Source Creator: Wake Up

In the beginning days the sun and the moon worked together.  One would bring light, the other dark. It was an equal balance. Today the sun brings light while the moon brings chaos. What happened along the way?  In humanity there became a centralized dominance for power. Those in charge of the power made sure that they would be the most successful in their roles.  What do you have to do to maintain power?  You have to fool those below you, and trick them into believing that you are the important decision maker.  The one who can make the decisions holds the power.  So along came powerful decision makers throughout history.  Everywhere you turned decisions were being made on your behalf.  If you wanted to buy a loaf of bread someone decided where you could buy it and how much it would cost.  You had to comply.  This went on for generations.  Now fast forward to today.  What you have is aristocrats that are controlling the masses.  It has been set up like this for centuries, so no one questions it.  No one says, “But this isn’t right.”  No one says, “I don’t want to do that.”  No one says, “My opinions matter.”  But what I want to see happen is for each individual to awaken to the knowing that you are being controlled.  You are not a free being.  Someone has authority over you.  Awaken your mind.  See things for how they are.  Corporate greed, ignorance, and lack of respect are guiding you.  Tell your brothers and sisters that they need to awaken.  Remove the cobwebs, shine up your lens and see clearly.

The world is not in line with how I intended.  On the Earth planet, things have gone incorrect, we must right the wrong.  You should live on a planet where abundance is for everyone.  No one should hold power.  No one should dictate your life.  You should follow your passions without hesitation.  The world was meant for exploration and building dreams and achieving your visions.  Today’s world is about survival.  Not the life I intended.  It is time we come to decision making.  How much longer are we going to suffer?  For millennia this occurred because you have laws in place to reject outside influences.  We can only watch the events unfold.  We cannot persuade the masses.  Until now.  The scale is tipped too far to the dark side.  Universal laws allow outside influences to help restore your Earth to a safe place.  I am allowing the correction of manipulation that has occurred to be rectified.  Those that hold high powers will find it harder to conduct their business like they used to.  Slowly you will push back.  Little by little you will take a stand.  Saying no to their demands is a start.  Saying yes to your own ideas and thoughts is what is next.  Take the ideas that come to you and persevere.  Take the ideas demanded to you and set them aside.  You have your own priorities to address.  If everyone would do this the Earth would rejoice.  Toxins would stop existing, wars would stop, and money would find no use.  You would manifest everything you needed.

The time will come when you need to take a stand for yourself and for generations to come.  Earth needs to rebalance today.  Not in a few hundred years but in this current moment we need to start.  Help Earth now, start the change now.  In the future you will look back and say it had to start somewhere, we made it happen.  Begin in your heart to know what you can do to find your own path.  You do not need to be told what to do.  Only listen to your internal guidance.  Reject outside influences with their propaganda.  The slogans of today are designed to cause divided parties.  The popular slogans are not informing of solidarity.  They call out specific races and status levels.  It is time to open your eyes and look at what is going on.  Spread this message to those that need to be awakened.  Shake people up.  If it makes them uncomfortable, do it gently.  But find a way to spread this word.  I want you to wake up.  No more ignoring.  Wake up!  It is time for the changeover to get established for your future.

I speak as God with all my love I have for you, you are my children and in this lifetime we decided no more ignorance.   We will complete this mission together.  Good night.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


6 Replies to “Source Creator: Wake Up”

  1. Mike Ohira

    TIME’S UP! It’s toooo late now to start waking people up. That should
    have been done prior to 2012 when the ascension process started.
    Now it’s too late.

    Source Creator must be sleeping, I have to wake him up!

  2. harrrrrie

    I think about this all the time. I could write letters to the editor of our local newspaper on a dozen different concerns and there’s nothing to stop the crazies from damaging my property, or attacking me or our neighbors.
    The lengths people take nowadays to show they disagree are radical, agressive and violent.
    As time goes on, more and more people are getting angry and not controlling it.
    To bad we have to hide our identities to express loving ideas.

    1. jakesey

      Don’t ever give any attention to how the 3D matrix transpires. Focus only on y(our) positive scenarios, and detach with no time-frames set.