From 3D To 4D And 5D: Waiting

We are tired to death of unfulfilled hopes and expectations that are not justified here and now. In recent weeks, the swing of the general mood has been particularly noticeable. Enthusiasm about the events on the Subtle Plane which Disclosure News partially narrated in the series Operation 4th Universe, Duel, New Matrix and other posts, quickly gave way to apathy and discontent. Some doubt the information. Others cannot find a place for themselves due to increasing depression. Still others are offended or openly angry for a variety of reasons. The above DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS SITE, but is typical for the entire info-field, especially for those, who expected the promised immediate changes.

We are particularly angry at the warnings that the transition to 4D/5D does not mean one-day efforts and changes at our personal physical and energy level, but is a long and very painful process. It’s especially tough with prolonged Solar tsunamis, caused by powerful high-frequency streams of dawning Cosmic Day.

The attacks of negative entities and the pressure of the 3D System have become especially frequent, which manifests itself in aggression, intolerance and nervousness in society. Against this background, the more striking is the behavior of those, who feel great and just enjoy life, every hour and day they have lived. What caused such a sharp contrast?

Today, through the Solar Portal, a stream of absolutely new, unprecedented high-frequency vibrations is falling on us, which are perceived in completely different ways. Negative-minded and pessimistic people are simply crushed, and literally finish themselves off with new complaining and whining about unfulfilled hopes, and provocations out of the blue. Even the strongest positivists are beginning to lose ground, because they do not see any momentary changes and happy tomorrow. And everyone is right in their own way. Why?

Because we are still WAITING for something, and not getting what we expected, we start to get hysterical about the “deception” on what is going on. Will there be a Transition at all? Hello, Co-Creators, where is the quantum leap that you promised? Why don’t the Keepers answer specific questions? Why do tips and recommendations not bring the promised result? There are even those who openly declare that “it is better to die than to wait for this fucking transition for another ten years!”

We have built a bunch of templates, according to which we live and wait for exactly what we have drawn for selves (or for us), and not one iota less. We don’t like to think for ourselves, but expect solutions and advice from others. That is why we trust bloggers, websites, channellers, gurus, psychics and fortune tellers more than our own intuition, inner voice and common sense, for Christ’s sake.

We demand the transition strictly on schedule and do not agree to wait for the promised for decades. We can’t see changes due to our eternal headache how to keep up with rising prices and the repayment of dozens of accumulated loans, with all the consequences that come with it. We are infuriated by the apparent silence of the Keepers. We are stifled by discontent and suspicions that we were gypped by those whom we trusted and put everything on the line because of them. All this “bullshit” about the ongoing transformation on the Subtle Plane does not help us in any WAY to solve everyday problems, to get what we are so waiting for and whimsically demanding.

We strongly reject that our transition depends ONLY ON US, AND IT IS STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL FOR EVERYONE. And that apart from our own efforts and self-belief, NOTHING will attract the changes that so many predictors, who epically failed on their forecasts, promised us. But even this does not prevent us from constantly waiting for something, and no one is in a hurry to change selves.

There aren’t and can’t be any exact dates, schedules, and prognosis, or physical doors in 4D/5D. Only a continuously growing flow of high-frequency energies to Earth that carry the potential for development – constructive or destructive, and we choose the vector ourselves: to continue to live with the vibrations of the went Cosmic Night, or learn to live, think and feel at the frequencies of the coming Cosmic Day.

Regardless of our readiness, an active implementation of multidimensional scenarios for the Earth’s development is already in full swing. The remnants of the accumulated karma of the planet, huge segments of population, nations and countries are being destroyed. All systems are on and running at total capacity. A next Time spiral is unfolding. A New World and 4th Local Universe are emerging, and those, who are ready for them, see and participate in their formation.

The necessary, vital information comes non-stop to all of us without exception. Not everyone is ready and wants to take it. But it’s enough to listen to self, to our Higher Self, to ask questions to self, and everyone will get answers in different ways in any, even the most unexpected form: in a dream, in “random” texts, someone’s words thrown in passing, a glimpse of a picture outside the car window, whatever. Observe the world. No request goes unanswered. This Is The Cosmic Law.

Next to us, on the Subtle Plane, stay Keepers and Teachers who are simply obliged to answer our questions. It has always been so. But at the moment, they are working with us especially cautiously and carefully. Especially with those, who feel guided by the Source. The problem is that often our questions are angry, hysterical, contradictory and full of claims, and almost always we ourselves don’t accept the answers. They seem to us either delusional, or banal, or too abstruse.

If we don’t understand the answer, we can ask countless times, the feedback will come from anywhere. But first of all, we need to learn how to look for answers in selves. This is how we establish a constant connection with our Higher aspects. And thus, step by step, we step master the transition to our new, Light Body, a tool of supreme communications. That’s the point of raising our vibrations.

To understand and accept information from the Higher Self, we need, like a radio receiver, to be tuned to certain frequencies. But there are a huge amount of stations operating on gigantic range. To reach the desired connection, it is necessary to remove interference. How can we even hear ourselves if all our perception organs are stuffed by 3D System and its Power Pyramid?

Information from above does not decrease, but continuously grows. The laws of providing it continue to work. Each of us chooses who to contact. If someone wants to communicate with alien civilizations, then he gets such an opportunity. There are many races in the Universe that are ready to interact with us. We are a unique space experiment, and many ETs look at our development as we watch our serials. But only those entities that exactly correspond to our vibrations, frequency settings of our consciousness, thoughts and emotions come into contact. And therein hides an enormous risk of being deceived in expectations again, or becoming a victim of parasitic possessors.

Any information always passes through our personal filters. Our mind interprets in its own way a taken info. Our duality, a deeply ingrained habit of extremes, prevents us from correctly assessing it and its sources. A serious obstacle is previously acquired and hardwired knowledge, which we cannot give up. There are many linguistic and national differences in perception, although they are increasingly being erased by global means of communication.

There is another trap in our emotionality: we continue to judge, to give assessments. And if someone or something does not meet our expectations, we throw a scandal and let all the dogs down, or instantly fall into apathy and depression. Our reaction is the result of our settings. No one puts obstacles in our way. We create them ourselves. Our limitations are only ours. This is our opinion that something is impossible. It is our decision that the path we have chosen is wrong. This is our conclusion that we are powerless. This is our disbelief in our capabilities as a creator of reality. Discard all evaluation decisions. Don’t rate anything or anyone. Just create yourself and your life.

It’s time for us to finally calm down and continue working in the direction that will help us survive in the high energies of the Cosmic Day. Everything is just beginning. There is an immense ocean of possibilities ahead. We need to get used to it. Now it is extremely important for each of us to work on ourselves. Co-Creators help everyone, and for this, they strictly control and run all processes on the physical and Subtle Plane of the planet, fight for every Soul if it has at least one quantum of Light.

All that is required of us is TO STOP OUR ENDLESS WAITING, WHINING AND DEMANDS, but to seriously focus on ourselves – habits, lifestyle, lech for power, things, money, status and prestige, on aspirations, imposed by the System and its so called elite. Only we, by ourselves, can get rid of these bindings, completely reconsider our attitude, awareness of the New World and our readiness for enter into it.

**By Lev