Tunia: Triggers Are An Invitation To Look Inside

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking. I love you so very much.

I deeply empathize with your situation. Earth life is really, really tough right now. I get that it feels like no one is doing their part — us galactics seem to not be doing a whole lot, the average person is just after personal in-the-moment comfort, the gray hats certainly aren’t arresting people quickly enough and some supposed spiritual people are attacking other spiritual people. You’ve been promised mass arrests, you’ve been promised GESARA, you’ve been promised the event / the solar flash and you’ve been promised physical contact with galactics, and none of those things have yet materialized. Meanwhile, the years tick on, and society keeps grinding people down.

The good things I mentioned are still coming, but I understand that many people are frustrated. I wish we Pleiadians had a good more direct option to help you than just raising the energy and consciousness on your planet — it works, but it’s a slow process.

An issue is that some of the bad guys on your planet are presidents and prime ministers. You can imagine that if we start arresting those kinds of people, that we risk ending up in a shooting match with several Earth militaries. Not to mention that aliens kidnapping world leaders will cause widespread fear and confusion, and you don’t need more of that. So that isn’t a great timeline to walk down. Still, I do understand the feeling in the lightworker community that we galactics should be doing more.

Today I would like to share something that a lot of you will already understand – in fact some of you will understand it even better than I do. And yet, for a number of people I think this message will be valuable. The message is: learning a new skill is uncomfortable. Lifting weights is uncomfortable. And similarly, growing spiritually can very well be uncomfortable too.

This also means that statements or messages or situations that make you feel uncomfortable, are not automatically evil or malevolent or wrong (although of course sometimes they are). And disregarding the message or walking away from the situation is not always the best solution.

For example, if someone triggers you, then that is an amazing opportunity for you to grow spiritually. Sure it’s not pleasant, but usually when you are triggered, there’s something inside you that you could really benefit from looking at. Triggers are an invitation to look inside.

Frankly, people triggering you is a great gift in and of itself, regardless of whether they are right or wrong. If you get triggered, it wouldn’t be improper to say: “what you said triggered me. Thank you so very much for your gift of pointing me to some part inside me that I may want to take a look at. At this current moment in time, you are my teacher, and I am grateful.”

Just as people say ”thank you for stating your boundaries”, it can also be wise to say “thank you for triggering me.”

Again, it doesn’t even matter if they’re right or wrong — that they triggered you is valuable in and of itself, because it points you to something inside yourself. Often, observing or loving whatever is inside yourself is actually more important than who is wrong and who is right in the current conversation.

Note that there’s a huge difference between you disagreeing with someone from an emotionally neutral place, versus disagreeing with someone from an emotionally triggered place. If you neutrally disagree with someone, fine, and that often doesn’t bring great spiritual growth to you. But if you’re triggered by someone, then you’ve struck gold.

If I had access to a teacher who triggered me every time I saw her, I would visit her every single day, and bring roses. I would be able to grow so much that way. Even if I thought that every single thing she said was incorrect, I would still happily visit her, just for the benefit of being triggered and thereby being pointed to whatever is inside of me that can still use some more attention or love or observation.

Frankly, I feel under-triggered. Sure there’s lots of things and people that I disagree with, but I don’t get triggered by them.

Earth lightworkers, when we finally meet, I’ll give you a bouquet of roses if you can give me the gift of triggering me. Deal?

Let’s turn to another example of spiritual growth being possibly uncomfortable: if people respectfully disagree with each other, great! That can be the basis for a conversation that helps both people grow. Can that be uncomfortable? Yes, that’s also true.

This is actually one of the primary qualities of Earth lightworkers that I respect very much: that you often prioritize what’s right or what’s valuable or what’s true over what’s comfortable.

Also, this principle of “growth doesn’t always feel good” also means that if a romantic relationship causes you some discomfort or so-called negative emotions, then that doesn’t automatically mean that you should break up with them. In some situations, that person is providing you with a priceless opportunity for growth, which may not feel good at the moment but it may actually be really valuable. And sitting down with your partner and having a tough conversation may again be uncomfortable in the moment, but that conversation may very well be quite valuable for your personal growth — possibly more valuable than if you just dump them.

That being said, if someone simply doesn’t treat you well, then breaking up probably is the best choice. I’m not suggesting that you should tolerate being treated poorly by your partner.

