From 3D To 4D And 5D: Journey

Yes, it is a journey. But it is not only ours, but also of our 3D planet together with entire 14D Local Universe, which are now moving to higher dimensions. The former – in 5D, the latter – closer to the new gravity center, possibly in 16D-18D, since our Absolute has risen to the next, third level in the middle of the Hierarchical Pyramid.

In its transition, Earth entered into rolling waves of Source’s energies, which changes our structure, preparing for this journey. Without such a change, it’s impossible, and the planet and we can perish. But that’s not going to happen. Since December 2012, Earth is entering deeper and deeper into high-vibrational quantum flows, and has already undergone global transforming and continues to do it. Against the background of these flows, our world is still extremely low-vibrating. If fully open it to new powerful waves, they will scatter us in a split second. Therefore, such energies are transmitted in very small parts.

In recent weeks and days, periodically, freqs increase, and immediately numerous floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, droughts, hurricanes sharply intensify. In society, aggravate crisis and recession, hybrid wars and spontaneous riots. On a personal level – bouts of negative emotions, unexplained longing, depression, malaises. They manifest selves as follows.

Unlike ordinary diseases, ailments occur in waves. The temperature rises to 37° and higher, or drops to 35°. Now one joint may ache, and later, another. A state of chills during the day or in the evening, as if we get sick, but then no symptoms appear. No matter how we wrap selves up, it doesn’t help, there is no temperature, but our hands and feet are cold. The appetite or completely disappears, and we don’t want to eat at all, or ready to sweep the entire fridge. This is how we react to periodic new energy downloads.

The secretion of mucus from the body increases, mainly from the nasopharynx. If earlier it was an indicator of the onset of the disease, now this is how the body cleanses. During the day, then the decline of strength and lack of energy, and to move, we have to make efforts, then want to jump, dance, run, etc … Or love for the whole world, a sense of happiness, positivity, or complete apathy, irritation, pessimism and tears. This is how the cleansing of our etheric and emotional layers occurs.

Headaches are more frequent, from which nothing helps. Sometimes they are tolerant and short-run; appear on the top of the head, in the temporal lobes or on the back of the head. At these moments, incoming information sets in and unpacks. If we have blocks in taking info, it manifests itself through pain. When such states happen in the morning and continue all day, it means this program of that day. Tomorrow, we don’t even remember about it.

A sleepy state constantly arises, and the body becomes like cotton wool, as if we are not here. This is caused by the fact that our body took in too much of incoming energy and needs rest. Or Higher Self turns off our consciousness in order for the Soul to solve important issues. Sometimes, on the contrary, sleep disappears completely even at night, and as if on adrenaline, we want to do something. Such states can be caused that during day we have picked up a lot of others’ energy, or someone very important to us or a Guardian thinks about us.

Now, on Earth, there are many Souls, through which these energies are conducted. Their bearers came here precisely for this kind of help. Such people are located on a certain grid from each other, and, as a rule, they rarely change their residence or take a long travels. Their job is to raise the frequencies of a particular place and its space as smoothly as possible.

It’s especially difficult for them, because we seem to want changes, since the world is far from perfect, and the System is totalitarian, aggressive and cruel, but in fact, don’t want to change anything. We are terrified of change and the unknown that generates fear of losing our dull, gray, ordinary, but so calm and familiar existence.

This is self-deceit. The more often and powerfully our space is filled with new high frequencies, the faster and more actively they absorb low freqs, destroying low-vibrational physical bodies and consciousness. It tries to defend itself with negative emissions, responding to the loss of energy and stability, and material destruction.

But as the Schumann Resonance shows, high-frequency energy would no longer flow drop by drop. All the worlds of the Local Universe are changing now, including our Earth, and this will go on increasing. We can continue to resist, cling to everything so familiar and convenient. Or open up to new energies and let them transform us, our perception, and our personal reality, one of the eight billion.

Today, the Source’s Energy affects everything and everyone in very different ways. If we live as closed as possible – by our blocks, System, dogmas, worldview, all that preserves a barrier, a wall around us. And the energies pass through it in minimal volumes. Or we allow new energies to enter completely and freely, opening up to them as much as possible and permitting selves to transform.

In both cases, changes are inevitable. Only in the first, we will rush blindly, not understanding what is happening to us, swallowing pills and trying to strain all the remnants of our logic, “common sense”, looking for explanations for incomprehensible conditions, diseases, and the actions of others and so on. But the old logic doesn’t work anymore.

Any restructuring does not cause euphoria and pleasant sensations. The frequencies of this 3D world are completely incompatible with incoming energies, respectively, the familiar world will continue to collapse, disintegrate. In order not to be afraid of this, we just need to understand well what our planet, the Local Universe and the Greater Cosmos are, and what for our Soul and each of us live in this immensity and eternity.

