The Telosians: True Love

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth we greet you. We know that many of you wish to live as quickly as possible in the spirit of Love and Light of what we often call the New Earth.

You know that the New Earth is the one that awaits you, you who open your heart to the understanding of True Life, that is to say to the Life of Love and Light that is not only around you but within you.

You know how to bring out this wonderful Light that is within you. We have often spoken to you about going to meet it in moments of silence, either in nature or at home in a place that is a place of peace for you. It is important that you have places in your homes, in your apartments, where you can find yourself, where you can create your little altar of prayer and meditation.

When we speak of “prayers” we do not mean only the prayers that your religions have taught you, no. We mean thoughts, words, and thoughts of the mind. We mean thoughts, words of Love and gentleness that you offer to the Earth and to your humanity. But in this do not forget yourselves, for it is quite possible for you to offer to yourselves, during these meditations, the most beautiful Love that exists and the most beautiful Light that radiates within you.

Some of you will say: “But how can I see my Light, how can I feel Love? And what is really Love, True Love?”

Love! Knowing and trying to understand what True Love is is the question that many humans ask themselves. Do I love my children, my spouse, my family, my friends with True Love?

This is the great question for each and every one of us. We will tell you this: True Love is very simple. Yes, we do say great simplicity. It does not require extraordinary things to be done, extreme moments to be experienced, extraordinary human help to be given. True Love is lived without asking questions about actions, acts, thoughts intended for humans, for Nature, without asking questions about whether you are doing well or not, about what others around you will think about it….etc.

True Love is lived in the impulse of the heart, the one that makes you act for the well-being of the other without having any ulterior motive. True Love is, as you know, Unconditional, which means that it does not ask for any questioning in the action, in the thought, but makes you act for the best for the other who asks for help.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, at this moment of your earthly life you have the impression that Love, True Love, does not exist because you see around you many events that attack you and make you doubt that Love can exist in your humanity.

But we tell you: your planet and its humans are in the process of finding it. The previous years of pandemics have made many of you think. You have understood or tried to understand the difficulties that were imposed on you and many of you have decided not to live this anymore. This is why many of you have opened your hearts to all those who suffered during these delicate moments, you have opened your hearts to the desire for Peace, for Serenity and for the Sweetness of living an earthly life full of Love.

Yes, it took these years of difficult experiences for your heart to open to Love. Do not doubt that True Love has crept into you and will allow you, more and more, to soothe your being, humanity and life on Earth.

You will say: “but it is impossible to make True Love bloom on Earth when we see wars here and there, how can we do it?

We will tell you this: The flame of True Love that is in your heart needs to express itself. For this you have the strength and the power to make this flame emerge and radiate from your heart to the heart of the Earth, its soil, and all that lives there, that is to say all the kingdoms whether mineral, vegetable, animal and of course human.

When you see animals in pain, open your heart and think of offering them your flame of love. When you see Nature burning, forests disappearing in these fires, offer them from your heart the flame of Love that only asks to soothe what is happening around you. And so on.

When you hear about wars in this or that country, open your heart and see its flame of Love flooding these countries and their people.

Some of you will also say : ” When I do that I do not see the Flame of Love emerging from my heart, then I have the impression to be useless “.

We say to you: You are not useless as long as you have the sincere intention to bring this True Love around you and as long as you wish sincere Peace on Earth. The intention of the heart is very important, much more so than the mental intention that does not spread so beautifully.

Dear children of the Earth, we speak to you of True Love because you will need to feel it, to live it, and to offer it to those around you. Why is this so? Because the Celestial Energies that we are sending you will transform your beings very quickly. This means that, as everything is going faster and faster, it will be necessary for you, and you will feel it strongly within you, to transmit thoughts of Love, Peace, and Joy around you, but also to feel them within yourself.

The new energies that are coming towards you are accelerating this process of evolution. Of course, there will be some humans who will have difficulties with this and who will not be able to adhere to it. But this will be part of their life path. They will reach the New Earth in another incarnation.

But you, who are trying to understand or who are beginning to understand the meaning of True Life, will be asked, more and more, to focus on yourself in order to make this marvelous Love that is within you and also around you grow. The Divine Energy is accentuating its force of Love that will touch you with gentleness to make you grow so that you can access the New Earth as soon as possible.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, we are here to help you, to accompany you. You can call us, your Brothers of Light, if you feel the need. We will hear your requests, your wishes and act to support you. As we have already told you in previous messages, humanity on earth needs support, help, and comfort, which we provide, but as you know, we cannot do all the “work” of evolution that you have to do in your place. You have your share of initiatory “work” to do to grow more and more in True Love.

We thank you for it and accompany you with Great Love, do not doubt it.


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2 Replies to “The Telosians: True Love”

  1. Mike Ohira

    Here’s how I define True Love: always be true to yourself and love others
    just as much as you would want them love you.

    True love is 100% positivity, 0% negativity. ( There is no negativity in
    Hollow Earth, absolutely none!)

    True love is 100% service to others, 0% service to oneself