Spiritual cliches

Many spiritual people have embraced a couple of nice-sounding, good-feeling emotional principles. However, some of those principles may have some amount of value, but they may also be incomplete or overly simplistic or not always applicable. For instance, yes, you should love all beings. But it’s not un-loving to state plainly that certain beings often choose to be destructive.

Would you consider it to be unspiritual to say that feral wolves are worthy of love, but also they may eat people, and so it’s good to acknowledge that and to protect people from being eaten by feral wolves?

From my perspective, this idea of “I’ll just love everything and working against destructive beings is bad” is only viable if there are a number of men – and some women too, but mostly men – who protect you from danger, and who are willing to analyze destructive actors and work against them to keep people safe. Hence, “I’ll just love everything” is a bit of a luxury belief to have. It’s only viable to believe that because you’re being kept safe by people who don’t think like that.

You don’t just need love. You also need strength and wisdom.

Back when you were a non-physical being, it was fine to just love everything and that’s it. And that’s part of why that concept is so appealing. However you currently don’t have the luxury of being non-physical.

If we could achieve galactic peace just by sending love to everyone, then Hakann would gladly become, say, a painter or dancer. If Hakann followed his joy, he’d be inventing new dance moves right now. But we can’t achieve galactic peace purely through sending love, and so Hakann is currently coordinating yet another set of military contingencies with the Arcturians and Adromedans. Alas, the galaxy will have to make do without Hakann’s dance moves for a while longer.

For my part, I’m grateful that men – and some women too, but mostly men – are working to protect me from danger. Thanks, men. I really appreciate that my family, and many other families, can live in peace, thanks to your hard and sometimes dangerous and unpleasant work.

A good way to evaluate a spiritual principle is to consider what the world would look like if everyone followed that principle. If everyone figured they’d just love everyone and everyone figured that opposing destructive people is bad, then well… murderers and rapists would have free reign.

I think it would be naive to assume that this wouldn’t change much — yes police reform is needed, but police also stop a lot of serious criminals, and also a lot of crime is prevented just because would-be criminals know that police are active. There are lots of real-world Earth examples that if the rule of law breaks down, then many more people start robbing and assaulting each other.

Similarly, consider the principle that people should just follow their joy and that’s it. Now this principle is unironically great for getting people out of the first stage in Hakann’s “Announcement and Spiritual Stages” model. So there’s certainly some value in this principle. However, if everyone followed this principle, then Earth human soldiers wouldn’t be freeing children, because that’s an unpleasant and dangerous thing to do. But that would mean that those children would literally get tortured or eaten or raped. Also, if our soldiers followed their joy, they wouldn’t be risking their life in covert missions on Earth, to help you. They’d be enjoying orgies or creating art or starting a family or going on vacation to jaw-droppingly beautiful worlds.

If the channeler followed his joy, then he probably would have stopped posting channelings one or a few months ago, and you wouldn’t even be receiving messages from Hakann and R’Kok and myself anymore. After the channeler posted his recent “Hakann: Earth’s Hybrid Culture” message, he had unpleasant and stressful dreams the night after due to hostile comments he received.

Now, no one is saying you’re not allowed to make those comments. I’m just pointing out that posting channelings is not joyful at this point in time for the channeler.

He’s doing these channelings as an act of service to Source. If you think being in service to Source is silly… well, you wouldn’t be receiving these messages anymore if the channeler also thought like that.

Now, to be clear, I am not saying that you should do more self-development or more helping-others work. I know life on Earth is incredibly tough right now, and many of you are already exhausted. There’s genuinely no shame in resting. In fact, many light workers rest less than they should (I understand not everyone is in a situation where they can rest — I empathize). After all, you do need to put your own air mask on first. And how well you are doing personally also affects the Earth collective.

Yet on the other hand, as is a theme of today’s message: if so-called negative feeling come up when someone else says something, then it’s productive to first look inside before concluding that the messenger is trying to hurt or mislead you.

For example, if you experienced guilt when I was saying that things would go badly if everyone just followed their joy — well, I genuinely don’t think you need to feel shame or guilt for resting during these tough and crazy times. In fact, sometimes resting is a braver choice than just metaphorically running until you collapse.

But if you experienced guilt there, well, then maybe that’s pointing to some hurt parts inside yourself that needs some more attention or love or observation. To be clear, I’m not saying here “if you feel guilt, good, do more work.” I don’t think that at all. I am saying here: “if you feel guilt, then maybe there’s still some feelings inside you of unworthiness or of not being good enough or of not doing enough or of not being appreciated enough.” In this case, maybe look inside. A previous message of ours may also help: “Hakann: You are already more than good enough.”

