The Council of Light: How We See your Ascension

We’d like for you to stop seeing ascending as going elsewhere, as start seeing it as playing from another level in the game. You are not going anywhere, you are just playing from another level. Now, you become the one behind the controls, rather than the one in the game. You let go your stubbornness to have it your way, to make things happen, and you flow through the game. Now you are at the right place at the right time. Now you say the right things at the right time, to the exact people you need to say them to, in exactly the way they need to hear it.

We’d like you to no longer think of 5D as another place, as start looking at it as being another level of operation. Every being in this universe engaged with you, participating with you in this game is also playing, except they may be playing from a different level. It only looks elsewhere because it is invisible to you. But if you look at it as a tall building with many floors, each playing on a different floor within the same building. Every floor can see what’s going on, on the lower floor, then you can see how all are participating.

The container that holds everything is the same, call it the building if you want. Every level of operation, of being is playing out on a different floor, call it dimension if you want. So yes, maybe you will rise to the 5th dimension, but you are not going anywhere. You are still playing the game, but now you are playing it differently, from a higher level. And you can do this now, by surrendering the ego to the Higher Self you can achieve that. And that is really what the journey is about, surrendering the you at this level to the larger you above. And it doesn’t stop with knowing who you are, because the ego can get inflated and start thinking it is god.

It is about remembering and then surrendering. You remember who you are, that’s the first step. Then you must surrender. Now that you know the one at the wheel, driving this vessel is not you (the character), you surrender to that larger part of you at the controls.

There are many ways to look at ascension. We use floors in a building. We use an expanding bubble that fills more space. We use a cup that expands to hold more essence. But it is about you, not where you are. It is about you becoming the larger version of you, not about going elsewhere. Because if every person on your planer becomes their larger selves, no one would want to go anywhere, because you would have made of this Earth another earth to anyone watching.

So you see, it is not about going elsewhere. For as we say, wherever you go, you take yourself with you. You cannot escape you by going elsewhere. You need to change, to expand, to surrender to the higher in you, and then you won’t need to go anywhere, because you will be playing at a higher level anyways. And that’s the road ahead, the next step in your evolution, is that you operate from a larger level. And when you do, reality being a reflection of you, everything changes, and then you will feel as if you have moved into another earth.

We would like for you to stop looking at this whole process as if you are going elsewhere, and start seeing yourself going up in levels. There are many so called angels on your planet right now. They are those who demonstrate to you that it is possible to operate from a higher level, while being here. You marvel at those people, at their strength, their compassion, their love, their stability. And yet, they are among you, simply operating from a higher level. A level of love, of surrender to the flow, to the larger part within themselves. And that is where you are heading, to more of you.

You know your Higher Self isn’t somewhere out there, but right inside you, calling you every time, to embody more of yourself. The footprints and blueprints are right inside you, for you to build that new you from the blueprint already within you. For you to follow the footsteps of the larger already within you. The more you accept where you are, the easier it will be to move beyond it. The more you resist where you are, the more you want to escape, the harder it gets for you.

There is a plan for all to ascend, because when you play at a higher level, bigger level and expand into more, you include more of the higher beings within you, and so on, until all are included within the whole of Creation, back to the beginning where everything started. Therefore, make peace with where you are, with this planet/place where you are playing, and begin to see yourself rising higher in the game, rather than going elsewhere from this game. And we will be there holding your hand every step of the way, because you asked, because you are loved, because it is our desire to see you get there. And because it was planned a long time ago, for you to get there from here, to more of you, to more of us, to more of Source.

Trust the journey, trust yourself, your Higher Self, and little by little, start giving control to the higher in you, rather than to the character you are playing, that which you call the ego.

**Channel: Nadina Boun

**Submitted via email for Era of Light


5 Replies to “The Council of Light: How We See your Ascension”

  1. Child of God

    KJV Revelation 22:13-15
    13 I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.
    14 Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.
    15 For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie.

  2. Maria

    Glad to hear this, no place called paradise, 5D, Dimensions… Everything is Here in the Now. Once we begin to know who we truly are, we begin to let go of the ego self, the character we think we are. We are only role-playing and we are not our script. We are who we are regardless of our role in the game. What I like about my awakening process is that I have beginning to maintain an observer position, and with that, I no longer feel suffering, no more saviour, victim mentality. I now see everything going on as what is written in the game room to roll out. All is well it’s just a movie.

    1. terry

      If I ascend to 5D will I return to the home I live in now. What beings will not ascend to 5D? How will we know?