Argorians Update: Filters

Currently, the flotilla is passing through the last, sixth filter in the interdimensional channel. Its internal quantum mechanism resembles a working meat grinder. Located along its outer edges, two shafts with grippers put into the converter the 3D energy, transform it according to the specified parameters and pass on in the form of spheres.

The upper shaft consists of blue-azure GRISPO energy. It process Life matter, filters it and simultaneously changes it for 5D. Ruby points at the ends of the captures mark the red with silver sparks energy ERFAGON, which draws in the 6D fields, where a five-dimensional fractal of Earth is formed, and increases the frequencies of our planet.

The lower shaft also works with power fields of the sixth dimension and consists of quantum energy KEGINO of emerald green color that transforms the structure of matter by magnetic media. The dark brown elements on the tips of the grips refer to the GLAMO energy, which processes the radiation of the terrestrial worlds of Nature.

The finished plasma of multicolored quantum streams is “packed” into orbs, the shells of which are formed by the black energy CHERGEN, which sorts and removes negative and toxic impurities. Inside, the spheres are filled with the following energies:

The light brown ERMIGO transforms spent and removed 3D energy waste;

The yellow SFARGO cleanses matter from outdated Intelligence and helps to adapt to 4D and 5D;

The red-pink ERLAGO forms a new information field of Earth;

The dark blue GRIKADO builds 5D life support systems;

The brown GASIG destroys and removes 3D structures and expands the space for a five-dimensional fractal;

The purple PURZH transforms fields, condenses 5D plasma, fills planetary crystal networks with high-frequency energy, increases our perception of new information, weakens and blocks the Darks’ activity;

The orange LEKAS accelerates the formation of fifth density matter;

The blue BLICADO filters Intelligence energy.

The blue-green FERIDO upgrades our brain structures with magnetic impulses.

The cream FERUSALIS changes the software of wave 5D formations and accelerates their development.

The yellow-blue SFABLIS facilitates adaptation to new thought forms.

The quantum currents of 4-dimensional space also pass through an additional filter inside the channel (on the scheme, the vertical structure on the right). In it, the orange-gold ERCADO (at the top of the contour) generates impulses of power motor contractions and supports provisional programs; and the white ASTRO forms Intelligence plasma, saturating it with the necessary data. The second 4D stream (on the Scheme, marked below contour) consists of a mix of purple and lilac-tinged GLEMAR energy, which creates new, 5D structures and purifies info-energy; and ASTRO (see above).

This additional filter works on purple-cream GRAZIS (shown in the diagram as a grid) that removes residual phenomena and simultaneously changes the programs of planetary structures and collective consciousness.

Lemon-colored SFARGO streams pass through the same filter (vertical yellow lines in the diagram), which cleanses matter from outdated Intelligence and helps to adapt to a space with high-frequency wave pulses. These fluxes are synchronized with the work of two sources of quantum energy: pink-cream GAROL (on the scheme at the top), which removes old and false information and knowledge, and dark brown GASIG (on the scheme, below) that destroys the structures of the 3D Matrix.

After passing through both filters, the four-dimensional plasma condenses in the form of spheres of light blue BLISKORI (in the diagram on the right) that upgrades the mental abilities of earthlings and fills them by entire spectrum of energies, necessary for this.

Via the Multiverse, all these flows enter 3D Earth, into a Quasitron that combines the force fields of the Bermuda Triangle, the Mediterranean and the Devil’s Sea as a single system. The latter, in its turn, using the dark blue energy GRASIMO, clears the terrestrial space. With magnetic waves, Argorians open Portals of the red life power ERMA to materialize 5D bio-plasma and change human DNA. Simultaneously, with the help of Love energy GREMO, they open other gateways wider for radiations of accumulated five-dimensional energy. The overall sound tone of the planet has grown by three orders of magnitude, which is manifested in an increase in the luminosity of the Earth’s aura.

Another Argorians’ multidimensional transforming structure works intensively on the Subtle Plane in circumterrestrial orbit. It consists of several quantum energy platforms, which, interacting with each other, support the processes described above.

The platforms operate on three quantum energies that are close in color. The light blue GLAZIR collects free l-gamma Intelligence particles. In a 4-dimensional space, it, together with purple with a lilac shade GLEMAR, creates new 5D compositions and cleanses incoming info-energy.

Four platforms, intersecting, accumulate ready plasma with the help of GLAZIR energy. In 4D, two platforms of GLEMAR are synchronized with the BLICADO blue energy frame and, by common vibrations, filter the produced Intelligence plasma, as well as amplify the 6D radiation, where a five-dimensional fractal of Earth is forming.

This, Argorians emphasize, is only a small part of the changes that are currently taking place in the Local Universe, where a new fractal is also being created and rewiring and reloading of certain parts continues. The same occurs in earthlings’ organisms. Changes in blood pressure and unstable state are caused by the reboot of all systems and organs for taking new Galactic high-frequency energies, forcing to adapt to the changing environment.

The Earth’s matter is moving to 6D vibration, but, at present, its frequencies are two-thirds lower than planned. The transformation is slow. It also prolongs pain and tension in the skeleton and soft tissues of the body. The morphing of the human energy structure is proceeding in stages. The removal of old information from each cell occurs at an individual pace, and depends on many parameters. That’s why everyone may feel very differently. Brain’s sections are actively rebuilding. The taking of energies depends on the level of human consciousness. Old neural connections and cells disappear, new ones begin to form. Memory is also changing.

Understanding the processes of quantum transition accelerates the transforming processes with less pressure. Information is energy. Transmitted new knowledge, even if a person does not perceive all of it now, goes into the subconscious, forming the basis for the future. High-freqs waves ignite the work of consciousness. Loading Light Codes speeded-up. Intelligence begins to expand, switching to new vibrational mode. Accelerated transformation starts in the body.

In the future, people will directly receive even larger amounts of information when their consciousness is ready. With the help of a Numerical Space Synchronization Code, the Soul and body of EACH earthling are tracked and analyzed for distribution over the remaining 13 (out of the previous 16) timelines that are functioning in full swing today.

**By Lev