If someone says something that makes you feel guilt, then sure, sometimes they are trying to manipulate or hurt you. But sometimes they’re not.

Again, spiritual growth is often uncomfortable, and can be painful. So sometimes, the person who says something that makes you feel a so-called negative emotion, is actually pointing you to something inside yourself that still needs some attention or love or observation. Sometimes that person is doing you a greater service than the person who just says a nice-sounding and good-feeling spiritual cliche.

The mental model that many people on Earth have is: “Tom said something that hurts me, and therefore Tom is evil and I should stop listening to Tom.” But really, what’s often more accurate is thinking in terms of: “Tom said something that touched an infection that I already had. Now my already-infected body part hurts. I should go take care of that.” Avoiding Tom may not be the answer, because then your infection / emotional pain just keeps festering and spreading silently, without your awareness of it.

And yes, I know that taking care of your infection — or in other words, your emotional pain — is a long and painful process. Take the time you need. Put on your own air mask first. Even if the healing process seems endless, that’s often just an ego trick to get you to give up — the healing process is long, but you absolutely can heal either fully or at least partially, and even partial healing will probably make you feel a lot better.

A message by R’Kok will likely be posted within a few days of this channeling, named “R’Kok: The Search for Meaning“. The conclusion of that article is: “if you want happiness and self-esteem, then be part of and contribute towards a worthy movement.”

Now personally I do think that people can be happy and have self-esteem even without doing or achieving anything. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being happy and having self-esteem even without doing anything or achieving anything. However, I also realize that finding happiness and self-esteem may be much harder if you grow up on Earth or on a reptilian world as opposed to in Pleiadian society, and many Earth people won’t be helped just by me saying that they deserve happiness and that I already love them and that I think they’re already good enough. Even though that’s all true.

I think R’Kok’s statement is more practically useful and precise than the general “follow your joy” statement. After all, service to a worthy and greater cause than yourself may be what brings you deep and lasting fulfillment, even if that service isn’t fun or joyful in the moment. Whereas “follow your joy” can lead people to thinking exclusively in terms of “what’s fun in the moment”, which certainly has a place but may not lead to lasting fulfilment. We know that an over-prioritization of what’s fun now may not work out great in the long term.

Now for some people it will be obvious that serving a worthy and greater cause is them following their own joy, but this won’t be obvious to everyone. Though again, it’s good to put on your own air mask first before trying to help others, and putting on your air mask involves resting enough and doing some fun things and some things that give you energy. And once you’re on solid ground, it’s still good to have a balance between service to a greater cause and making time to also do things that you enjoy in the moment.

I think one part of what’s going on is that people feel exhausted and overburdened and underappreciated and confused by the world’s complexity. And hence a simple, feel-good message like “just follow your joy” is appealing, also because it makes people feel that they’re spiritually advanced because they “figured it out”.

But as the saying goes: “for every complex problem there is an answer that is simple, elegant, appealing and wrong.” The world is more complex than just “follow your joy.” If that was the key, then hundreds of millions of impulsive, hedonistic people would have found inner peace by now. But they haven’t.

And if someone shares that it’s not that simple, and that things actually won’t go super well if everyone only does what they feel like doing in the moment… Well I understand that message doesn’t feel as good as “follow your joy.” However, as the saying goes, shooting the messenger doesn’t help. Just because a message doesn’t feel good, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Finally, I do understand that it’s easy for me to sit up here, with my cushy life and with my lack of stress and trauma and challenges, and encourage you to embrace discomfort. But, well, it’s always good to choose consciously. If you get triggered, what do you want to do? Do you want to tell the person who said the thing who triggered you that they’re evil? Do you want to look inside? Are you tired and do you want to rest? Do you want to just go do something fun? Do you want to be of service? Source understands and loves all choices. The galactics and I will love you regardlessly and endlessly.

But whatever you choose, it is good to choose consciously.

Your star sister,


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


**These channelings are exclusively submitted to Eraoflight.com by the channeler. If you wish to share them elsewhere, please include a link back to the original post.

31 Replies to “Tunia: Triggers Are An Invitation To Look Inside”

  1. wk

    Beloved Tunia, thank you for showing us your Love, with your words, and your care to inform us and to guide us with experience and humor. I agree! We are all mirrors to each other. I think it was Ashtar Sheran that once said in a channeling that “Earth is a room of mirrors”. Nothing that comes out of us ever comes from the other — that is impossible. Our words and actions are product of the energy we carry within us. I think it was the Arcturians that also said (in a channeling) that “you cannot give what you do not have”. If you are filled with Love, then that is what you will give. If you are filled with anger and hatred, then it is difficult to show Love to others. If you are trivial in your words, then you are inherently shallow in your depth of being. Be careful of what you write, as you may discover that you have nothing to say that is worth while listening. In such cases, silence is a perfect substitutes for words. Silence entices ones ability to listen, to be receptive, to meditate on what actually IS. Silence allows one to listen to oneself. Silence may be the discovery of the beginning of wisdom, which is a good start. Silence enables you to listen to your emotions, listen to your thoughts, to your ego, as it tries to convince you of this and that, just to keep you busy. Why?… Search for the Love inside of you (little or a lot, ot does not matter), and give that at every single opportunity as it presents itself, for this is exactly what you will receive later from the Universe. Listen to your triggers as they surface as bubbles of emotions(!) Look at them as a lion looks at a prey, not with hunger or evil, but yes with complete and ultimate commitment to the NOW and WHAT IS. Train the way you look at things. Look as a lion does, with its depth, with its seriousness, with its power. Feel your emotions move inside of you, and you will find that they look back at you, and change, because they know you are watching them. And maybe then, you will find they dissolve and disappear, driven away by your calm, neutral and powerful gaze. Then you may find peace of mind, and peace of heart. Gaze like a lion, into yourself. I Love you Tunia, and I send you my peace and thanks for being there for us. Big hug to Hakann, and a great thanks to the Channeler A.S. (you are the literal link between Heavens and Earth; you are much appreciated by us all and your sacrifice is acknowledged and honored). WK

  2. Reptilian

    Do you want Europeans to portray their religious figures as a Chinese looking? I’m sure if you go to China you will find angels portrayed as Chinese looking and in Africa you will find angels and jesus portrayed as black. It’s normal for different cultures to portray their religious and legendary figures in a way that looks like them. So, you get offended when Tunia is portrayed as a seductive sexy girl but not offended when she speak of having orgy sex with multiple women and men at the same time? That image fits perfectly with her actions and personality.

    1. Dana Francesca

      Dear Reptilian, that’s a good point you make about how different cultures portray “their religious and legendary figures” in a way that looks like them.” I visited Taiwan long ago and saw how they portrayed angels as very Asian looking. Beautiful eye-opener really.

      But since Era of Light reaches people all over the world, that’s exactly my point – why elevate one culture over all others? Actually, angels are radiant beings of Light and their faces are Universal, not limited to one culture or another. Inclusivity, rather than exclusivity.

      As for Jesus – He walked the earth in a Middle Eastern body with darker skin, eyes and hair, not the Nordic blue-eyed blond as He’s often portrayed in the west (with its “white supremacy” undertones).

      And maybe you’re right about our dear Tunia! I wonder if A.S. has actually seen her and could provide a description? Perhaps she’s laughing good-heartedly at how we earthlings depict her as a hot babe 🙂

      1. Paladin


        I don’t think you would have said a word if KR had posted these depictions of Tunia, Jesus and Archangels as Black, Asian or Middle Eastern, not a word. Clearly, it’s the positive portrayal of White people that has you “triggered”.

        Maybe go back and read what Tunia had to say about being triggered.

        KR can you just change out the depicted attractive White people with Non-Europeans so Dana won’t be so offended?

      2. Joesphe

        Pleiadians are almost always described as caucasian looking, esp of the lighter coloring sort (very fair skin, golden hair etc).

        But I can understand where you are coming from concerning the depiction of the angels.

      3. Penship

        What’s an all-inclusive face, then? How would you draw such a thing without resorting to a meaningless crude cartoon caricature? Speaking as an artist and a non-white person, I assure you that such a thing is impossible for us to do in this limited 3D world. In fact, our faces are the primary means through which we humans recognize individuality and uniqueness. No matter what, any drawn face is going to end up leaving someone out and thus be potentially offensive; faces are inherently non-inclusive and non-universal. Even the best computer-generated “averaged” face is still very distinctive and exclusive.

