The Javelin Throw; Sun Flares

During the “Olympics”, it is interesting to watch those who throw the javelin.

They hold the javelin up ready to launch it off from their steadily-aimed arm, and then they rock back and forth on their feet before sending it into the air.

Our Sun has been behaving like a javelin thrower in recent days.

For several days, strong solar flares in the mid to upper level “M-Class” type blasted off accompanied by CME plasma.

There were reports that “X-Class” flares were likely soon due to our Sun harboring energy for them.

Then the chance of the “X-Class” flares was reduced to 30 percent, and today, 5/24/2023, they are merely rated at 10 percent probability.

Solar winds are in the 500s—almost 600 km/s.

However, The magnetosphere is building with positively-charging electromagnetic proton particles that are moving into it from outside of the solar system, and thus, arriving into the far side of Earth.

At the same time, a strong “M.1-Class” solar flare has erupted from our Sun in the early morning hours.

On May 21st, the star system “Pleiades” (also called the “Seven Sisters”) was met by a solar storm blast which flowed directly in front of it from our Sun.

On Earth, quakes have been in the upper “6” magnitudes, then backed-off to the “5” magnitudes, then moved back up to the “6” magnitudes and also “7” and then went back down to the “5” magnitudes with lots of “4s” occurring—hundreds of quakes usually daily around the world.

The cosmos is moving back and forth in energetics (as it usually does) except during seasonal changes, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, New Moons, Full Moons, and planetary retrogrades and direct motions when portals to these events open and close.

During the various portals, solar flares, winds, CMEs, etc. are elevated in strength and quantity.

Weather on our planet becomes heightened with storms.

In recent decades, the cosmos has been a very expert javelin thrower aiming its power at our planet quite readily even though the entire solar system also receives its magnificence.

Each happening is a type of consciousness or life force which metaphorically brings “Gold Medal” accuracy to this transforming era.

As mankind insists on contending with Nature in so many egotistical ways, believing that it can create just as SOURCE does and perhaps even more amazingly, SOURCE (the ULTIMATE CREATOR) allows its cosmic forces to aim straight at mankind’s disharmony and eventually bring it to its knees.

Continual attempts at developing artificial people, controlling weather, causing earthquakes, making genetically-engineered food, creating toxic medicinal drugs, tampering with world economics, etc. are being carefully monitored by forces that mankind will NEVER be able to be equal with in any way regardless of how much practice is done.

There is sometimes a proverbial “calm before the storm”—a time in which, for example, people can prepare for escalated occurrences in weather or approaching enemy soldiers during war.

In like manner, our planet is being prepared for even more cosmic events to unfold than have already occurred. The javelin is being pulled back, the rock back and forth on the feet is happening, and soon the spear will be thrust out with LIGHT on its point with laser-like accuracy, and this realm will be so bright that it will seem to almost disappear. This will be the birth of the next age in its supernal purity.

Each successive spiraling age before the next—Kali Yuga, Dwarpa Yuga, Treta Yuga, and the golden era of Sattva Yuga—can be quickly traversed. It all depends on collective consciousness elevation.

Those who are sincerely working on leveling-up will more easily move through the eras and only witness mankind’s chaos and not need to be involved in it because they will be surrounded by protective angelic presences as the cosmic javelin is thrown.

They WILL BE BLESSED BY THE LIGHT because their “light” is shining so brightly.

**By Dr Schavi M Ali


4 Replies to “The Javelin Throw; Sun Flares”

  1. jakesey

    Sorry to sound a little too scientific! Where I live, (Wales/UK) there is ongoing fine settled weather thanks to the Azores summer high which blocks the low pressure systems from bringing rain. Rain moves well to the North instead.

    Usually there is a low pressure developing in the Bay of Biscay when this happens This thunderstorm system eventually moves North to affect southern and western areas (UK) and NW France. I noticed the Biscay low pressure is more East than usual, (mainland France) and rain is even more plentiful as the moist air meets the warmer air on land. How much of this is manipulated and for how long I have no idea.

    The Jet Stream is the conveyor belt that carries all the weather in the areas mentioned and worldwide. When it flows North of our location, warm sunny weather ensues with occasional thunderstorms. These storms can become severe when cooler moist air meets warm, especially hot air. When the Jetstream is south of our location, colder than the usual weather is expected. The tropics have a different weather system., usually monsoonal.

    No it’s definitely and sadly, NOT normal, changes are afoot to put it very mildly I’m afraid.

    Let’s stay Safe.

    1. Raksha

      Thank you for the explanation. I live south of France, and that much rain and thunderstorm is indeed not usua herel. I don’t know for the rest of the world.

      1. jakesey

        No problemo. Reminds me of my childhood. I was actually caught in one years ago in open ground and pacified some youngsters who were frightened out of their wits whilst being scared myself. No big deal !🤟

  2. Raksha

    There is an unprecedented full week of continual storms where I live. I don’t read the news anymore, is it a global thing ?