Greetings, light gang! Your very own (and all time favourite!) Don Spectacularis is BACK! Back with yet another long-ass article (but it’ll be worth it and you know it) about spirituality, galactic roller coasters and sex! Alright alright, I’ll leave the sex talk to Tunia as usual (don’t we all?)

So, straight to the point. I’ve been smelling a fair amount of victim consciousness spreading around these here parts as of late. Ideas such as “the Galactics need to come save us”, and “When will the ascended masters come over and rescue us” and “Jesus take the wheel!”

Jesus didn’t even know the difference between a steering wheel and a pinwheel, folks.

But, that’s besides the point. The point is that, a LOT of people within the spiritual community have lately been getting DEPENDENT. HOPELESS. VICTIMISED.

Well then, reminder reminder! You, dearest sir (or ma’am), are an ETERNAL facet and expression of GOD. Aka the REAL “Top G”. The One Infinite Creator. The Source of all things. The Alpha and the Omega. The One.

In other words, it is YOU who are supposed to take your life by the wheel (and leave Jesus to do them wheelies instead, as and when he sees fit).

Yes, the Galactics and the Ascended Masters and the Inner Earthers and the Angels and the Archangels and the Elohim and the Source Creator are ALL there to ASSIST YOU indeed (as and when you ASK them for it); but they’re not, and I repeat, NOT here to do YOUR JOB for you! Nope. Nada. Nahin. Not happening. Ever.


You are NOT weak.

You are NOT helpless.

You are NOT hopeless.

You are NOT here to be rescued.

You did NOT come here to be spoonfed your own ASCENSION.

You, my friends, are beings of INFINITE POWER.





The first power you have is that of FREE WILL. This isn’t just the power to “do this when you want to” and “do that when you don’t.” It’s also very much so the power to CHOOSE how you feel in any given moment.

So, how do you even USE IT?

One, if you have something fun and exciting to do already, like a hobby or absolutely anything you enjoy spending time on (could literally be watching the telly or sleeping), then you go do THAT and find your joy.

But what if you don’t? Or simply have no access to what you truly desire?

Then, my friends, you dive into your God-gifted IMAGINATION.

That ONE PLACE in which you can experience any and all fantasies and fetishes of yours and find joy (no matter how very wild) 24x7x365.

Alternatively, you can simply be GRATEFUL for anything that you DO HAVE at this moment and find joy there. Have eyes to read this text? Express gratitude for it. Drank a glass of refreshing water? Express gratitude for it. Found the best porn clip ever? Express gratitude for it.

No, the CREATOR of all realities does not judge or condemn you for watching porn or engaging in prostitution or doing absolutely ANY. FUCKING. THING. No matter how “wrong” as per human beings’ standards. One, because the fucking CREATOR has better things to do.

And two, because you’re ITS ASPECT and hence, IT loves you UNCONDITIONALLY and INFINITELY.

You couldn’t piss it off if you tried.

And anyone, absolutely ANYONE telling you otherwise is just manipulating you. (Manipulating you into hating yourself, becoming a victim, feeling guilt etc. is VERY profitable, research suggests).

Which brings me to another VERY IMPORTANT point.

A lot of channelled messages are attempting to guilt trip you into ascending yourself or helping others or whatnot.

That if you “don’t assist others”, or “don’t grow spiritually”, or that if the Earth (or its peoples) don’t ascend because you’re not “committed enough”, something terrible will happen and that YOU will be responsible for it.

My dear friends, the CREATOR of all realities does NOT give a SINGLE FUCK as to whether this project so-called “succeeds” or not.


Because LIFE is ETERNAL.



And there are no such things as “failures” in Source’s vocabulary. Only LEARNINGS.

Don’t get me wrong here. It’s not that the CREATOR (who is YOU) does not “desire” Ascension of all upon this world.

But that’s its DESIRE, and NOT its ATTACHMENT.

SOURCE (and wise/enlightened beings all throughout the cosmos) are NOT attached to outcomes.

Yes, they may “want” something to happen; but they’re fine if it doesn’t.

Because, and let me state this loud and clear, if SOURCE did NOT “want you” to fail, IT could EASILY strip you off of your free will and get it done regardless.

The fact that IT has still not done so should speak volumes.

And above all, and this thing bears repeating, Source is NOT a human.

Again, GOD is NOT a human.

So don’t mistake it for one.

