New Matrix Part 9-1

By hard hitting high-frequency waves, the Cosmic Day is dawning more visibly and powerfully on 3D Earth. At the same time, preparations are being completed for a new, 4th Local Universe, fully free of dualism and Darks. That is why the Absolute, Co-Creators and the Higher Light Hierarchs accelerated the quantum restructuring of our planet so that it and we could survive and evolve in rapidly growing frequencies – up to 100Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz and higher.

So far, our thoughts and emotions do not exceed 0.3-3.8 Hz, and we don’t see any problems in this, as it was the last 13 thousand years during the Cosmic Night. We deeply believe that the long-promised Event is about to come, and immediately, without any effort, with all our garbage we will find ourselves in the Golden Age of eternal peace and happiness, enjoying the Light of its transcendent freqs.

Initially, Co-Creators did not plan a radical restructuring and activation of the new Earth’s Logos, planetary and Causal Matrices earlier than 2030-2033 and even later. But the Absolute transformed Itself so quickly and successfully and dismantled the now former 3rd Local Universe (see DNI, Operation 4th Universe, Parts 1-10) that Pleroma’s Hierarchs had to urgently redo the entire terrestrial scenario. For three years, Disclosure News in great details and meticulously narrated all their doings on the physical and Subtle Plane. Let’s recall the last main events.

25 July 2022. Since 3D Earth has already entered the high frequencies of 4D/5D, Co-Creators offered the Light and Dark Poles to peacefully determine which of them will remain on the planet. To do this, on December 22 at 00:48 AM CET, a spiritual-energy duel was scheduled between them, where, as in the balance, the strongest in all respects will be selected.

August 2022. For the competition to be fair, the Karmic Council demanded that the 3D Earth’s Chief Programmer Calladion remove from the planet’s Causal Matrix (OS, soft and codes) by September 23 the malware – totalitarian Global Predictor, which he secretly plugged-in when passed to the Dark Side.

3 November 2022. After the Programmer’s categorical refusal to comply, Co-Creators eliminated the Causal Matrix along with the Global Predictor by double sync input of the Absolute Annihilation Code. At the same time, they downloaded adaptive apps to the 3D Earth Logos so that it, the planet and earthlings could exist before the launch of the new Causal Matrix.

15 December 2022. A week before the officially agreed date of the spiritual duel, the Dark Pole with all its forces, mobilized on the physical and Subtle Plane, treacherously attacked the Light Pole, hoping to completely destroy it, but suffered a crushing defeat.

28 December 2022. Co-Creators installed a temporary Causal Matrix in the 3D Earth’s Logos to prevent the growth of entropy and chaos before loading a permanent Causal Matrix, scheduled for the days of the vernal equinox in March 2023.

19 March 2023. Co-Creators introduced a new, high-frequency Causal Matrix simultaneously into three Earth’s Logos – of 5D, 4D and 3D, which together form a single eon. In the first two, thanks to their purity and high vibes, activation was successful. In the latter, it failed due to the discovered remnants of karma in the Logos of a three-dimensional planet. For a while, it was put into evolutionary inertia mode while Co-Creators tried to solve the problem.

26 April 2023. The maximum period (40 days) was approaching when the 3D Earth’s Logos could exist at idle, without a new Causal Matrix. Both were still completely incompatible in their vibrations, and we continued to actively poison the former with our karma, mental and emotional dirt. On this day, Co-Creators and the ground crew were forced to annihilate the old Logos, as its transformation proved impossible.

1 May 2023. Co-Creators gave birth to novel, high-freqs 3D Earth’s Logos with the help of Gaia, who singled out a new Aspect from Her Monad’s Core.

5 May 2023. The new planetary Logos has been successfully activated and anchored by Lightwarriors on the top of sacred mountain in Southern Europe.

6 May 2023. Co-Creators activated a new, high-frequency Causal Matrix in novel 3D Earth’s Logos. For a while, in test mode, preserving in the planetary Matrix the previous 3D software that supported the Darks and Grays, their System, Power Pyramid, agenda, and control over Earth. This maneuver helped to bypass their resistance and avoid the rejection that thwarted the previous attempt to activate the new Causal Matrix through the former 3D Earth’s Logos.

