Self Mastery

What is it?  How do you do it?


We offer Energy and Hold Space for you.


Self-Mastery is personalized, and different for each.

There are various levels, and the mastery is always changing in the NOW.

Developing the tools and techniques tailored for you by you.

All of your systems, emotions, mind, physical vessel are all on autopilot.

One by one, you will develop the Mastery tools to remove each one from autopilot and empowering yourself.


Doing the work on yourself, peeling the layers back one by one, observing the changes in the physical will slowly quell the distortions.

When you are at peace, the world will reflect it back to you.

When you are in your bliss state, you can be the Creator you truly are.

There is an awakening at the beginning, there are layers to be peeled back.  These are general the layers the world and family have layered upon you. The labels and ideology you have applied to yourself.  You receive synchronicities to guide you. It maybe number sequences on a clock, car plate, billboards etc. People may even keep repeating the same thing over and over.

Follow you intuition, sharpen it.  Hone it.

Use your discernment, how does it feel?

Walk down every avenue of information you are guided to, regardless of how you perceive it. It might be a seed for later.  If the information does not resonate with you, then move on. You may follow someone for some time, and all of a sudden, the info does not resonate.

Just like a book when you are done with it, you just close it and put it down.  No judgement.

Thank them for the breadcrumbs of information and feel blessed you are on your path, and on to the next.

Save any old books you may have read early on in your awakening; you may be guided back to re-read from a higher perspective. Just a recommendation.

Or you may skip the awakening and be born awake and fully aware.

When you have progressed, you will be guided to work on your systems and understanding more of yourself.

You may start with emotions, or you may start with the mind. Follow your intuition.

When you start to practice your self-mastery, you will begin to see the changes in the physical. At times, it is instantaneous.  These changes allow you to left and right foot through the mucky energies and keeps you motivated.

There may be times you will try to unknow or delete your new understandings because you won’t believe them.  The themes will keep repeating from your team until you are comfortable. When the entire sponge has been rung out, you will be guided on to the next.

This is a good way to discern information coming from your team or just distortions. You cannot delete the information, that is one crutch you can lean on when you feel doubtful.  TRY TO DELETE IT from your awareness.

The TRUTH is the TRUTH, it needs no explanation when you hear it.  Just like the rain, you know it is rain.  FULL STOP.

If you feel you are stagnant at where you are, ask out loud.  What is next? and sit back and observe.

We offer in love for it is always your choice to take what we share and apply it to yourself.

Why not give this a try:

Set the intention. say it out loud making it a vibration: I want to become aware when I apply expectations to those in my awareness.

Erase all of your over lays you have on everyone in your awareness.

Reflect back on all your interactions in the recent perceived past, mostly closer people.  How many times did you think of how that person was or is going to act or behave?

Let us make you aware.  This applies especially to those you perceivably do not like or grate you. How many times have you expected that person to behave in a certain manner because of past incidents or otherwise?

When you hear their name, or you become aware they might go to the same meeting.  What do you do? Do you go right back to a perceived past behavior and lay upon them your expectations of said behavior. Do you have expectations of behavior for your co-workers?

Go to these interactions with NO expectations of that person, co-workers, family members, and circumstances you may experience.

Try to hold space and treat everyone like you are meeting them all for the first time, with no expectation over lays.

This understanding can be expanded to everything you perceive.

Observe what is mirrored in return.

Much Love,

It’s EZ



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