2 Replies to “Daily Message for 7/16/2023”

  1. Yup

    Example: Saw a youtube vid where a guy was explaining how narcissistic men withhold affection and I thought, “you can turn that around with Love” and I didn’t argue the point, but I applied the idea instead of judging my BF for not being affectionate lately and I found him being a little closer to me than usual. So, when you start to notice something you don’t like, you don’t start to attack the problem, instead you look at it with Love and apply that Magic with faith and then forget it and keep acting in loving ways. It is not the therapeutic way of 3D, it is instead the spiritual magic of love. This is why countless doctors of all sorts make money from people who tend to throw complaints at their problems instead of quiet contemplation followed by doing what your heart tells you you need to do. Spiritual remedies just like doctor’s remedies work easiest and best when they are applied early on. Notice and fix the problem early and have faith.