Life Tapestry Creations: A Loving Goodbye to What Was

Dear Ones,

Most likely, large pieces of your outer or inner world are shifting. It is not only a time of change but also of reflection. Who are you? Who are you becoming? Who do you wish to be? All questions that seemingly demand immediate answers. But answers that cannot yet necessarily be provided.

You are like salmon swimming upstream – something you have done numerous times throughout your transition. Even though logically, your shift may not seem right, intuitively, you know you have to complete it.

So you feel distraught and confused. The logical part of you continues to question your decision(s). Your inner part knows you need to do this or be that. You are exhausted yet exhilarated, confused but knowing, cautious but excited – simultaneously.

You can barely complete your required tasks, much less tasks that feel beyond your capabilities. Tasks you used to breeze through now seem overwhelming. And required tasks seem too daunting to attempt. So it goes day after day as you transition more rapidly than either we of the Universes or you thought possible before your earth entry in this lifetime.

You feel betwixt and between. Feelings that are almost impossible to describe to others as you say and do things that seem unlike you. Feeling both right and wrong, tired and energized.

The obvious question is, how long will your personal tensions continue? As long as you wish.

The shift you are making either within yourself or in your outer world is a necessary given. For you no longer create or make significant changes without the urgings of your inner being. The exhaustion you feel is your fight to maintain what was as you transition into what is.

This confusion, this exhaustion, and at times, inner pain are merely a loving goodbye to what was. Like discarding a comfortable shoe that no longer serves you. But also a shoe filled with loving memories you wish to hold onto.

Those memories will fade. Your life is changing so dramatically that your former memories of love and joy will pale compared to what you are about to experience.

This is a time of joy, laughter, and fun. None of these can be created from past memories because they are only memories. It is time for you to join creative, fun beings who, like you, wish to live in the present instead of the past. A present that does not include the give-and-take 3D required.

In 3D, even though you experienced joy, that joy was mostly tinged with fear, regret, and a knowingness that the activity or feeling would be difficult to replicate. It was a moment instead of a life.

You are now creating a new life. A life that might access some fear or pain, but fear or pain that will be as minimal as your joy once was.

You have completed your 3D lessons of fear and are beginning new lessons of love and joy. Something difficult for most of you to comprehend because you are not used to expecting ongoing joy.

Even though you are a new being seemingly at a crossroads, you already completed that crossroads. For you are no longer of 3D. You are a new being in a new world, adjusting to love and joy.

So allow yourself to flail a bit as you discover that whatever calamity you conceive of disappears. You are no longer living the life of fear you once accepted because of your eons of earth experiences in that milieu. Allow yourself to know that you are a new being, and so is the earth. And then realize you cannot shift that certainty any more than you could shift 3D fear. So be it. Amen.

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