Yeshua: The Way Source Sees You

Greetings, friends, brothers and sisters of the Way, of the way that we began walking long ago, together. I see you in my heart through the eyes of love, and I wish for you to see yourselves the way I see you. The way Source sees you, a beloved experience of the divine, of Source creator in form, the I am spark of the All That Is. This is what you are, this is who you were always going to become, for it is your destiny to unravel the great deception, and to stand united in the light, letting it pour over you and through you.

I Yeshua am speaking. I send my love light to you. All is not as it seems, no there is much unmasking to continue and it will not be pretty, friends, but it will be much needed. This is not the time of comfort. The time of preparation is over, the time of action of the great revealing is occurring now. I see you, I see your fatigue, and yet your eagerness to push through this final thrust of change. This massive light, this tsunami of love, as the Mother calls it, this tsunami is you, is us, is all of us,  the Company of Heaven and the Company of Earth, joined, for we are one. This tsunami of love light is pushing, toppling, and it is coming in ever greater strength. Let it in. (I am seeing a large door with a door knocker and someone is knocking.) The light is knocking. Source is knocking. Let it in. Let the light into your hearts and watch your world explode into glory. You have heard much of many promises, and to some extent there have been delays but there has also been allowed more time of preparation. And humanity has needed this to some degree, and those that are just waking up will have needed and will later appreciate the waiting that was done on their behalf, for them, to allow for yet more to awaken.

I Yeshua see you. I love you. You are my family. I am not greater than you. You are not greater than anyone. We are all the same. This will ruffle the feathers of those who have been indoctrinated to believe otherwise. I simply came before,  I was fortunate enough to be born without the programming, and in some ways you have had a much more challenging and unique journey in some respects. Yet all journeys are equally exciting, treacherous at times and full of learning if one is open to it. I see you. Your journey has been a long one of winding mountain peaks and muddy valleys, of fiery fields, and firelight with friends, of broken dreams and expanding into new awareness. New realizations are coming to you. New dreams are coming to you. For you are expanding.

Your old lives have been a beautiful journey. It is time now for the new. Friend, it is time to take a step and to look around and to feel who you are now versus who you were even 5 minute ago. That is how fast the energies are churning, are changing you and all that you see around you. There will be many who do not see, and there will be many that do.  And it may surprise you to realize that the coworkers or acquaintances who you thought were so different are really not that different from you at all. There is always hope. There is always light. There is always the journey of the light returning unto itself, which is the journey that you have been pledged to uphold. You promised and you are delivering. We, the Company of Heaven, look upon you with great love. You are not abandoned. Nothing you could do or say would make me think any less of you. You are intricately loved, valued, upheld. Now it is time to intricately love, value and uphold your own inner child, for this is where true healing begins. Your lives are a tapestry of light, of lives of color, of pain and joy. Life is the greatest gift that creator could bestow. And here you are. You are experiencing it. You will feel fatigued by these relentless energies of love. Rest. When you feel emotionally tender, rest. When you are tired, rest, integrate. Breathe. Breathe it all in and let me walk alongside you. I am here with you in the midst of your journey should you like me to experience it with you. Many of you have been intricate family members, and are still family members of the light in various forms, places and spaces.

I am Yeshua. You, your light, are the second coming. Your embodiment of the Christ consciousness that is rising, from every depth and nook and cranny of this beautiful planet, the Christ consciousness is rising. Rise with it. Let it in and it will transform your life on every level. Some will not want to change, but what is coming is such that all will be forced to make a decision to either change and ride along or depart because the changes will be so great. There will be turmoil and you will be the calm in the storm. You, light bearers, you have born much in these lifetimes, and especially in this cumulative lifetime. This is the climax of this project, so the the next chapter may begin. New Earth awaits.

Take heart. I am with you. I am Yeshua. I enfold you in my peace. It is quite close now. Ground. Breathe. Know that you are ready. You have come for times as this. When the wind howls the change and you hear celestial music, you will know. I am with you. I am Yeshua.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

4 Replies to “Yeshua: The Way Source Sees You”

  1. Joyce

    Thank you so much.i feel so much calmer in the knowing. I wonder if I was with you back then.i guess I will know soon love

  2. Joey Harris

    Thank you for your words of encouragement as we truly are going into unknown waters. Trusting as best we can.