Ashian: On Death and Dying

My father transitioned last week. Death creates a space within us, and this space has never been more ripe for exploration than in the throes of the death of the 3D.

The morning after Dad’s passing, in meditation, I saw a rainforest where the upper canopy was removed, creating unprecented growth in all the plants underneath as they suddenly received more sunlight and rain. The symbolism was clear to me; as a generation of early light workers pass on from this realm, their passing creates space for the next generation of light workers to step out and hold their light.

Dad was a powerhouse of a man.  He lived through his heart; he was a doctor whose great gift was healing other hearts. Two people told me that his light was so strong you could go into the surgery, discover you had a cancer, and still come out feeling better about yourself. It took enormous strength of character to be a light worker in the darkest times on this planet; it was as exhausting for my Dad’s generation as it is to ours, but for different reasons.

Dad, I salute you, and I honour your gift to humanity.

And now I feel the baton passing, the cyclical rising up of wave after wave across the infinity of a transcendent ocean. Each one of us is a drop containing the infinity of the cosmos within us. Our heart is the portal for accessing the healing of that infinite wisdom, and each generation reinterprets these energies in response to the evolutionary needs of their time.

As I said above, living through a death creates a space, not only of who that person was for us, but who we choose to be moving forward. This brush with our impermanence is an opportunity to reconsider ourselves, our lives, our legacy. I am looking at who I am, where I am aligned to my truth and where I am still living through distortions like ‘what others will think.’

I have had the time and space to feel the loss, and to look at my own reflection, to reconsider everything in my life. Who am I now? If I strip away everything, as death washes away the illusion, who am I now?

I’m not saying that I know who I am, but perhaps I am clearer on who I am not, what I hold true and what I choose to release. I’m sharing this with you, not because you may have any interest in my personal life, but because the 3D is dying, if not already dead; the time has come for all of us to consider what truly matters to us ~ and most of us have done so already, in one way or another.

I’ve discovered that I can go deeper; there is greater clarity available to me. I can refine who I thought I was. Synchronistically, I am writing this as Saturn comes to a stop, astrologically symbolic of a death, a break in time…the moment where we stop breathing for a millisecond between the inhale and the exhale. This is my moment to revisit, rechoose, reveal…


Jennifer: Ashian, what say you to all this deep pondering on my part?

Ashian: Greetings and blessings to all who resonate with these words. We are with you, in loving comfort, for as you mention dear Jennifer, Gaia and all humanity are going through a death and rebirth at present, as you prepare for the incoming upliftment of energies that is to occur.

J: … and here was I thinking you’d talk about death!

A: There is so much to come that is to uplift humanity, but evolutionary leaps are intense.  They purge every aspect of … everything. The process of self reflection that you are undergoing is in perfect alignment with these energies.

We invite all of you who are resonating with us to consider what you truly value, where you find meaning and resonance in your life.

What are the courageous truths that you’ve been afraid to express?

What have you been holding back?

Where are you squeezing yourself into your life, knowing deep inside that this box is killing you?

You can die a million times and still live. This is a true reason to mourn.

Is this you?

Death, the final leap from this realm to the non-physical is when you have conquered life, so to speak, not submitted to it. Death is a graduation. You have successfully completed the University of Life. Celebrate!

Celebrate with those who have graduated!

Celebrate, when you realise that you are dying to yourself; when you choose fitting in and conforming to a life path that is completely out of alignment for you.

This path takes courage. When you incarnated, you knew it would take courage. You light workers hold not just the development of your soul, but the evolution of Gaia in your energy field, in your day and night work, in your every breath. You are here on a mission that is the very farthest from easy.

Although it has become a cliche that only the strongest of the strong were chosen to be light workers in this now moment, that does not devalue the truth of your strength.

It is known that you are all tired. If you understood how intensively your non-visible support teams are minding you at present, your hearts would be blown wide open, such is the love being rained down upon each light worker. You are loved; you are treasured beyond words. Allow yourself to tap into that feeling.  Allow yourself to be immersed in the balm of unconditional love that is wrapped around you in every now moment. It is to sustain you.

Go gently with what we share here. Notice where you are in pain. Simply bring your attention to those areas of your life where you are constricted. Love the You that is pain, that is gripped by fear of moving on, of changing your life. Be gentle with You.

And as you do that, set the intention to bring love, light and healing to that corner in your heart where you are in pain. Set the intention to allow that love, light and healing to melt the false ideas that are killing you: set the intention to have the courage to melt, to dissolve, the thoughts that hold you in this straight jacket of pain.

And celebrate! Celebrate everything that works in your life, every aspect of life that brings you joy and peace, because these are the straight jackets of pain you dissolved in previous light-times.

J: Thank you Ashian.  As ever, you bring compassion and wisdom to help us uplift ourselves with the gentleness of a divine touch.

A: It is our pleasure and honour to be of service to you. We are always with you, all you have to do is call upon us.

(C) 2023 Jennifer

4 Replies to “Ashian: On Death and Dying”

  1. jakesey

    Death’s not the end, life goes on;
    We’ve lived before we were born.
    Many lifetimes come and go,
    Still, the soul lives on evermore.

    It’s our greatest fear in this life,
    Causing so much pain and strife.
    Listen, we are not here to die,
    For we came here to learn to fly.

    Your heart’s broken, at the loss
    Of a loved One that once was;
    Memories of past joy and pain
    Fill your mind like autumn rain.

    Time will heal, tears will dry,
    Hearts will mend, I do know why;
    We’re created out of sheer Love,
    Sent down to 3D from up above.

    When earth lessons are learned
    And karmic ties get fully burned,
    We will dance like Never before,
    On an Endlessly Magical shore!


  2. unionylibertad

    Thank you Ashian…Your words were deeply felt within…I am so grateful and humbled by the Love all of you send us…Much Love to you, our galactic family of Light and to Jennifer…