Daily Message for 6/26/2023

The time for “up & down” frequency game is finished. For lightworkers in particular, you must do all that is necessary to remain of a high frequency at all times. The time for excuses, blame, & emotional reactions is finished. It is time your time to rise and shine continuously. ~Kejraj

2 Replies to “Daily Message for 6/26/2023”

  1. Anonymous

    Kejraj, Easy For You To Say! Sometimes EraOfLight feels like a clown clearinghouse where any crazy, random, horrible, wrong, or deceptive story or propaganda can be posted! That has been awful; without the good or okay posts this website would be junky garbage! Those in charge of The Heavenly Realms Should Intercede In A Better Way! I have posted and left messages about this overall topic before! Basically nothing good has happened in My Life in years and the fault definitely is with others!

  2. harrrrrie

    I agree. How do we do that tho when we are still young and given a terminal diagnosis?