Its energies pass through us in any case, whether we want it or not. And they will continue to “punch” us more and more day by day. When we consciously, independently, even in small doses, voluntarily take it, our body gradually gets used to it, adjusts with it and, accordingly, our corpus and psyche begin to change smoothly, without destruction. Something always ends up, and then, something else kicks off, the new, not yet known. This is the journey, this is the Path.

Today, high-frequency energy enters as much as our space can withstand without too much destructions, strictly according to each layers’ vibrations to change this space and all dimensions, including every point of the planet, and us on it. As DNI has noted many times, that world wasn’t created for the general happiness and idleness of people basking in joy. The purpose was quite different. And incarnating in it, all the Souls were determined and came here specifically to get exactly the right experience for each of them, versatile and multifaceted, in continuous movement and change.

We never are ready. We’re not prepared to transform, to accept the evolving world. So we’ll just have to adapt. To co-tune with what has come, with what is already here, with what has already been altered. And no words or predictions will make this prep. Only by feeling, living, passing through self what goes to each of us. What we see now is nothing but an adaptation of consciousness, readjustment of perception to a changed space. But it doesn’t freeze once transformed. There have always been and will always be transforming. The only question is its intensity and speed.

Some consciousnesses are flexible in perception and reconfigure to what is. Some aren’t. The good news is that in most people this ability is imbedded and can unfold, despite the inertia of perception. Many are still waiting for the Event, Flash, some kind of termination, in the hope that relief will come with it, and like in a good fairy tale, everything will suddenly resolve and become as it was calm and happy before. It won’t, and we’ll never be the same. It won’t be as it was. But it will be like we haven’t seen yet. And this is our common experience, our evolving, and our common journey. Each of us is a part of the history of this movement. Each of us is an important element in the course of the entire civilization.

And no matter what happens, it is always important to remember that everything that comes to us leads to the best, to our best. Movement is a necessary condition for any point in the Greater Cosmos. It’s our movement, change, and expansion in knowledge, experience, and understanding.

We considered our position stable and safe for a very long time, and suddenly everything collapsed. But destroyed are those structures and Grundyism that we have already surpassed, because they started to suffocate and kill our beliefs, life principles, relationships, which we thought unchangeable. They gave us confidence in the future, a sense of security and peace. Now, all this is falling apart, and we perceive it as a lightning strike, as a catastrophe. Only when the first shock passes, we discover that, as it turns out, we got rid of the long-standing ballast. The realization of this comes by itself or in the form of some hint from above.

This is how the boundaries that have become too tight for us are being destroyed, those that we have already been able to outgrow. Outgrow ourselves. This is a global transition to the next level, which inevitably requires the crumble of life, which we had before. To say that it hurts is to say nothing. But now, looking back at everything that happened, we see how important this moment is. How important its experiences were, so that on the ashes of our burned lives, a much more global one could be built. What should be built.

And if we really want changes, fundamental and profound, we must not be afraid to go through a transformation. Otherwise, it will break us, and tear apart our entire familiar, personal world, created over the years. To build a new house, we’ll have to demolish the old one. To break, to burn everything that has become unnecessary, that held us back, and did not allow breathing the changed air. This is the end of one journey and start of another.

If we have a strong Soul, accept its experience, and its tasks in this world, our changes will go with us all our lives. And we’re not going anywhere from that. This is part of our Path, part of the planned one. Everything that is given to us is not a punishment or a test. No one is punishing anyone here. Everything that is given to us changes us for the better, builds up our personality. We won’t break, believe it. We simply won’t be allowed to do this, because everyone has enough inner force.

Co-Creators will continue to help us that backs our changing, each in own measure. Modern man is simply doomed to transform, unlike previous civilizations, which simply died. And now – we are being rebuilt. We are not well, we are sick, we suffer, our perception modifies, causing social dissonances, the inability to sync with what was yesterday.

Now, we have a choice: to die, when the environment will be completely different, or to start transforming with it, and thus, continue to live on. Until we decide that we are going “there and nowhere else”, until we have made a final decision, our energy will not go into the situation being created, into our new quality.

Dreams will remain only dreams also because we are constantly re-dreaming and changing them. As a result, our energy is directed first there, then here, then somewhere else. But our deep consciousness doesn’t work that way. The clearer and more precise the plan we give it, the more accurately and faster the desired response manifests itself. When we don’t doubt ourselves, our abilities, decisions and events begin to unfold in the most unexpected courses and scenarios that carry us wherever we want. But to begin this journey, we have to leave a lot behind.

**By Lev