Undine: Water Heals You

I AM, I belong to Earth and I call her Mother!

Life needs water! A frog is born in the water and then becomes amfibic. And so does other species.

You are a being of air, but you need water just as much, you even often feel soothed by being in water.

You live in your mothers womb for 9 month and then you are ready for a life on Earth as an airbeing, but you miss the joy, the harmony, the music that comes from your mothers heart, it is the first drum you hear.

As you grow up you need to reconnect with water, from day to day and of course you need to drink water as it is absolutely necessary for you to survive.

When you reconnect with Mother Earth she can soothe in a similar way from the fifth dimension, she will cradle you as an infant when you just before you take a nap for example.

She is your Mother too, you do not only have your biological birth mother.

She too loves you and she cares for you as one of her children.

She loves to make you feel relaxed and cared for from her motherly heart, if you can feel her energy!

She only approaches you when you are totally ready! It is pure love! I assure you!

So know that your Mother Earth loves you and that she listens to you and knows what you feel!

She wants to keep you close to her heart always!

Just have faith in love and believe in your heart,

I love you,


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson