Message from Master St. Germain: Master Your Life

My gift

Claim the Gold-Purple Flame of Transformation! I am with you so that what is ready for the change, to release into the light, what you would like to release into the light of your own free will, and to retain perspective where it previously seemed in vain is transformed.

This is my gift that I have come to you with today and that I am giving you permanently.

A loved person,

the days on earth pass and events unwind from the reel of life.

Everything is about to fundamentally change and change forever. The world as it was years ago no longer exists and the world as it will be in years to come is still far away and can only be seen with the keen eye. And in between? In between, life happens – your life – and this wants to be experienced, filled with meaning and lived with meaning.

life awaits you It awaits you in all your power, in all your strength, in all your fullness and in your humanity.

You were sent to this earth by GOD. Neither chance brought you here, nor ungracious fate dropped you on earth. You entered this life with selected beings, with many of our strange family. You have been chosen and you have chosen yourself for these adventures. To make your unique and unique contribution to this era, to furthering the developments that are now to come, that is why you are here.

your power

The upheavals that are now being triggered happen through your creative will, and what is now gaining significance gains significance through your presence. Time gets its value – through your life and through your humanity. Past, present and future only exist with you and only through you!

It is a delusion to think that anything on this earth could exist without the consciousness of people who are peaceful, compassionate and healed in heart. The earth doesn’t just rotate with you, but because of you. Be aware of your role on earth, what you radiate and what influence you have on ALL THAT IS.

Now it happens that you are often discouraged, that sometimes you neither know nor can go on. Now it happens that on some days you lack life energy and lack meaningful connections.

Now it happens that you look at the world and miss the lightful changes or look for them in vain. You are different, but the world looks at you as usual. how to deal with it

What now?

What to do when everything is done and when the positive result of your efforts in the visible world does not and does not want to come – where to travel when you have arrived, where to go when you have found?

A loved person,

then it’s time to go deeper and deeper into yourself. Then it’s time to turn all your attention from the outside in, then it’s time to use spiritual tools and invite spiritual forces in the midst of everyday life! Then it’s time for YOU – only for YOU!

This is where I come in and I meet you as a well-trusted friend from eternity.

You and I have a date – a date for this time and a date when you need me.

We have a date when the OUTSIDE no longer gives any answers and the INSIDE consists only of questions. Then I am with you with the golden flame of love and healing and with the violet flame of wisdom and transformation.

Now it’s time to engage with this flame in everyday life so that you can find answers and see solutions to unresolved issues. The point is that you always engage with the spiritual light that I am the guardian of, because it is always available to you! This is the path and this path is mapped out with the gold-violet flame of transformation and in my presence – mapped out to maneuver the ship of life clear, safe and sound through this troubled time.

So now I’m giving you this gift of mine: From now on you can have the gold-violet flame of transformation at your disposal at any time – anytime and anywhere!

Have the gold-purple flame at all times!

You no longer have to withdraw or go into silent meditation. At any time – in the middle of life, in the most impossible situations – I am at your side as the guardian of the living flame of transformation and I am at your disposal with this divine flame.

Life demands everything from you today. In the midst of the often turbulent everyday life, quick solutions are demanded of you. Sometimes you lose track and sometimes you feel cornered. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do anymore. So that you can find your way out of these situations quickly and regain your strength, I bring you this gift:

Call on the gold-violet flame of love and healing, wisdom and transformation at any time and a light will dawn on you – this light will serve you at any time and forever.

It offers protection and enlightens the way to right decisions.



You can enrich this invocation with your own words, embellish it or keep it shorter, as it suits you and as the situation requires. What is important is that you remember in difficult situations that you remember that I am with you – and that it only takes a single thought, a single impulse from you to activate the gold-violet flame of transformation.

The time when clarifications and healings were only possible in your meditation room is over.

Discard, accept and grow!

Because the biggest transformation and the biggest upheavals are now taking place in the middle of your everyday life.

Problems need a solution and questions need answers. Don’t pretend you don’t have problems or always have answers to your questions! Look, perceive what is, reject or accept it – and grow from it!

Stride through the day with an awake consciousness and I always walk by your side.

Today your everyday life is the measure of all things and not the hours you spend on the meditation carpet. Whether you act from the center in everyday life or whether you let yourself be carried from one place to another like a leaf in the wind, that is now decisive – and this gift has now been given to you for this inner support.

You are the master of your life, you are in control of your life, you create the circumstances for your life. Whenever the outside world threatens to invade your inner state, when you are confused and at a loss, remember my gift.

Call it up and call me to your side – into your life! No one can call me too often, for I know your heart and before your thoughts form and your lips move, I take action to the extent that the soul befits.

No one walks the earth alone and it is time you remembered the light, power and healings that can be accomplished through your brethren from the other side of the veil. Claim this spiritual staple of a human life: The love and devotion of your families of being.

I am part of these families, I am of this earth and not of this earth, I live among you and I live on other worlds. I am one of you as you are part of me. We are one cosmic family. The only difference is that I have knowledge of it – and that man searches for this gold in his memory all his life.

master of the present

We are in the crucial phase of change. Everything is brought to light. What used to hold the world together no longer has any cohesiveness and so disorientation can occur for a short time – you can lose your footing.

Even if you are well centered inside and spiritually trained, everyone has days when they are pushed to the limit, when hope and courage are lost.

That’s what my gift is for, because now it’s a matter of practical and immediate support in the middle of everyday life. Some situations require an immediate solution and I will be by your side in no time – day and night. Call me with your words, call me with your heart. I act outside of time, there is no waiting.

A loved person!

Remember your origins, fulfill your orders and become the master of the present, because only then can you look forward to the future with joy.

The gold-violet flame now pervades each of your days and when you are faced with decisions, I am in your midst.

With perfect love

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


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