The Hathors: Happening Simultaneously

We are here; the focus is clear and undisturbed. We will offer you seeds of understanding beyond what you know and call real.

We are again offering the awareness of multi-realities and simultaneous lives and activities. Each time it is offered in our messages it triggers and awakens your knowing. It touches aspects of your DNA to awaken and come on board.

We speak of each human as being a multidimensional star human and we are aware that this concept is a stretch for many to understand.  Allow yourself to be flexible with these concepts and ideas.

Imagine if you will your current life and activities. Each activity holds a place within your mind and awareness. You have a very private inner world; this inner world is rich and textured, filled with mental dialogue, images and its own reality.

You have an outer world and this outer world is peopled with family, friends, business associates and strangers. There are things in your life that you loved to do and have a passion for and there are activities that you are less fond of doing however these activities must be done in order to maintain this reality and your life. You don’t really question any of this, it is just a matter of what you hold and think of as real.

When you review your third dimensional life you become aware of many diverse activities, connections, opportunities and goals, tasks and pleasures. You are also aware that you can shift from one activity or connection to another. You do this with ease and skill maneuvering and managing your life. This is how everyone is anchored to this hologame. The focus is here, with all the stimulated images, senses and busyness.

Life is filled with excitement, drama, boredom, pain and pleasure. The skill with which you manage and move through these events and this timeline creates a life on earth which is only one aspect of who you are. It is a focused aspect of who you are. Your main attention and awareness is here, with all the trials and rewards of embodiment.

Now for just a moment allow yourself to imagine that your very active and very rich life is only a very small part of the activity that is taking place within your multidimensional star self. There is more, so much more and you are invited to experience that more in the most amazing and astonishing experiences.

As a multidimensional star human you move through the fabric of time and space with ease and grace. It is a matter of shifting your awareness and your knowing. It is a matter of stretching what you think is your reality.

An infant is only aware of their crib and is only aware of their physical needs. That is the infants’ reality that is their focus. As the child begins to grow the awareness that they can move into other rooms in the house and interact in other ways beside just eating and sleeping develops. They are stretching their awareness. Soon they become aware of the larger world outside the comfort of their home and family. This experience continues to expand until, as an adult, they have a large expanded active life. This life you are focused on, even though it is rich and textured, active and busy is still much like the life of the infant in the crib.

There is an opportunity happening with the infusion of solar energy and the evolutional shift within the psyche and the soul of the human consciousness that individuals are beginning to realize that they are active in many realities and many timeframes. They are beginning to realize that these activities in other realities and other timeframes are happening simultaneously with the current focused life.

This is especially true of the state of unconsciousness while you are asleep. The physical body is seemingly in a state of autopilot. So perhaps you awaken tired, confused, anxious and uncertain as to why you are feeling a bit out of control. Realize that you are processing the effects of the intense energy being offered by the supernova and solar flares. This is the cosmic wake up call to humanity.

We invite you before falling asleep to make a clear intention that you integrate this new energy and awaken consciousness with ease and grace. Call on divine beings to support you in this task. Be sure you are in a state of deep gratitude as you fall asleep.

There is a major shift happening in this hologame, this activity of life that humanity is focused upon. You and others are awakening to the need to shift the illusion of the collective matrix. Began to understand what you are being called to do as a multidimensional star being. You signed up to be here as this shakeup occurs on this planet. You may feel uncomfortable, emotionally activated, tired and anxious.

Use all the conscious tools you have acquired in your growth. Sound your fear, your anxiety and uncertainty. Breath deep many times until you return to your calm center. It is from this calm center that you will begin to be the container for the cosmic energy flooding your planet. This is your time to shine.  You are made for this time.

Humans are awakening and the DNA programs that anchor all awareness while in physical form is shifting allowing a new expanded sense of being bigger than who you have believed you are.

Imagine for a moment that you are infinite. You are connected to all that is and all that will be. You are aware of this focused physical life and you are also aware of other   focused lives all happening simultaneously along the timeline and other dimensions.

Energy follows awareness. Begin to allow your awareness to imagine the possibility of being in more than one place at a time. You are already doing this from your larger multidimensional star self however you do not allow yourself to link into this knowing. These are seeds we are planting which will grow in your psyche and blossom in your deepest soul self.

So, for this day and this message we will conclude knowing that you will continue to think on this and it will continue to stretch your awareness of what you hold as real.

You will continue to expand into your magnificence.

We will continue offering more clarity and our love.  the ‘team’ Be at peace, Beloved.

**Channel: Peggy Black


2 Replies to “The Hathors: Happening Simultaneously”

  1. Bigfeet_E

    Always felt great respect for new Hathor messages. They don’t hold the mic that often, but when they do, they come forward at key moments.
    Much gratitude !

  2. flazak

    One thing to consider is that you desire to be on the timeline or quantum reality that delivers you from evil and allows you to enter what is referred to as the kingdom which is the destination of the world, one overseen by a benevolent and loving creator that oversees the harvest.