For it is ALL. ALL. THAT. IS.


And will stay such. FOREVER.

And various (“pleasant” and “unpleasant”) experiments will continue throughout the cosmos, likely ETERNALLY.

Because what else is even there to do?

So when I say “no pressure”, I fucking MEAN IT. No sarcasm. No bullshitting.

You’re not here to save the world. You’re only here to live your best life (without intruding upon others’ Free Will unless you or someone innocent is threatened). And you’re here to help others while you’re at it (if you would even LIKE TO, that is — for even THAT’S not a compulsion or anything).




That’s all there even is to it.

And yes, the light is winning. Not with violence or weapons, but with LOVE.


Yeah, all that good shit.

That’s what it takes for the light to win, and the Earth to spin.

Which brings me to the MOST IMPORTANT PART of my message: PLEASE follow your joy. Do what excites you. Go out into nature. Smell flowers. Enjoy hobbies. Or a cup of tea. Or gaming. Or naps. Or porn (no, Jesus isn’t watching you when you whack off). Or helping others. Or smiling. Or laughing. Or making others smile. Or spreading wisdom (as and when such an opportunity presents itself — with respect for others’ Free Will). Or writing articles such as this one. Or SHARING articles such as this one. Or TRANSLATING articles such as this one. Or MAKING VIDEOS of articles such as this one. Or listening to beautiful music whilst playing an HD tourism video of your favourite experience or travel destination and adding in your very own IMAGINATION to it. Or going on exciting journeys and adventures. Or just sitting in silence and peace. Or meditating. Or simply enjoying breathing. Or going on an LSD trip (hopefully, in an informed, way, and only IF it’s your highest excitement — and not like some impulsive psycho). Or hugging trees. Or cuddling cats. Or just having a chat with your loved ones. Or exercising. Or cycling. Or playing sports. Or doing art. Or making music. Or doing whatever the FUCK makes you happy or SPREADS some happiness/light/love around. Even watching a stand-up comedy special will do.

Because when you discover Love, Joy, Bliss, or Peace; the universe simply HAS TO match your vibration by bringing you things that BRING said Love, Joy, Bliss, or Peace back to you. Alternatively, when you express GRATITUDE (for what you already HAVE), all of creation MUST match your vibration by bringing you absolutely EVERYTHING that you’d truly be GRATEFUL FOR (in other words, all of your wildest desires), for the creation/universe knows EXACTLY what you want.

Because you are a CREATOR, and you CREATE the reality that you VIBRATE TO.

For yourself, and for all others in this world of yours.

As a creator, you shall ETERNALLY have the FREE WILL to CHOOSE your emotion – at any given moment – and hence, choose your VIBRATION.

Because every happy (or sad etc.) emotion that you’ve EVER felt, has been generated from WITHIN you, and not from OUTSIDE you.

To know this, imagine being held tight by someone you really love, just for one fleeting moment. Or biting into something you find truly delicious. Or visiting a place that makes you happy, or revisiting a happy memory.

Imagine it AS INTENSELY as you possibly can.

And you’ll feel JOY. Or LOVE. Or HAPPINESS. All over again.

WITHOUT EVEN having had that experience “for reals”, as they put it, upon this world.

See? You generated the happiness that you were seeking from ANOTHER PERSON or PLACE or THING (which is OUTSIDE OF YOU and EXTERNAL to you), entirely, and I repeat, ENTIRELY from WITHIN!

That’s because you are a GENERATOR of your EMOTION – and hence your VIBRATION – and hence your very REALITY itself.

HENCE why you are a CREATOR of your REALITY, through your very own FREE WILL!

So if you are angry, sad, or afraid; all you need to do to get past it is to simply become AWARE of said emotion/energy emanating from you, and be INTENSELY PRESENT with it until it vanishes utterly and COMPLETELY! Yes, this can be somewhat painful, but is it not WORTH IT? Or you can simply FORGIVE that which is causing you anger or pain or sadness or what-else-have-you, and you’re FREE, yet again! And then, simply choose and move to a thought/imagination, memory, or actual life experience that you truly ENJOY, and you’ll be back in BLISS and radiating the vibration of JOY, LOVE, PEACE and PLANETARY TRANSFORMATION to the very highest DENSITY/DIMENSIONS of life!

Please remember, the ON and OFF switches for ALL of your emotions (and hence vibrations), is entirely with YOU and YOU ALONE!

