Saint Germain: Universal Overload

People may view the cosmos as unchanging, however, as the evolution of living species on Earth continues, so does that of the multiple Universes within the Omniverse. There are many intelligent lifeforms existing within each galaxy, some with form and many without, giving the Universe itself a multi-dimensional consciousness that can be both misleading and awe-inspiring in its knowledge.

Most alien lifeforms are neutral in their allegiance and wish to continue their existence; therefore what happens on Earth is of great interest to them. Many wish to help and only a very few are here to dominate or destroy – as the overriding and underlying energy of Creation is unconditional love, any species, including humans, who put their needs at the expense of another’s free will is traversing Spiritual Law and will immediately activate the laws of cause and effect.

That being as it may, there are many awakened souls on Earth who are experiencing intensive cosmic energy and/or visitations, both when awake and in their sleep, causing some disruption to their own energy. Some are receiving large amounts of information, most of which is indecipherable and of no use to them. Those who can understand the downloads are being overwhelmed and overtaken by the intenseness of the energy and the frequency of the messages.

Ascension has essentially occurred and, as the energy integrates and souls make their final choices, the Earth is experiencing huge waves of grief as many souls choose their death doors. War, terror, crimes against humanity and incessant bids for domination and control by predominantly male energies is making civilized Earth an extremely challenging place to be. Nothing, we repeat, nothing is as it seems or can be taken at face value, making personal spiritual practices a must. The problem with opening one’s crown to universal energy, however, is that, with free will and an open heart, one can unwittingly open their energy up to more than one bargained for! That is happening to many people now.

The messages being sent from other planets, star groups and intelligent life forms are mostly to benefit Earth and its people. The intention is good and trustworthy, but the energy is far too high for the physical body to receive without effects of great disequilibrium and disruption felt by the individual. If this is happening to you, steps must be taken to shield your energy from receiving too much energy at once.

Most people astral travel in their sleep and experience dreams that seem real. At this time of Universal expansion, attempts by other worlds to connect with human minds is at an all-time high. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but one must remember that alien beings of a higher intellect do not think as humans do, nor do they feel emotional attachment. Their interest is only to ensure that the integrity of the Universe as an intelligent and evolving consciousness be maintained and given the chance to achieve its fullest potential.

Do not allow yourself to be overcome by energy you neither need nor understand. Call upon your archangel guides or the Creator to protect you as you sleep, and call upon a healer or psychic seer if you continue to experience cosmic interference.

I AM Saint Germain

**Channel: Victoria Cochrane


4 Replies to “Saint Germain: Universal Overload”

  1. Ignaz

    ricordo quando da bambino vidi, assieme a mio padre una partita di calcio di una competizione europea tra una squadra italiana e il Paris Saint Germain…. non capivo perché una squadra di calcio doveva avere quel nome… già conoscevo Saint Germain!!!

  2. Marie

    Amado St Germain, infinita gratidão pela clareza e amor com que exprime sua humanidade! hoje, e ao longo de Eras!
    A bondade e Amor foram sentidos no decorrer da leitura. Sobretudo, o alerta sempre presente dum Mestre que lutou pela Liberdade e Soberania e cujos Valores ainda hoje,presentes em suas mensagens,para todos que leem de coração as entrelinhas e estao abertos p receber as Bencaos de sua eterna Sabedoria!!
    Com Amor, Eu Sou Aqui!

  3. Douglas A James

    Thank you so much St Germaine pt taken! Self care…balance and steady ascension as we journey back to 5D!!