Matrix Part 9-2

Co-Creators already had the first main condition of the operation – a ground team on the Earth’s surface, ready to begin destroying the karmic crystal on the Subtle Plane. They were assigned, as in other ops, the role of the interface.

Through this living channel, Guan Yin and Yang Bao had to pull the toxic substance from all places of its accumulation and annihilate it. After completion of the work, Lightwarriors was entrusted with the sanitation of all places on the planet where karma-forming actions were performed.

After reviewing this plan, the ground team immediately offered their version, which earlier was used to eliminate the karma of wars (see Operation Karma Of Wars, DNI, November 4, 2021). Then, an anti-karmic reactor, created from aspects of Lightwarriors and Guan Yin, was applied for that. It is working successfully to this day, purifying the Souls and Causal Bodies of victims of war and war crimes.

Co-Creators immediately agreed with the proposal and started to build on a Subtle Plane the same, but more powerful installation. For its core, in addition to Lightwarriors, Yang Bao and Guan Yin, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, Christ, World Mother Sophia, Melchizedek, El Moria and Zoya, Archangel Michael and Vera, as well as many other Higher Light Beings have shared their aspects.

The advantage of the new reactor is not only in the quality of its Subtle material, but also in the mechanism of construction. The aspects, singled out from Monads and multidimensional manifestation bodies, merged into unified whole in the reactor’s core, accelerated to the level of Radiant synthesis and switched to automatic mode. Donors were no longer directly involved in this, because the aspects were no longer connected in any way with those who singled them out. Moreover, after termination of work, aspects could be taken back.

When everything was ready, the operation started. Lightwarriors, Guan Yin and Yang Bao began to pull residual karma from all places on the planet, where the substance of Time and Space was mutated, and inject it into the reactor for annihilation. It is noteworthy that at the place of work, where sacrifices were held in the past, crimson moss, of dried blood color, is now growing. Nowhere else have Lightwarriors seen anything like this.

Everything was going according to plan. Step by step, Karma Lords removed, like an excavator, layer by layer, the mutated continuum and put in the reactor’s core. Annihilated the next portion of karma, the installation automatically stopped and turned on again after a new batch load…But as always, another serious problems suddenly emerged, which forced to make immediate and most unexpected solutions.

The annihilation of the Earth’s continuum karma led to a defect in the planetary mass, which, as it turned out, restores the balance of negative substance. That is, by eliminating the mutation of Time and Space, the op’s participants actually created it again! Something had to be done, at once, and Co-Creators found a way out.

There were two options. Or build a new bioreactor that will generate the missing vital substance and fill the mass shortage. Or use Gaia as a donor, for which She will single out Her new aspect and restore by it the needed volume. Co-Creators and the Goddess chose the second option, because there was simply no time for the first one. How did that op go?

Technically, it was conducted through the ground team’s collective Logos. At the appointed time, after sync with it, Gaia placed Her substance in Logos, which distributed it to the right places on the globe. For the operation to be successful, Co-Creators activated a temporary terrestrial Causal Matrix that played the role of an artificial respiration apparatus. It will remain on until the new planetary Matrix reaches full capacity.

But the troubles continued, and this time, they hit the ground team leader and his dipole personally. It all started one night, when an avalanche of nightmares struck him in a dream…Cats without eyes and heads, dogs with amputated legs, all in blood… At first, Lightwarrior thought it was just buggy. But in the morning, Karma Lords explained that the anti-karmic reactor had started working again and now, it annihilates the karma, formed during the sadistic tortures and killing of animals, including pets.

For Lightwarriors, it was not only a revelation to learn about such kind of karma, unknown to them. The events that followed were also shocking. On the same morning, his wife called him on his cellphone for saying that their pet Barmy, a black kitten, which was once thrown into their yard, is in the death throes. She found it at the door, immediately took to the hospital. Along the way, it suffered a lot, screamed in pain. As soon as the doctors started the examination, Barmi’s heart stopped. Adrenaline, massage triggered it… But soon the heart stopped again. The kitten died…

What did nightmares and Barmy have to do with all this? The answer was given by Guan Yin. As it turned out, Co-Creators launched a new operation to eliminate animals’ karma. They understood perfectly well that sadists, enjoying the terrible torments of pets, would last on Earth for a very long, replenishing the volume of this karma. It must be annihilated immediately, but how to do it technically?

To solve the problem, they needed one of these animals, a cat, a dog… Co-Creators chose Barmy because it had a Causal Body, that is, could accept another ones’ karma as a way of service to them, and it is usually where there is already a strong link or bond between them.

In order for the reactor to automatically annihilate negative energy clot, its carrier was technically necessary – to route the newly formed “animal’s” karma. When Barmy began to die, during kitten’s agony, Karma Lords reformatted its Causal Body and connected it to the reactor. At the same time, Barmi continued to draw into itself more and more portions of karma. It was for this that pet was kept alive for some time, in pangs of death…

Barmy died in the hospital, and after burial, its Causal Body became an active Portal, a server that would attract the emerging animals’ karma and redirect it to the reactor for annihilation. Through kitten’s Causal Body, which, as is known, does not disintegrate after the death of the physical corpus.

That’s how it was. It is how a new world is born, through someone’s sufferings and exploits atone for the crimes of others. Lightwarriors have seen a lot in this life, but for a cat to take on a part of the karmic abomination of humanity, they encountered this for the first time. Another self-sacrificing life is a kitten named Barmy. A true Higher Intelligence Being…

(To be continued)

**By Lev


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