Remember, NOTHING and NO ONE (person, event or thing) that is EXTERNAL to you – that is OUTSIDE of you – can ultimately make you “feel” a THING!

For when you choose your REACTIONS to life, you choose how to VIBRATE to life.

That is ALL there is to it. To being a literal CREATOR of your reality.

This is the reason why some ordinary object, say, a doorknob, elicits no emotional response from you; whereas losing a special gift from a loved one does. Because both are equally illusory; mere configurations of atoms and molecules in specific shapes, sizes, and colours, if you will. But upon one, you, yes YOU placed a negative/neutral emotional value. And upon another, YOU PLACED a positive emotional value.

This is why a MASTER is one who – at ALL TIMES – CHOOSES what emotion to feel (and therefore what VIBRATION to radiate) at ANY GIVEN TIME – CONSCIOUSLY – for a MASTER is also a CREATOR (and not a VICTIM).

The reality matches said vibrations by bringing the master things, people, and experiences (that match their vibration) accordingly.

DO NOT expect this change to happen within a day. For with all things, doing this takes PRACTICE and ENDLESS PERSEVERANCE, DEDICATION, SINCERITY, and HONEST SELF-EXAMINATION.

Also, do not expect the “results” of it to come to you in a day.

Remember, if you have to change the direction in which a fan is rotating, you have to first switch off the fan. Then, eventually its PREVIOUSLY GENERATED MOMENTUM comes to a (slow) halt. And then, and ONLY THEN, is the opportunity for it to go in a different direction, and eventually, gather MOMENTUM towards spinning/moving in said direction.

Then and only THEN, do you start seeing RESULTS. Of your new vibration “MANIFESTING” stuff.

A MASTER understands that all of what’s “out there” is ultimately illusory. Just a configuration of molecules in one way or another. So they do not place much importance upon any of these things. For they know that regardless of what configuration the molecules of the outer world take — in other words, regardless of what “circumstance” is out there — it is THEM, who, as a CREATOR, has the FREE WILL to choose how to REACT, and thus, how to VIBRATE to it.

And no, this does not mean being naive, helpless, or not defending oneself, a loved one, or someone innocent (using whatever means necessary) as and when the situation calls for it.

Remember – even fear and anger serve their own purposes – when we use them as guiding mechanisms, instead of mechanisms that CONTROL us (aka CREATOR beings).

So if the latest news or conspiracy theory or event is causing you to feel fear or anger or any other pointless negative emotion that you DO NOT wish to experience, or worse, CREATE YOUR REALITY / TIMELINE for you (and your world); then just please, BECOME AWARE as to what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING, see the ILLUSION for what it is, and then, CHOOSE how to REACT/VIBRATE to it!

And THAT’S EXACTLY HOW you (eventually) ascend to the 4th Density (5th Dimension) and MASTER this density/dimension too, while you’re at it.


Become a MASTER.

And finally, one last thing. As a DIVINE CREATOR INCARNATE, you have it in you to literally overcome ANY and ALL ODDS placed against you. If you couldn’t, you wouldn’t be here at this time. So, when you’re stuck, ASK. Ask for ASSISTANCE. Ask God, ask your Guides, ask the Galactics, ask the Angels, ask the Ascended Masters, ask the Archangels, ask the Inner Earthers, ask everyone and their cousin to help you out.

Also, feel free to (also!) ask the Internet, your friends, parents, relatives, colleagues, neighbours, or whoever else is in a position (and even a little bit of willingness) to help you out for ACTUAL. FUCKING. HELP. Don’t be shy. And definitely don’t feel discouraged if one or more doors close upon you. Go knock on some more. And keep knocking until you have a way to bring your truest, deepest desire just that ONE. STEP. closer.

Don’t be afraid to start projects. Whether they are for your own benefit, for this planet’s benefit, for humanity’s benefit, for animals’ benefit, or for what-else-have-you. Don’t be afraid to communicate. Don’t be afraid to CARE.

You have one life (yes, I know you’re eternal; but this exact life won’t come again either). Live it GRAND. And make THE MOST of it all, in every last way imaginable.


