage of planetary life, we have been both saints and sinners, kind and cruel, loving and mean, and we have experienced life in its darkness as much as in the light.

Yet, all of this was but a preparation for what we now are asked to transfigure into and indeed finally leave all those past and present lives behind, thanking each lifetime and each actor’s role for serving our highest soul growth and good, and now allow ourselves to truly lead from the front with great love.

After all that is why we were forerunners, the ones who incarnated since 1950, and up and until 1994, and we certainly knew what we were letting ourselves into, yet also at the same time, not one of our highest guides, could tell us exactly what would happen, for as said, this has never happened before.

Add to this that every soul has free will and choice. Your own free will choices determine the outcome. In truth, we all create our own reality through the choices we make. As a soul one cannot ever get past the Divine Law of Responsibility. You are responsible for your own free will choices and for what you co-created through them.

Yet, to me, this momentous present moment is one where we, as old souls, will be asked to rise even higher.

To step into the total unknown and now be brave enough to lead from the front.

There is no set path, yet the outcome has already been Divinely decreed and determined.

It is matter now of using our inner guidance systems, our faith, our deep inner knowing, to navigate the unknown, and with it needs come a state of exploration, even inquisitiveness, the childlike trust that even as we explore, all the tools we need to navigate through and co-create the new are already in place.

More than this, that we are supported through this all, by all the ascended hosts, angelic realms and of course the Divine within. Yes, it is exciting, yet also daunting in some sense, as we still need to navigate through the Old Earth as well. The trick is to rise above the old Earth, and allow your cosmic wings to lift you higher than ever before.

We have gained the wisdom of many lifetimes, parallel lives in other galaxies, star systems, Universes, and of course, our own galaxies of origin, to which our souls are eternally attached and tuned in. Many of us are highly evolved souls and now is the time to delve deeper into the eternal wisdom and knowledge of the soul itself, as fully supported by the Oversoul and the Monad (Soul Group).

Some of us belong to the Cluster Soul Groups which make up 144 000 souls, and thus have even more support in all in every form and way.

To me, this is a total rebirth in all and every form and way. Transcending the Old having. It is now that we will be challenged to remember, to apply our inner soul knowledge and to bring our unique gifts, talents and abilities to the fore, even as we now lead humankind, by stepping into the unknown, and inventing the new, in co-creative and unifying ways, with great love.

To complete mission, is indeed now of the utmost importance.  And we will be reminded of this daily in the next few days and years.

It is only with the heart and soul that one can do this, and the heart and soul can expand cosmically – the finite mind cannot and we are now stepping beyond the hu-man mind, into the totality of the vast expand of Cosmic Consciousness, which is unlimited.

**By Judith Kusil


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