Sacred Breath of Forgiveness

Dearest Holy Beloveds,

Your sacred breath can bring to you in this sacred moment a softening, a welcoming, a peace, and a comfort.

As the purification of the holy Earth moves into its next phase, so does your divine being expand, strengthen, and grow in the light.

At times it is the unwanted experiences that bring the most learning. At all times, it is your sacred breath that can provide and open the comfort, the blessing, and all that is needed for your healing.

When you are able to feel your sacred breath moving through your heart and through all of your body, much can flow and open.

One of the most important energies at this time, dearest holy ones, is that of forgiveness.

Your sacred breath can allow for the softening and the opening to move through even those parts of yourself or your consciousness that you may have rejected or judged or not accepted.

See if you can allow the sacred breath of love and divine light to unlock the stream of divine forgiveness, allowing it to flow through every cell of your sacred body, creating a deep and peaceful relaxation that allows for profound letting go of any of old energies you no longer need.

Some may call this baggage, and this is a good description of certain energies, thought patterns, or beliefs you may be carrying, but which actually can be simply put away.

Sometimes dearest holy ones, it is not so easy to let go. Sometimes the older energies within you may be more lodged or invisible or difficult to discern.

In those situations, dearest holy ones, it is the greater light that will release them in the divine timing.

You can assist this sacred process of healing through your choice to love, and also through choices that you make with your beautiful sacred body each day, providing it with love and light and nourishment, compassion, tenderness and caring, and also the purity of water and whole foods that can allow what is no longer needed to pass from you more easily.

All of this dearest holy ones is given to you in this moment so that you can continue to move forward in your sacred purpose on the holy Earth. With all love and blessings. Amen.

**By Mashubi


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