In Infinite Love and Light,

Don Spectacularis



P.S. Feel free to SHARE THIS MESSAGE wherever you so can (just in case it RESONATES!) Drop a COMMENT too just in case you found this message useful! Or simply RE-POST IT, TRANSLATE it or make it into a VIDEO for more people like yourself to discover it and benefit from it – in turn – benefitting all of Earth, Humanity, and this entire Universe (and beyond) in return! Thank you! And have a fabulous day!

90 Replies to “The MOST IMPORTANT $#!T you’ll read THIS YEAR”

  1. Candinho

    Bom dia srs, eu sou di Brasil e me identifiquei muito com a Janaina e se voces puderem passar o meu contato para ela eu ficaria muito contente. Obrigado

  2. makoto

    Thank you Don Spectacularis. I translated a wonderful article into Japanese and made it into a video. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Most important $#!T great

    1. Raksha

      Oh I am curious. Are there a lot of people in Japan interrested in “modern spirituality” (I really don’t know how to call it, but you get the point).

      1. makoto

        Thank you for your reply Lakshya. That’s excellent. yes. There are people in Japan who are interested in spirituality. About a month has passed since the channel was opened, and 600 people have registered. surprised.

  3. Jennifer

    I’m so glad you’re back!! Your posts are always some of my favorites! Thank you! You lift my spirits!

  4. Paladin

    “the CREATOR of all realities does not judge or condemn you for watching porn or engaging in prostitution or doing absolutely ANY. FUCKING. THING. No matter how “wrong” as per human beings’ standards. One, because the fucking CREATOR has better things to do.”
    Don Spectacularis

    Of course Don, “do as thou wilt” there are no moral absolutes just everyone’s own subjective standards, moral relativism from DS. So go ahead, it’s all good, Pedophilia, beastiality whatever base vile thing you can think of.

    Don’t try and elevate your behavior, get addicted to porn and engage in degrading sex with prostitutes, many of whom are victims of human trafficking, especially young women from Ukraine.

    So, don’t get married and engage in meaningful sex and procreation, sink into degeneracy and enjoy yourself, God is okay with it. There are no rights or wrongs.

    No we know how DS spends his time. Maybe his initials stand for Dark Side.

    1. popgoestheweazle

      To not know WHY what DS said is “simply only correct” is like not knowing why you get soaking wet when having a shower.

      Yet “from my pov” it’s because THERE certainly ARE like “built in CONSEQUENCES” that need no “caring about”… they simply “start working on their own” in that moment we’re all waiting for… not as in “punishment” but mayyybe as in “I TOLD YOU SO!” 😎

        1. popgoestheweazle

          I’m relieved you at least “REMEMBER THAT” aaalmost right… I AM “Nurse Ratched”, sickened from watching how deeply lost “MASTERS LIKE YOU” have gotten.

    2. Raksha

      Like usual, there are many perspectives. What is true on some level may not necessarily be true on another. IF the Creator is all of us, then the Creator himself/herself is doing these things (from a state of forgetting). Yet, I believe that he/she (from a state of expanded consciousness) is really not willing to do these things. But it’s still part of a game he/she chose. Wisdom is to be able to see a multi-perspective, perhaps.

      1. popgoestheweazle

        True, yet “at the end of the day” ALL perspectives from all levels must “fit into each other” (like a multilevel sudoku) which “from my pov” is the reason “this thing” is taking so long.

    3. Raksha

      The RA material has this originally to go into great lengths about that. All path and all choices are part of the ONE. Yet, it is up to each part of the ONE to go back « home » through the dark path or through the light path. Both are part of the Creator ultimately, and from the 6th density onward (according to RA) there is just one path. But « below », there is this duality which serves a purpose.

      RA describes the Dark path as being really hard and lonely and difficult, and states that only a dedicated minority thread it. According to RA, most of 3rd density people are mild ones, in neither paths. And 3rd density is precisely the level the we ought to make a choice, and that is the factor to ascension.

  5. John Robbins

    Here I was thinking and lamenting about what’s wrong in my life, and you come along, and make me look so bleeding boring and scaringly “normal??”. Its not fair. Love Ya though !!!

    BTW I don’t do some of the things you suggest, but I like your style. I merely think a lot like you though. How fleeting and haunting physical life is when juxtaposed against vastness of Eternity. And how precious having a Voice is, and being heard.

