Greetings Teachers

It is so much more than a title.


We share energy and hold space for YOU

We wrap you with our Energy, we create space and offer PEACE


Breath in as you expand and feel your being.

We will not tell you who you are, for that is determined by you.

It is revealed in DIVINE timing and Magnificence.

We shall paint a picture,

The world is looking for change, the winds of change are here.

The Divine Cavalry riding in, full charge!

The Rolling Thunder of the LIGHT

Displayed in all of its GLORY, but as Silent as a whisper


For this has never been displayed here

It has been requested, and the request was answered with out hesitation, and with out a DELAY.

For your unveiling, as you begin to peel the layers back and do the work, you shall see.

The Magnificence to be displayed will be AWE inspiring.

There is work to be done on yourself, but it is more like a slow revealing.

The work is what it is and required to dissolve the EGO.

Once the work reaches a certain point, you will feel nothing but JOY.

You will walk around in your daily life in your own bubble, it feels like a magnetic bubble.

Nothing sticks, you see people’s fears, you see how they create their experience.

You can feel other’s fears, judgements and all the thoughts of trying to co-create with you.

You will see the scenarios playing out as thought streams.

Observe, clear the ones do not resonate. Latch on to the better feeling ones and that is the experience pulled into the NOW.

You just cleared a lower timeline experience for that SOUL, by not co-creating with their thoughts.

You will get to a point where you are choosing what to experience.

You will be SO aware.

You will be fully connected to Source, your DIVINITY will be on full display.

Does your EGO doubt these words?

What questions have you recently asked and now find yourself here reading our words SEEKER?

Those playing the game of separation will need an example.

YOU MIGHTY SOUL, have answered the call and have chosen to represent the DIVINE.

YOU and all of US will be the Mirrors for DIVINITY and PEACE.

You will help people change their lives and bring them JOY.

The EGOs weapon is DOUBT and FEAR

You Blessed Ones, will be the FACE, the EYEs, the EARs , the VOICE with a physical presence in the face of the EGO.

You and the LIGHT that you are, will cast the TRUTH beyond a reasonable DOUBT to everything the ego holds TRUE.

You will be the walking example for them


For there is no defense against the TRUTH, for everything the EGO has created is FALSE.

You will know the correct words to say to raise their gaze, as it will be SPIRIT speaking through you.

Watch, Watch, WATCH as they LIGHT UP as you Speak.

You cannot awaken anyone, those wanting an example of the LIGHT will be GUIDED to you.

UNDERSTAND as you go about your daily life, You are the change so many HOPE for!

Walk out the door everyday with the mindset you represent the LIGHT. Make it a Vibration, say it OUT LOUD!!!

It is free choice, not everyone is on same path nor destined to awaken.

Work on yourself, allow SPIRIT to be a conduit through you.

A physical expression, Mirroring the LIGHT is needed to show the way.

You will look back at your path and you will see, why it was exactly the way it was experienced.


Turn your Way showing HEART ON

The ego was nothing but a thought of separation, undo the thought.

Dissolve the EGO and the world it created dissolves.

Humanity wanted new, Humanity wanted a change, we represent the change, WE ARE THE CHANGE.  

We all are still Home, within Source… Just a thought away.  It is just a thought that we all are separate.

We hold this SPACE as these words drop in……

We Gently leave you.

It’s EZ