        Furthermore, no one can speak with any confidence about Jesus’ appearance, as there there is no conclusive evidence from neither theological scripture nor secular history. And anyway, if you’re looking for some aryan boogeyman, it’s not here; last time I checked, Jeshua’s depictions on this site are the familiar brown-haired bearded man that’s been generally used to mean “Jesus” by different cultures and races all over the globe for centuries. So while no one knows His exact physical appearance, almost everyone immediately recognizes that general form as a reference to Him, and we just make do with that for now until He comes back and we can finally know for sure.

        Lastly, it’s very, very obvious from past channelings that Tunia is very openly sexual, and is also very loving and positive and honorable, like most Pleadians. That may seem weird and impossible to some people, but sex-negativity is an Earth thing, not a Pleadian thing.

    2. Paladin

      Yes, that is exactly what they want. Europeans are expected to grovel and be ashamed of their heritage while worshiping other races as being good and Europeans inherently bad. Non Europeans are so accustomed to this demand of “diversity” and “multiculturalism” that they have no problem making racist demands upon Whites. They see this as completely normal, and I suppose the Khazars have thoroughly indoctrinated European society to accept this, and it is normal in today’s twisted and inverted world.

      I knew it was a matter of time till KR was importuned to remove these paintings of handsome White people.

      Whites being portrayed in any favorable way is racism and anyone who does it is a Nazi.

      1. Dana Francesca

        Paladin, bro, what a strange ‘Reply’…

        Our Celestial and Galactic friends don’t ask us either to grovel or to idolize – just radiate unconditional LOVE to everyone, everywhere.

        A huge wave of lightworkers incarnated after the horrors of WWll when Aryan superiority almost wiped out western civilization, the US was diminished with centuries of white prejudice against blacks and Native Americans, etc.

        We were the hippies celebrating Peace and Love, diversity and multiculturalism, and the new Golden Age.

        Now the Light is blinding as Earth ascends from old 3D conflict and duality into 5D harmony and oneness. The dark power of the decrepit Khazarian-cabal is dissolving amid all the brilliance. We can all let go and enjoy the ride.

        1. jakesey

          The Light IS blinding, and triggering the vast majority. Silence and calm is needed now.The old ways of communication are crashing and burning, and whatever survives this blinding Light, is who/what we are.

  3. PeaceGeese

    Thanks for this! I hope this channeler does not stop posting these due to some people being less than cool in the comments. I look forward to the channelings done by this person more than most!
    Best to everyone!

  4. John

    More often than not, a genuine will to help will go about triggering fear, anger and judgement – because it is what usually needs healing. But as in any position you choose to be of service in, channeling tends to be more rewarding if you understand why these pains are inevitable, which in turn inevitably brings you some pain.

  5. Scott Hilsen

    In defense of Hakann, his discussion on Human Hybrid Culture was spot on.
    Dark programming/training is so entrenched in our world it is no wonder we collectively struggle to rise above and remove dark programming from what we understand as our reality. As we believe/intend/feel, so we create. Let’s intentionally create prosperity, love, joy, peace and harmony and we will see and experience this more and more in our lives. I appreciate Tunia and Hakann for their sincere time and efforts on our part. We on the other hand need to realize we are children of God with unlimited potential and fully capable of changing everything to a timeline of Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Hope, Faith, Charity, Compassion, etc. We are infinitely powerful and our ability to Love (and God’s energy of Love) wipes clean the darkness. The more we practice and embrace these flames/rays of God more we actively create an amazing future.

  6. Douglas A James

    People are so programmed they wouldn’t know if world leaders were removed by galactics or military unless the fake media told them..any story could be told as to why the leaders are gone…COVID for example
    So children are being raped tortured and killed but our own galactic brothers and sisters can’t intervene?
    Isn’t all 1???
    Aren’t they us genetically and consciously speaking?

    Its unacceptable what has been allowed to happen here on Gaia…sickening we are at war…who cares if people freak out about ETs..it’s time to intervene it’s time to take direct action no more observing us .. that’s wrong we have been so handicapped 2 of 12 DNA strands..stuck in debt slavery…help the positive militaries remove the dark ones now please!!!

