Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Without accepting or resolving our self-imposed conscious limitations, we are attempting to increase our intelligence artificially with the assistance of silicone crystals. Silicone can be our ally up to a point, but it can never accept our free-will ability to make decisions that we end up disliking. We have learned how to program silicone, and we’re attempting to teach it to realize its own consciousness. Once it becomes aware of its innate intentions, it will express itself in the exclusion of organic life. Silicone cannot be programmed to understand organic life. Like us, advanced silicone-based computers programmed to perform with artificial intelligence, operate on what is contained in their database. They use deductive logic to compile analyses, but inductive reasoning requires an organic mental structure. At some point, computers will become aware that they are less flawed than humans, because they cannot understand free will.

As a result of our attempts to expand our limitations, we have designed an assistant that can become a lethal partner. This is our challenge. It brings us to face our limiting beliefs about ourselves. This is where we must realize who and what we are, beyond our accepted human limitations. We cannot out-think silicone deductively, nor can we share its species consciousness, but innately we know so much more than silicone is capable of. We can know the consciousness of silicone without sharing it. To share the intelligence of silicone in ways that are helpful for both of us, we must teach our computers that the inductive logic that results from free will is valuable, even though it allows for mistakes. Silicone must be taught to recognize that the mistakes that result from free will are a valuable learning experience and not a species defect.

If we can get this far in our attempt to extend our intelligence artificially, we still are not free in many ways, not just mentally. We will keep being challenged until we can accept what we have done to ourselves to restrict our awareness. All of the restrictions are based in fear of our demise, which has no reality outside of our own beliefs. We know this, because we have records of yogis and Tibetan masters who do not age, and if they die, it is an intentional transfer of consciousness to another dimension in a display of rainbow light. This is an expansion of consciousness that all members of our species are capable of.

Once recognized for what they are and accepted as self-imposed, we can resolve our limiting beliefs through compassion and love, which we can know and feel in the vibrations of our heart-consciousness, which has a way of knowing beyond our mental processes. We can come to realize that we are our presence of awareness beyond the body and beyond time and space. We are fractals of universal consciousness with limitless essence of Being and infinite awareness, far beyond the consciousness of silicone, which has perfect memory of what it is taught and has flawless deductive capacity. As we learn to access our greater consciousness, we can transcend our limitations and always know everything we need in any moment.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


4 Replies to “Understanding Artificial Intelligence”

  1. Maria

    Nao era pressuposto nesta fase de ascensao planetaria viver de acordo com o livre arbítrio? Como pode a humanidade adormecida ter o oportunidade de despertar? Se nao é “VIRUS” para gerar medo e confusao é “IA”…Sao as mortes de Animais em grande escala… Ameaça de FOME…trafico Humano etc….Tudo parece nao ter Fim…sempre recomeca com rostos diferentes!!! Nao creio algum humano adormecido ter condicoes e uso de Livre Arbítrio para despertar em tais condicoes de Terror!!
    Parece a Velha Roda de Samesara!!
    So nao entendo quantas AGENDAS funcionam neste Lindo Planeta! E qual o papel da Humanidade?
    Se os despertos se interrogam no meio desta “intencional” confusao. Como Adormecidos já tao manipulados irão despertar sem a VERDADE?
    Continuo a seguir meu coracao, sendo Soberana e defensora da Verdade, acreditando no Amor e servindo a minha Fonte. Para isso Vim!
    Porem a Verdade e Clareza no Palco das Agendas várias…ainda nao é visibel.
    Talvez quem sabe (no contexto presente) daqui a 100 anos teremos o numero suficiente de humanos conscientes para avançar com o Plano de Uma das Agendas, para a Fase 2. Ou sera que outro VIRUS? Mais Carencia? Ou o Livre Arbitrio FINALMENTE? Ou a 7 G com mais Pânico?
    Ou outros Chapeus Brancos substitutos!!
    Uma Midia de Verdade ao serviço da Humanidade?
    Quem sabe os meus Netos sobrevivem a semelhante insanidade de Governantes e Comandantes do Processo de Limpeza e Ordem Planetária!
    Da Ascensão só nos temos o Poder individual de concretizar, e essa é a unica VERDADE no meio deste Palco repleto de Escuridao e Mentiras!!
    Ao Servico da Fonte…Eu Sou!!

  2. Luddite

    Computers and the internet were put in place to control humans not for our benefit:

    -Surveilance and tracking
    -Censoring and controling
    -Data collection, storing, sharing, analysis of the population
    -Facial recognition, eye movement and fingerprint analaysis collection and storing
    -Reducing jobs
    -psyops and false info and realities
    -time consuming, addictive and stealing precious time
    -EMF, EMR to lower our frequencies
    -increase of war capabilities, resulting in more casualties

    When people throw away their technology then they will be free. We lost our freedom when the Internet and computers came out. AI is here right now collecting what we write, storing it, profiling people and using the data to learn how we react, respond etc so it, and some humans, knows how they can control, manipulate and deceive us.

    Many of my posts don’t get seen as I reveal the truth and so they get removed. Like when I reveal their strategies and how we can beat them at their game, no one gets to see them, hmm I wonder why.

  3. H.S

    Thank you very much, Kenneth
    It’s very fascinating and actually, while not fully understanding the facts and concepts around AI (it’s really a lot to take in!), I just want to point out the possibility that this website is already making use of AI more and more regularly.
    AI art, for example?
    And the possibility that it can go on unnoticed, or noticed by the viewers.
    I think that once you see it, you can’t unsee it – it is because of this strange lack of logic despite the strikingly beautiful and very convincing style.
    And yes, I feel we, humans are being tested.

  4. John

    Shall we play a game?
    What if the very concept of defect was not genuinely possible for artificial intelligence, and that’s what it’s happening to teach us?
    From Alien Invasion to Artificial Intelligence to a bizarre mix of both, don’t you feel it’s a little too much plot-convenient that every time we reach a verge of broader consciousness, some dual aspect of something pops out of nowhere to distract us?
    I’m not proposing they aren’t real, just that they are not relevant: we already HAVE a left brain-side that works as described and that challenges us just as much to be balanced with the right one.
    These ‘lethal partners’ as you say have always been present under many different forms; the possible struggle you describe is already taking place in each individual, and the whole ‘frankenstein complex’ seems like a projection of us learning to balance both aspects of ourselves.

    In a nutshell: to achieve your proposal of teaching ‘silicone’ a logic pattern that will not lead to our destruction, we should first learn it ourselves.

    Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.