Your Monadic Merge

What is your Monad?

Your Monad is sometimes called your I AM Presence. Source sent out aspects of His light into the Universes, and these were called Monads. They are vast, twelfth dimension, lights that are awesome beyond concept. Each one contains archangel energy plus keys and codes of the universe.

Eventually each Monad sent out 12 aspects into lower dimensions, to learn and experience. These became souls or higher selves.

And then in turn the souls sent out 12 aspects, sometimes called soul extensions or soul personalities. These penetrated into even lower dimensions. Some even came to Earth, the plane of free will, which is considered to be incredibly brave.

The aim of this is to bring back knowledge, information and experiences to expand and enrich the Godhead.

Imagine grandparents who live in a vast mansion with their twelve sons and daughters. They send the children out to see the world and make their fortunes, with the hope that they will return one day and enrich their lives with their experiences. The children spread everywhere and eventually marry and have children of their own. As these grandchildren grow up they become curious about their origins and start asking questions. Then they start travelling back to visit their parents and finally their grandparents.

The journey to ascension, maybe over lifetimes, takes you to visit and then merge with your parents (your soul or Higher Self) and then up to see your grandparents and ultimately to live in their house (Your Monad or I AM).

The 5 Masters who help you with your Monadic Merge

Once you are living in a fifth dimensional way and have merged with your higher self you start on the journey to the summit. You are now on your way to connecting with and then merging with your Monad or I AM presence.

When you incarnate five Great Illumined Masters are allocated to you to help you when you are ready to merge with your monad. Because of the energy of this day and because there have been so many petitions to the Intergalactic council to help our planet, the Council has granted a divine dispensation so that everybody can take advantage of this.

So if you are reading this and do not think you are ready remember there will be a boost of energy on 22nd October this year to help you, as long as you have the intention to raise your frequency.

We talk about the Great Ones as Masters or Lords. A Master has mastered the lessons of the dimension. In addition, a Lord (of light) holds a high frequency of Christ light.

When you start on the last stage of this journey the five Illumined Masters step forward to accompany you. When I learnt who my five Masters are, I was dumbfounded – actually that is an understatement. I was awed and incredibly honoured. And I feel their energy with me every day.

You can meditate for yours. However, until they have been revealed to you I understand that the five allocated to me will graciously and happily accompany you.

These are;

Lord St Germain, who is Keeper of the Golden Scales and is also the Keeper of the Violet Flame.

Master Merlin, Master of Alchemy and Magic.

Lord Voosloo, the highest frequency High Priest to incarnate in Atlantis. He enabled Atlantis to jump shift into the golden age and he is now with us again, carrying the keys and codes to allow us to leap into our golden future.

Lord Paul the Venetian, who carries the pure white Flame of Freedom. He also touches you with heartfelt creativity.

Lord El Morya, the Manu, who carries the keys and codes of the ascended human of the golden future with 12 strands of DNA connected and active.

**By Diana Cooper