    Wearing your (outrageously unconventional) Heart on your sleeve, is so endearing, and Brave of you. Keep on keeping on, friend. Where have you been? Yep I know &
    thank You for being you!🙏😉

  6. Rolando Rima

    I don’t think you can inspire people by employing words such as bullshit and fuck, and encouraging anyone to engage in porn just for fun to experience of what is life. Well, Mr. Don Spectacularis, please be informed that the very reason why this world had been turned upside down was due to the immoral relationship between angel and man. I assumed you have known this as a master. If this is the way you express yourself as an ascended being then I’m sorry to tell you that I can’t sympathize with your foolishness.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      If the Creator had issues with porn, one could not even conceive of the IDEA of porn, let alone be able to make it into a reality. But exist it does indeed – for it too – is a precious and permanent aspect of the One Infinite Creator, just like we all are.

      And so it is. And so it shall be.

  7. Shawna

    I enjoyed reading this article.The different personalities and verbiage are what makes them interesting. Thank you!

  8. Amy Sullivan

    Loved your article-profanity and all, because I understood its harmless intent was merely just a tongue-in-cheek writing style aimed at waking us up to the fact of how important it is to remember and practice the basics!


    1. Paladin

      Don used to comment here under the name of Always Light or Always Right as he is known. He has sock puppets he talks to also when he is lonely. He is so full of “Love” when you really get him triggered he just starts name calling.

      You be you Don err….Always Right, sock puppets et all.

      1. Don Spectacularis

        I’ve only ever commented on this site using one username (associated with a very specific email address). KejRaj (the admin) knows what that is, and the IP address associated with said name too.

        But I can see why you’re filling up this comments section with your hatred. Unfortunately (or fortunately), over half the people here can feel the energy and the INTENT behind everyone’s words — whether it comes from a space of LOVE, or does not.

        And I’ll leave it at that. Good day.

    2. Don Spectacularis

      A.S. is the one who channels Hakann / Tunia, not me. In fact, our writings/channelings are also very different energetically, and in the way (and more importantly, the wordings) in which things are explained. Hope this helps.

  9. ressfgty

    I’m reading your words for the first time……and I’m commenting here for the first time

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Welcome to the Light Club! The first rule of Light Club is, you DO talk about the Light Club. That’s also the rest of the rules about Light Club.

      So welcome, and hope you enjoy your stay on here 🙂

  10. agtewsas

    we invite you here to this dimension, haha… let’s see how gravity works on you, how crowds of people work on you, collective shitty consciousness, see how long you pull 🙂

    1. Don Spectacularis

      I am very much a resident of this dimension myself. Been there (into the very depths of darkness and despair). Done that (whole mastery thingy). Anyone and everyone reading this message can do it, provided they have that unshakeable FAITH (within THEMSELVES), and an unbreakable INTENT (to ascend against ALL ODDS), and a dash of sincerity, commitment, and determination to add to it all.

      That’s all there is to it. The methods (to achieve that end) are all given right here, in this very article itself.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Enni

    We really don’t need profanity. One should be able to write about spiritual related things without profane language.

    1. Raksha

      Why ? Are you so spiritually advanced that you don’t fart anymore ? Profanity versus spirituality, here comes the division again.

      1. Paladin

        Foul language adds nothing to the discourse, and in my opinion adds this low vibrational component that Don Spectacularis and his sock puppets are concerned about.

        I’ll just refer to him as Don, the surname is too absurd.

        1. Raksha

          It does not add, but does not remove as well.

          Am i a sock puppet now ? I don’t think I ever showed you disrespect. I even was willing to talk with you about what we actually think instead of personal attacks. I am still willing though.

          1. Paladin

            I have no idea why you feel insulted?

            Do you know what a sock puppet is?

            A sock puppet is a second persona or poster that has the same person speaking.

            A sock puppet and the first poster often speak to each other.

            Don used to post in the comments section as “Always Light”. Now he is talking to himself as Scroogle McDuck.

            I hope this clears things up. I did nothing to insult you.

    2. Don Spectacularis

      Actually, language is just a tool. A tool to convey knowledge, information, wisdom, emotion, and INTENT. The words themselves mean nothing other than what WE want them to mean. The most sacred word in your language could well be a profanity in another’s, and vice versa.

      As a civilization, and as a culture and a SPECIES, we need to get over our little prudish hangups and understand that much as lotuses grow in the mud, so can the highest spiritual knowledge – like a rose – blossom amongst the thorniest thorns ever. Again, the WORDS mean NOTHING (unless you WANT them to, and want them to TRIGGER you, above all). Take in the WISDOM, take in what RESONATES, and screw the rest.

