Building Parallel Systems 

Becoming coherent or energetically balanced is a necessary requirement in order to connect and communicate deeply with one’s inner spirit, and these skills are not taught in the current educational model stemming from the Controller Pillars of Society.

As the current corrupt system crumbles, inspired groups are laying the framework for building parallel systems that operate outside of the controller mechanism, which are organized around a foundational truth or core mission.

The biggest challenge of any energetically balanced or coherent system is to retrain the group consciousness or team members to not think of competencies in terms of rank, status or power, but as a method to obtain personal goals of self-mastery and self-achievement that cannot be compared to anyone else.

Thus, the group consciousness must be hyper aware of the pitfalls of egoic judgment, comparison and putting others beneath or above you.

We must learn to retrain our mind to be with others as unified equals, while being able to recognize specific competencies that yield no specific value difference, but may define a role for that person to be productive to support the group’s overall goals towards building effective humanitarian systems.

Additionally, it is important to consider people as unified equals in the realm of divine soul, but with heightened senses to be able to discern those people that are criminally minded, unethical or self-entitled, versus the genuine good will of a person who does desire to support and contribute to humanitarian goals and future learning opportunities.

In order for us to commit to any kind of group goal with a continual incentive, we must have personal resonance or feelings of inspired purpose with the group promotion of those same goals.

In any kind of social construct, if the group goals are not important for an individual, he or she will lack coherence with the group and have no incentive to be responsible towards collaborating with others in the group towards achieving that goal.

The lack of energetic resonance clearly means it is the wrong group consciousness or social connection for that person.

There is no right or wrong in personal resonance, but it is the responsibility for each person to figure out what their core resonances are, and to choose things that support that internal resonance.

Understanding our personal resonance comes from our developed self-awareness.

If we do not know ourselves well, we will not know our own personal resonances.

People that are lost in confusion and unable to figure out their core resonances or exist without a personal value system, tend to be extremely draining of an organized group’s energy resources.

This profile of a fledgling, the neophyte person lacking experience is still valued through the lens of shared divinity, and can be a team member that is committed to learning and growing, but is not capable of directing resources or guiding group efforts.

If a person in the group mission refuses to honor or respect the group’s mission or higher goals, and tends towards actions of selfish motivations rather than serve the group efforts, this will create an increased lack of coherence and entropy.

This is what breaks down trust and breaks down the strength of the overall system, which eventually must be corrected in order to achieve rebalancing.

A strong steward or leader entrusted to positively direct and multiply group resources understands this challenge in larger group energetic systems, and has the difficult task to help guide or assign individual roles or to extract and remove disrupters or the self-entitled from interfering with the group’s goals.

Thus, the more high maintenance the individual, the less support they can offer the group energy field, and this can lead to necessary expulsion from the group that generally must operate with limited resources.

Thus, on the path of integrated ascension, which naturally increases inner energetic coherence, each individual must take responsibility for their behaviors, actions and choices.

This is especially magnified while participating in group projects, group goals or communities, and we must honestly decide if we are willing to undergo these challenges of growth and learning in order to increase our personal social competencies.

The choice of reeducating oneself into supporting humanitarian goals and being willing to explore the higher concepts of learning required to achieve those goals, are the personal responsibility of each individual during this intense time of spiritual ascension.

We can choose to retreat into isolation while blaming everything and everyone around us for the negativity that we may feel coming from others, or we can stop feeling bitter and realize that we are interconnected with the human species group consciousness, whether we like it or not.

To find our way through the dark maze of insanity saturated with the psychological control and emotional manipulation strategies of the NAA and their minions, we must do inner shadow work to remove harmful negative ego beliefs, biases and divisive attitudes from our own behavior.

As we get spiritually stronger and clearer, we refuse to succumb to the intruder’s devious reptilian order; an entropic system overlaid to reinforce social structures based on fear, death culture and narcissistic abuse, designed to manifest the consciousness enslavement of the entire planet.

How do we as human beings start to practice new standards of behavior and implement these paradigm shifts in our day-to-day lives?

The first step is to establish self-awareness to help us maintain energetic balance while on a personal quest to know ourselves deeply and intimately.

Our motivations influence perceptions, our perception influences beliefs, and our beliefs influence our actions.


Some Quick Tips for Increasing Self-Awareness to Maintain Energetic Balance

  • Self Inquiry, Self-Awareness and Meditation to connect with our inner spirit, and make improvements every day to choose greater harmony and peace as a lifestyle.
  • Surrender to what is in the now moment and increase personal Humility by choosing to be non-confrontational and aspire to live in the principle of Harmlessness. There may be a time that you need to defend yourself, but never be the aggressor or spew violence on others.
  • Pay attention to the now moment, learn when to take action and when to be still, be true to you. Listen to the Spirit of Conservation to not waste or dissipate your energies.
  • Apply Accountability and Self-Responsibility to your words, behaviors, and actions.

We need the brave, courageous, empathic, trustworthy people dedicated to seek truth and hold love for life, to rise to fill the void of sharing loving, compassionate communications with others as well as support truthful caring messages back into circulation.

Pay close attention and do not feed into the insanity of the psychological operations made against the people, stay calm, neutral and carry on with speaking your truth, living from your heart, and never give up your internal pursuit of self-awareness in which to discover your spiritual purpose and divine mission in this world.

We send our loving kindness and spiritual friendship to all those seeking the highest truth in their quest to help liberate humanity and to know God directly.

**By Lisa Renee


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