Iceberg Consciousness

As we wander purposefully through the Earth Experience we come to a conjunction of self and soul that asks us to look beyond what we can perceive and see over the next mountain and walk into the invisible with all six earth senses ready to use. We of Earth are so much like a uncontrolled floating iceberg, just a tiny little piece of us shows above the endless tide of daily events, the rest of us is hidden in deep solid awareness below the emotional ley-line

As the inner rudimentary fires of Earth shift into a place of transmutation the warmth of their essence will continue to Aspire as it reveals more that has been hidden, within time, within self, within family history, and within earth herself.Just like an iceberg we are so solid, so firm in our beliefs but what lies below the structure of our frozen frontal beliefs is yet to be seen. This summer ‘What is Frozen in Time’ begins to thaw at a measured pace that shows it’s true colors, its truths and our true reason for being.

None of us want to melt under the spot-light in these times of unsolidified change but consider it a gift from the universe, like an ice-artist sculptor that comes to bring forth the beauty of what is frozen and hidden in time, what lies just below the surface, Unveiling the icy qualities of what is very human of creation. A beautiful form is awakened gracing the frozen ‘ice and the eyes’ of humanity with what lies beneath. Think about the very vibration of ice water that has frozen in time. The stasis of its frozen geometry can reveal so much as old emotions come to play freeze tag, Think about the vibration of the Ice Queen in the children story how she tried so hard not to show any warmth or tenderness or defrosting, for that matter. Most humans absolutely have some Ice Queen DNA, as we all try so hard to block and freeze what hurts; We have an internal freezer full if ice-burned emotional left-overs. We hide within self, within words, within our non-actions.

As we move forward thru the solstice the heat that so many dread, may come forth from the deserts of time blanketing all of us on a warm Summer’s Eve. Time and earth slowly bring to the surface that which has been cloaked and invisible. Like a Desert Mirage that kicks up its Las Vegas Heels, what we once thought was impossible has actually come into fruition. We may not be able to touch the outcomes as of now but those molecular’ summer days of solidification’ and liquidation are ours for the taking.

The salty tears of the past are exactly the same as the salty sacred waters of the womb . The waters of creation and the Seas of Time come together and flow as a Mother Milk River calling to her young. What was Frozen in Time melts all its waterproof emotional layers, coming to rest within the wishing well of the Soul. A big ‘reveal’ comes shining like a disco ball mirroring all facets of who we think we are and who we are destined to become. A starry vision quest of sort comes to Earth asking you to see through matter, through time, through inner and outer circumstances, seeing the past thru the future.

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