      Nobody expects a hammer to look (or sound) cute. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE expects them to do their damn JOB. Besides, getting triggered is FAR LOWER on the spiritual development scale than the tendency to use swear words. Unless of course, said swear words are coming from repressed anger or hate or bitterness or something.

      Hope this helps.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      If the message was already getting DELIVERED, there wouldn’t even be a NEED for said language (or this article, either) to begin with. But just like there comes a time when the toothpicks and the floss strings don’t work; then the dentist’s drill has to get the job done.

      I charge lesser (than your average dentist), however 😉

    2. Raksha

      So being human defeats the sacred ? If I were to write a piece, I would not use coarse language as much, but on the other hand, I really don’t mind it.
      And maybe I am wrong but I think Don is being a bit provocative on purpose to go against the “rainbow flow”, and I think that’s a good idea. But it’s just me speaking here.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Hello hello hello Raksha 🙂 Oh, how I’ve missed you! How have you been keeping? Did the reptilians get to you yet? Or did you get yourself a reptilian pet…iguana?

      I hear they shapeshift when you’re not lookin’ 😀

      1. Raksha

        Talking about pets, I am about to get my first dog, just a regular dog 🙂

        I was a bit worried about you. Last time I heard, you were having a hard time if I recall. Not that having a hard time is wrong in any way, but glad to see you back.

        1. Don Spectacularis

          God you peasants! Regular dogs? Really? Don’t talk to me unless you get a premium, jewel-studded, platinum-coated doggy with their actual fur replaced by 24K gold thread fur!

          But yes, last time we talked, I was struggling indeed. I’m doing SO MUCH better now lol. Hence the vibe/s you’re getting from this article too 🙂

          P.S. And I miss your dark jokes too 😀

          1. Raksha

            It is actually an expensive breed haha.

            About my dark jokes, I like to keep them for my close circle. I am a soft skin, and don’t like to be atomized on a public forum 🙂

  12. todd wiseman

    how bout some soap for your FOUL mouth, only immature LOSERS use profanity, are nine or ten years old??

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Funny world we live in; where potentially valuable spiritual guidance is (dis)regarded as potty-mouthery (because someone spilled a few swear-words in it). And where ever-sweet-mouthed priests and celebrities use said mouths on kids to perform oral sex on them…oh, I meant fucking paedophilia and rape.

      Only one of them gets called out tho. (Guess who?)

        1. Don Spectacularis

          The day will come when Big Js ACTUAL words and messages will get through to humanity, and then, we’ll actually be able to “party with Jesus”, as opposed to WORSHIPPING HIM or some other stupid shit lol (that he’d never, EVER wanted in the first place!)

          1. popgoestheweazle

            I heard he’d make sure to not be recognizable… can’t blame him can you? [Prob wants to go right over the top.. booz, drugs’n rocknrolling..]

  13. Janaína

    Congratulations on the illuminating article, Don.
    I loved his way of talking and approaching things.

    Use and abuse of swear words, they shorten any discussion, no one needs to explain a swear word, it is so clear. haha

    Why is it so hard to materialize things?
    Sometimes I feel like I take 10 steps and I’m close to being at one with all that I am, being aware of myself, but something happens and I go back 15 houses.

    If possible, can you talk about dreams?

    I have lucid dreams, and lately I’ve been dreaming that I’ve already made it, that I’m already in unity and aware of everything I am, but in the dream itself the way back is dark, I can’t see anything. I cannot bring what I am into this reality.

    I also have many dreams with wars, with the power of light winning the battles, that the biggest one has already been won, that now we are just in the small adjustments, cleaning the house (gaia) after the flood. In dreams, I’m always part of the front lines, even though I have a very simple waking life.

    I don’t know if other people are also having this kind of dream, but I would like to find some material about it.

    Sorry for my writing. I live in Brazil and I don’t speak English, I use Google translator to communicate.


    1. Don Spectacularis

      Greetings Janaína,

      Well, dreams will require a separate article, so perhaps I won’t be able to fully elaborate it here. But regarding the “why is it so hard to materialize things?” part, I will say, GIVE UP. GIVE UP on wanting to materialize ANYTHING at all.

      Once again, the REASON you even WANT TO “materialize” something is because you will get HAPPINESS when it does materialize or manifest. So I say, why can’t you just find JOY in the HERE and NOW? The methods for it are already outlined in the article above.