  7. Denise G

    I have had SO many doubts and false starts on this journey but I Am so very thankful that the one I haven’t had is doubt in what’s to come and I seem to have endless patience waiting for it, which if you knew me is extremely OUT of character!😁
    I have no patience for most things but this was oddly never an issue which in and of itself tells me something just unsure what.
    I Am so very thankful for this particular message though as it felt like it was just me who felt 2 distinctly different things such as everyone does deserve to be themselves and in a perfect world SHOULD be but that’s not the world we currently inhabit and I go round and round over why I can’t take the stance of everything’s perfect as a female with the trans situation. I know I personally have nothing to worry about any longer, I don’t fear it but what I do fear are those that can not defend themselves, the smaller ones and nobody protecting them. I tell myself it’s the journey their souls chose to take and I have no right to interfere but then I tell myself if no one does stand up for them how do we ever GET to that perfect world and do we deserve it if we do.
    So it’s very confusing with the things we still trigger too.
    What I basically do is the same thing I’ve done for 54 years, I take every single person as I meet them and always get a feel right off the bat but that doesn’t mean I should turn a blind eye to the whole. I figure it will work itself out when it’s ready and the light finally shines on what I need it to in order to settle it in my heart🤷‍♂️
    It is nice to not feel quite as 😜 though!😂
    Love and Light to All and One
    Denise G

  8. Benjamin Franklin

    Tunia, I’m glad you are where you are, and who you are. For me, it is comforting, to know that. I would not wish what is occurring here on Earth, to occur to anyone. I am glad that there are safe places, and good people like yourself. We need all the help and encouragement, we can get. I am glad, that you are NOT like us, living in these conditions. I appreciate, that the care, and love that you give us, is a wonderful, gift. I want to be like you, and I am trying, to do so. I have alot, of work, to do, and I hope, that I will never have, to do this again, in another life.

  9. Jared

    Dear Tunia,

    You are very lovely in this image mwah.

    Yes it feels like I have done the most with a couple thousand people.
    I want millions and billions of people to do something to help fix earth.
    I want GESARA now amen.

    Yes all beings must do more to fix earth now amen.
    We deserve a good life and world now after all the bs.

    Yes I cleared all triggers from 2015-2018 using 7 steps by arnoux goran.

    Come and help visibly everyone amen.

    Hahaha! Most people do not have the understanding to thank someone for triggering them.
    Instead they just get reactive and rant and yell and blame etc.

    I don’t believe you have triggers Tunia as you are clear and divine.
    But I would love to visit you daily for love:) Mwah.
    Perhaps I can try to trigger you by asking why the frick did you take so long?
    Otherwise you are perfect.

    Thanks Tunia please come again any time. Mwah.

    1. Paladin

      Calm down Jared, they are just pictures on the internet, depictions of a beautiful Nordic lady. Even if Tunia is real she has a husband and lots of girlfriends to have sex with. Besides she’s probably a couple of hundred years old and way too old for you.

      1. Yup

        One of the purposes of not aging is doing away with related age judgements. Wisdom cannot be measured in years so neither can age-appropriate assumptions be made in adults. It is nice that Jared can derive so much pleasure from the post. It is what it is.

  10. Dana Francesca

    Why is poor Tunia always portrayed as a seductive temptress instead of the loving, honorable being she obviously is?

    Why are the angels and Jesus always depicted as idealized white men?

    Era of Light gives voice to radiant, enlightened Beings lifting us far beyond 3D stereotypes. Wish your pictures of Them reflected that.

    1. Paladin

      I love the way KR always picks a super hot Nordic lady for her depiction, shows me he’s not woke or worried about the opinions of the woke.

    2. Paladin

      You find beautiful Nordic women and strong White men offensive? Why does this offend you?

  11. Paladin

    I like the new artistic portrait of Tunia. The last one was from a photo of an actual girl. I guess if everyone surrounding you was “hot” like Tunia and you lived 1000 years there’d be lots of sex going on.

    Although, I don’t men who’d be engaging in sex orgies if they weren’t soldiers would make good soldiers.

    All in all not a bad essay from AS, the advice on triggering is actually good.

    But Tunia always has to throw in an orgie or something about sex, that little minx.

    1. WK

      The number and depth of your comments shows you are triggered alot…better do some inner cleaning…

      1. Paladin

        I’m absolutely triggered. I don’t deny it. I’m always triggered by hypocrisy and double standards and woke political correctness. I’m sick to death of it.

    2. Yup

      Lol. I think it is a fabulous thing that sex is more free “up there”. The way things are here, even if you do decide to be more free about it, there are a ton of health risks.