Understanding the Soul Plan


The soul plan is an incarnate project done by the soul during the period called “between lives”, i.e., beyond the grave.

The soul being free from the body, has its capacity of awareness more expanded, which makes it possible to remember past lives, and in this way, it can evaluate its journey until then. In this condition, she too can see into the future, at least for a period of time covering the necessary time that will last in her next incarnation.

Once assessed your real place within your individual evolution, the soul draws up an embodiment plan that enables your evolution as quickly as possible. Knowing how the future will be and what will happen in each region of the Planet, she also chooses the country, the city and the place where she should be born, grow up and live, because she will depend on all these factors in order to experience and experience her Trials and Atonements.

She also stipulates a necessary time, to complete such a project while incarnate. It then asks for the bodily life time for the next incarnation. And if it weren’t for suicide, an act that would be a choice for her free will, nothing and no one will stop her from having that time of life in a physical body.

It also asks for necessary situations to come to her during the next incarnation in order to learn, rescue or heal existing depletions. Such situations can occur only in the geographical region where she will be living, or situations relating to her health, finances, relationships, profession, etc.

At the right time, the Universe will bring to her, everything requested in this soul plan. Therefore, we say that no one will go through what they don’t need to go through, and that no one escapes themselves either.

Everything is always planned down to its smallest details, even before reincarnation. And nobody will go through what they don’t have to. It would be a waste of time, not only for the soul incarnate, but also for your Spiritual Team that accompanies you all the time. The Divine Laws are so deep and so just, that the human mind yet cannot comprehend its depth.

In last Saturday’s audio, someone made a comment, inquiring whether the soul can include murder, for example, in their Incarnation Plan. This question made me write today’s text, because it’s impossible to answer it in a few lines. One has to go much deeper, and understand the true purpose of the souls who have decided to experience life in a World of Trials and Atonement.

The Earth is a School of Souls. We are his students. The rule in force here in the Third Dimension is to experience the duality within every action that a human consciousness can live, act, create or imagine. Live the two polarities of each action, pray in one end, pray in the other. At one extreme is what we understand as GOOD, and at the other extreme, what we understand as EVIL.

Furthermore, souls have always been subjected to the veil of oblivion, at least for as long as she was incarnated. Forgetting past lives is essential, for without it, she could not experience and feel as real, every emotion experienced, whether in a charitable act or an evil act. Only in the period between lives can she remember, as it makes it easier for her to evaluate her walk, as said here at the beginning of the text.

Planet Earth as a School has offered ample opportunities to all souls, throughout all time. Every soul could experience every possibility within their creative mind. And every possibility, at its two extremes, that is, in its polarities. So, you, me and all humans have been through them. We have stolen and we have been robbed; we have killed and we have been killed; we have betrayed and we have been betrayed; we have been through everything you can imagine, pray on one side, pray on the other, for as it has been said, live the polarities.

The most interesting thing is that today we know the consequences of every action that can be done in everyday life. This means that all of humanity has already received learning opportunities from all subjects ministered in this School. This is also the key reason for the Planetary Transition. There is nothing else to teach at this level of learning. What happens is the recurring repetition of acts and attitudes by your students. Even so, everyone who repeats actions in the polarity of evil knows and is aware of what they are doing.

Repeating the negative polarity in this present incarnation, except in situations that can still be repaired before disarray, will remit the soul to yet another School of Trials and Atonement. This is the risk we all take. This is why “watch and pray” is very important. A few slips here and there, can still be fixed, provided there is the good will to become better. And as we always say, go for average and get approved. No need to get high marks. The frequency of the soul is what determines approval or not to the New Earth.

In the primordiality of mankind, the lessons learned, even when the soul exercised its character in the bad condition, it was not punished in its later incarnation, for the student should not be punished for having experienced the lesson. Even because in the following incarnations, naturally he would experience the other side of the action. And that’s how we all learn, through each experience, what’s moral or not.

The big problem is when we are tested, that is, subjected to the Test. After having learned each lesson, both in the polarity of good and evil, consciousness already knows whether or not to act under certain circumstances. These are the moments of Tests to which we are all subjected. Opportunities arise that drive us to commit a crime, already experienced in the soul’s past. Often, for bringing personal advantage, the incarnate succumb to temptation, and repeats an action that hurts the ethical and moral principles, of the Laws that govern this School of Souls.

By not passing a test, the incarnate soul will be subjected to compulsory rescue, which is nothing but what we know as negative Karma. So, when the soul is in the period between lives, outside the physical body, can remember such faults in the last existence, or even in previous existences, and understands that it still needs to rescue the negative consequences, makes a soul plan that enables it to achieve such an attempt.

In case of the question asked in Saturday’s audio, the answer then is this: The soul may stipulate yes to be killed in the next incarnation. This would serve as redemption for debt from past lives. In this way, she advances the process, because otherwise it might take several incarnations, and now there is no more time.

Since the question leaves room for two interpretations, as it speaks of the possibility without saying whether you will commit or suffer murder, so let’s also give here two answers.

  • The Alma Plan states yes if she needs to go through the situation of being murdered. Well, as it was said, it’s one way to rescue a pending debt.
  • On the other hand, the soul would never put in its Plan incarnation, commit a murder, not in current times, for its first experience as a murderer has already been made in past lives. This is the last incarnation in Duality on this Planet, and to put that on the incarnation plan, would be to decree your own exile. Actually, the one doing the crime now, just needed to be put on trial, and failed unfortunately. Failed.

It must be made clear that, when the soul is incarnated, it has the broader understanding of life. She would never formulate an incarnation Plan, putting purposeful situations that would harm her progress, or her evolution. Only there in the first incarnations in this School, when in fact you needed to understand and feel how it is to actually go through each experience. Having experienced each situation, falling into the tests to which you are subjected, you will always require appropriate repair for each action.

I am Vital Frosi, and my mission is enlightenment!


**By Vital Frosi


6 Replies to “Understanding the Soul Plan”

  1. Mike Ohira

    Let’s put an end, once and for all, the controversies related to Gesara.
    I think Jared is right when he said “Everyone’s soul plan is announcing
    Gesara and fixing earth” but more important is our Ascension.

    In the beginning there were two Nesara’s, the first one was formulated by the good guys and the second one, which was fictitious, by the Cabal of which its purpose was to deceive us. The Gesara that Jared is talking about is the Nesara formulated by the good guys, which is the real one.

  2. john

    Gesara is not a lie in my opinion we just have to belive it saying that however it is up to us to save ourselves individually to save ourselves we need to look within not without. love to all.

  3. Jared

    GESARA is real amen!
    Everyone loves GESARA now amen!
    Everyone’s responsible for everything.
    Everyone will now help fix earth for free of course amen!

    1. Geoff Turner

      Give it a rest son. If you’ve got debts sort them out, stop looking for someone else to fix your problems. If you keep doing that you will never progress.

      Remember, you came here to experience certain conditions. You did not come here to have somebody step in and resolve your problems for you. FIX THEM YOURSELF.

      Gesara is a lie, amen.