      Try feeling JOY and/or PEACE and/or GRATITUDE — ALL of the time — even gratitude for what life has ALREADY GIVEN YOU will do — and eventually, you WILL have what you want because the universe simply HAS TO match your frequency, by creating a REALITY that has what actually MAKES YOU joyful/grateful/happy!

      In other words, if what you ANYWAYS want is happiness, why wait for the world to LOOK LIKE a specific thing to THEN become happy? It’s all MOLECULES looking like “real things” here, remember?

      Find your JOY first, and fuck the “materialization”. If they have to happen, they will. YOU (the mind/ego) simply CANNOT force them to. What you CAN make happen is your JOY, which is what you want to have ANYWAYS (“after” what you desired has materialized). But guess what, you can just be happy and grateful for it NOW itself…and perhaps THAT may just end up speeding up the process!

      Hope this was helpful. Love. Don.

  14. john

    Awesome Don i resonate with all you say except maybe the expletive’s and btw its great to see you back. love to all.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Be it anger, fear or expletives; ALL serve a purpose when used WISELY 😉 Thank you for your welcome. I’m happy to be back too!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 MUCH LOVE!

  15. Paladin

    Look Don, being a love bunny is not going to change the genocide being waged against European people. Through weaponized immigration, 60 years of cultural Marxist attack against European societal foundations through the education system and media, and now the poisonous clot shot which has rendered most of the breeding aged European females infertile, you are witnessing in real time the extermination of the European race.

    Everything on this website preaches individual inner focus, not social cohesion to overcome this sick, psychopathic cult bent on my people’s death.

    KR probably won’t post this because he does not like realistic appraisal or someone speaking the truth. It has to be Unicorns, rainbows and Love Bunnies.

    1. Don Spectacularis

      My friend, tell me something. The entire human race has been waging war on one another for millennia over their differences and disagreements. What came of it all? Who won? Where is the promised paradise? Where is utopia?

      It’s not there. Because if you try to fight, fight, and fight, you are only harming YOUR SELF. Yes, your own aspects. And thus, you are destined to lose. Not because you’re not TRYING, but because you’re not UNDERSTANDING how the universe actually works. You’re playing chess on a cricket field. How’s it EVER going to work out?

      This game is one of ENERGY. Your INTENTION, your EMOTION, and your THOUGHTS and BELIEFS matter the MOST here. And LOVE, being the highest energy – that which is the CREATOR itself – is what you need for actual, tangible, IMPACT. For actual, tangible, transformation.

      Tell me something. What do you care whether or not “your favourite race of people” makes it through? Do you think you’re European? Or white? My friend, you’re NEITHER. You’re just a soul, ever changing bodies. You were black once, fighting the whites. And if you don’t learn your lessons, you WILL BE black yet again. Probably fighting the whites (or another race of beings) yet again on some another duality-infested planet.

      Nothing can ever, ever, EVER be exterminated. Because everything in existence is ETERNAL, that’s why. Illusory worlds and communities will come and go. Stars, planets, galaxies and universes will come and go. Your culture and languages will rot to ruins and burn and decay eventually, no matter WHAT you do.

      But one thing shall NEVER change…


      1. Paladin

        So deny my race because I may come back as an African or a Reptilian or a Bugman? That is justification for genocide? That’s not very loving behavior for a Love Bunny.

        Why did source energy or the true God or whatever you call it create different races? So they could be exterminated?

        What if you’re wrong Don? I assume you’re a White man, but what if you’re not coming back as a Bugman? You have a belief, a religious believe, no different than the Christians who are often ridiculed on this site.

        I love my people. I love my woman and her big green eyes. I love my handsome son. I love my daughter that is on the way. I’m not writing them off because I am reincarnating as a Bugman or Black man. I’ll fight to my death to protect them, unlike you…Love Bunny.

        Where are my Pleiadean relatives? I guess they’re like you and have written us off.

        Don’t celebrate just yet

        1. Don Spectacularis

          If you have no interest or resonance in LOVE (or love BUNNIES, for that matter), why even visit a site such as this one; or read (and then COMMENT!) upon articles such as this one? For example, I don’t go Out Of My Way to play violent video games or watch Game of Thrones. Neither will you find me give a single floating FUCK about those things, actually COMMENTING on their content being far, FAR out of question.