25 May 2023. Co-Creators and their ground team uploaded a new high-frequency planetary Matrix into the 3D Earth core. It gave start to a sinc of entire Multiverse from 3D to Absoluterra in the Pleroma in 13D.

31 May 2023. Lightwariors built a backup Portal of the new Earth’s Logos on one of the Southern European sacred mountains.

The next steps will be the full activation of the novel Causal Matrix with advanced OS, software and codes, as well as new constants of standards in the planet’s core, corresponding to the upgraded Local Universe. It will significantly increase the conductivity and strength of high-frequency flows from the Galactic Center through the Sun to our planet, and fasten the low-freqs 3D System and Power Pyramid’s demolition.

But ahead, there is a huge amount of issues to solve. A serious problem was created by the remnants on the Subtle Plane of the former 3D Earth’s Logos, which prevented the activation through it of the new Causal Matrix. As Disclosure News narrated earlier (see Whipsaw, Part 7, DNI, April 30, 2023), the situation was saved by Guan Yin, who transferred this residual karma to Herself with an obligation to eliminate it within the next 3.33 years. Once again, Her feat saved Earth and helped to successfully carry out all the subsequent operations mentioned above.

On June 15 and 16, new details about these events began to arrive. As it turned out, Yang Bao, the Co-Chairman of the Karmic Council, took over part of Guan Yin’s karma, His dipoles. But for its processing, the main obstacle remained. To eliminate this extremely toxic negative substance, both need physical 3D bodies, which they naturally do not have. Plus, their live presence on the Earth’s surface was necessary.

Lightwarriors went at overcoming that hurdle. Fortunately, in the past, they have already helped Guan Yin in a similar situation (see – Light Forces Thai Operations, Part 2, Disclosure News, 20 August 2020). But first, they had to thoroughly understand what karma was in the former Logos, what it consists of, and why it was preserved after all the previous cleanups. And here the ground team was waiting for a lot of surprises.

In the course of preliminary analysis, it turned out that the Logos itself was not involved in the problem that arose. The karma in it was formed by the crimes of Darks and humans during the Cosmic Night in different parts of the planet. For thousands of years, negative energy accumulated on the Subtle Plane, and like the strongest acid, corroded the substance of Time and Space. And this mutation has been preserved in its continuum to the present day.

Further digging in showed that the mutation produced a giant energy clot consisting of many layers. A part was formed from the residual suicidal karma of humanity. When a person or a group of people commit suicide, this, of course, was their individual karma. But since the event took place at a certain time and place of the Earth’s reality, a karmic trail remained in its field. The surprises didn’t end there.

The bottom-up study disclosed that energy clot was actually a pyramidal Subtle crystal, at the top of which was the “lightest” fraction – suicidal karma. The denser and more toxic layers of the individual karma of those who voluntarily sacrificed themselves followed below. Even lower was the negative energy that condensed as a result of the death (including mass) of people during natural and man-made disasters, epidemics, fires and other natural disasters, as well as violent death (for example, in concentration camps). And the toughest and most horrible stuff accumulated in the base formed by the vampiric-parasitic system, which syphoned out the life power of Earth and humans.

For a new joint operation, Lightwarriors searched a place that maximally took into account the scale and complexity of the work, as well as the gigantic size of the karmic crystal. And they found the needed spot on one of the plateaus in the mountainous region of Southern Europe. There, for thousands of years, many blood sacrifices were carried out, including ritual dismemberment and murder of neonates and kids. In other cases, young boys and girls were burned alive, and often, they were killed together with animals.

The phenomenon of human sacrifice has survived to the present day and continues in the course of Satanic rituals. And as in ancient and medieval times, ritual torture, murder and sacrifice of children are accompanied by cannibalism and collection of victims’ blood in special vessels for collective libations. Often, it occurs under the videotaping as a condition for access to the upper echelons of ruling elite.

How did go the Lightwarriors’ operation to eliminate the karmic crystal?

(To be continued)

**By Lev