          If you enjoy violence and war and your so-called ideas of “protecting your race from destruction”, I highly recommend that you find websites and videos and peoples and friends and groups that are aligned with such matters. Why even give a fuck about what the love bunnies have to say? Unless of course, you are one with ulterior motives here to ruin the vibe of things – in which case – good luck trying. Won’t happen. I personally GUARANTEE you this.

          To be clear, I am not ONE BIT against defending oneself (and one’s loved ones) from an ACTUAL threat if and when it arrives — by any and ALL means necessary. But that doesn’t mean I indulge in violent fantasies, racial superiority BS, and all of that crap. Spare me the madness, please, and while you’re at it, spare the rest of the authors and commenters on here too, if only you’d be so kind.

          Have a good day.

          1. Paladin

            Wow Don, you really are triggered. The best you can do is tell me to shut up and go away because you don’t like the content of what I have to say?

            I like how you read my mind and in broad strokes accused me of violent fantasies and being a White Supremacist. Does pointing out the fact that Whites are the target of extermination make me a White Supremacist? Do you belong to Anitfa, Don? Somehow, I picture you as an aging Vegan with low muscle mass spitting at people with a Trump hat on, giving them the finger calling them names. Maye you live in Portland?

            Your vibe is full of such anger for me pointing out an inconvenient fact.

            Maybe you’re not the Love Bunny you think you are.

            Don, the reason I visit this site is because sometimes I find truth, it’s a rare gem here, but it does happen, so I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

            And I enjoy making hypocritical Love Bunnies like you look foolish, really you make it easy.

          2. Paladin

            Another thing Don, I don’t think using profanity is a good way to make your point. Using the F-bomb repeatedly only gives you an angry “vibe” and makes you appear illiterate.

          3. Raksha

            Paladin > I think that the notion of European people being a systematic target of extermination is exaggerated. The dark controllers seem to wage war on all humanity regardless of race, and they would use any means necessary, including division by race (seems to work well). So you may have a point in saying that mass immigration was weaponized. But I don’t think the « whites » are more of a target than any others. Division is the goal.

          4. Don Spectacularis

            Alright Paladin my man, no need to get all mad. You do you. (And let me be me). Have fun 👍

          5. Don Spectacularis

            @Raksha Perfectly put. I find it SO WEIRD that some people come on here DAILY only to spew hatred (in a place meant for love), and above all, literally do NOT get the messages pertaining to ONE-NESS (and how divisions have been created amongst us to sow discord and do the job of darkness for them lol).

            But to each divine creator aspect their own path I guess 🙂

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Everything’s explained very, VERY clearly in this article, dearest Diamond. But if you don’t want to see it, you can’t really be helped. If you have an actual query, feel free to ask (and I shall attempt my level best to answer it). Otherwise, it’s just hating on something for the sake of it you know.

      Serves nobody. Neither you. Nor me. Nor humanity. Nor Gaia.

      Have a good day.

      1. afgtyuuuu

        I am who I am and I know what I know!
        I am master, divine and human all in one!
        and you know what….I’m here…..and being here you can do shit, just shit

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Well, we all very much CHOSE to be HERE – at THIS TIME – so might as well enjoy the shitstorm that we quite literally SIGNED UP FOR anyways.

          What else is even there to do?

    1. Don Spectacularis

      Thank you Gabrielle. Do read some of my other articles on here too! You’ll love ’em 😉

      1. new beginnings

        We are such a diverse species. Let not our differences divide us. Let them draw us together as one. We are inseparable that way. Pure truth in these words. Thank you~ for being a part of my life Don Spectacularis~

        1. Don Spectacularis

          Thank you SO MUCH new beginnings. Hopefully, my words assisted you here in some way, shape, or form today. Cheers! And have a fabulous day 🙂 🙂

          1. new beginnings

            Indeed they did Don~ When you resonate at these levels, you see/FEEL the truth as plain as day. My heART leaps with joy, that we are plugging the field with our joy/love vibe! We ARE bringing ourselves and our Mama home! What a precious privilege we gave ourselves. The illusion runs deep tho, and it’s hard to see through it, ( they were clever little monkeys weren’t they) but once you understand how it works, and rise above it. ( I went kicking and screaming) You learn a neutral spot, and to just be~
            Thank you once again my very dear friend, for being you~🤍